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36 Crazyfists

Interview von: arne mit 36CF, am: 22.02.2005 ]

Bereits 2002 teilten sich 36 Crazyfists mit Five Pointe O & Killswitch Engage die Bühnen der ersten Roadrage-Tour. Das Debüt der Modern Metal-Formation gehörte für mich schon damals zu den Alben des Jahres, und spätestens mit der zweiten Scheibe “A Snow Capped Romance“ (2004) stieß das Quartett dann in die Spitzenliga aggressiver Heavy-Klänge vor.


Musicscan: Give us a short briefing about 36 Crazyfists at first, please. Any news concerning the band you want to tell us about?

36 Crazyfists: We are extremely excited to return to Europe and play our new record to the crowds who have not got to see us perform these songs live yet..

Musicscan: You are a very busy band concerning touring and stuff. I just heard that you are coming back to europe within the next few weeks. But how does it feel to you to be back in your own home and spend some time there? Can you enjoy the everydaylife without being on tour with all this trouble that is caused by that?

36 Crazyfists: Really enjoyed being home for the holidays and sharing time with our friends and families.

Musicscan: I saw you playing live once when this roadrage tour with kse and five pointe o took place overhere. How do you remember this tour and what have been your experiences especially here in germany?

36 Crazyfists: That was one of our favorite tours ever, especially since we all had not been to Europe beforeÂ….cant wait to come back now that the band has had so much more touring under our belts.

Musicscan: What are your expectations for this upcoming tour in march? By the way: What are the bands you will be touring with?

36 Crazyfists: We will be coming with our very good friends in 12 tribes who really just kick ass and opening the tour will be from first to last, who we donÂ’t know yet but have heard very good thingsÂ…the tour will be awesome.

Musicscan: What's the toughest thing touring taught you so far?

36 Crazyfists: just how to cope with life in general on the road. How to get really good at missing your own bed and how to become very good drinkers

Musicscan: At this point what do you enjoy more; recording in the studio or playing live? Has this maybe changed with the time and what is more challenging for you guys?

36 Crazyfists: We deffinatly love the live aspect of being in this band. Im not a fan of the studio at all..sooo boring to me.

Musicscan: What is the most significant way that music has affected your life, beside that you relocated to the american "mainland"?

36 Crazyfists: Well music has let me see so many places I may have not had the chance to visit and ive got to enjoy soo many other bands and there music from touring..very grateful.

Musicscan: How'd 36 Crazyfists get this roadrunner deal? They are a label a ton of bands would love to be on...

36 Crazyfists: we were just a band who worked very hard and in the end the right place at the right time never hurts!!!

Musicscan: Since "A Snow Capped Romance" has been released some months ago, did you already had time to work on new songs? What is the direction your sound is developing into?

36 Crazyfists: The new record is being written now and the new stuff seems to be just another progression in our career as a band.

Musicscan: While working on new songs, what is more important to you: To represent pretty deep emotion and/or kinda bleak real life situations?

36 Crazyfists: Its important for us to show both sides of the coin, we want the negative with the positive..

Musicscan: Do you feel any pressure to keep the direction of the "A Snow..." songs for the new record, because this album has been very successfull?

36 Crazyfists: We just do what we do, we have no formula on whats right or wrong..we just try to be honest and make the best music we possibly can.

Musicscan: Did you ever expect such positive response from the press and the listeners as well? I only read good reviews for your record...

36 Crazyfists: Its been very cool to see the reaction from the press and the people..im very glad they have liked our music and we hope to continue to broaden our fan base.

Musicscan: Your songs always cover a lot of bases - there's something for everyone within the heavy music. Were you going for a more inclusive approach right from the beginning or is it a result of your progression? or of your own diverse musical interests?

36 Crazyfists: Its been a slow evolution of our band since forming in 94..we just always tried to get better as we matured as musicians.

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied emotionally as possible?

36 Crazyfists: Its just about being honest and letting your heart pour out. ThatÂ’s the basis of our songs.

Musicscan: What does 36 Crazyfists hope to do with the average hardcore/metal kid checking out your records?

36 Crazyfists: MAKE HIM LOVE US!!!

Musicscan: Any last words?

36 Crazyfists: Thankyou to everyone who supports us and comes to our shows and buys our records..you all rule!!!!

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