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Interview von: Janick Schlee mit A.A. Nemtheanga, am: 07.02.2005 ]

Primordial waren schon immer eine ganz besondere Band und das hat sich auch mit ihrem bärenstarken neuen Output definitiv nicht geändert! "The Gathering Wilderness" ist für die Iren das erste Release auf Metal Blade und markiert somit einen ganz wichtigen Schritt für die Entwicklung der Band. Wer auf verzweifelte tief emotionale und epische Musik abfährt, findet hier genau das Richtige. Wie Gerrit Mutz, Sänger der deutschen True Metal Warriors von Sacred Steel, in diesen Kontext passt könnt ihr hier nachlesen...


Musicscan: How where the reactions about "The Gathering Wilderness" so far?

Primordial: so far incredible, all the press is really positive about the album. i thought some people might be thrown by the sound but even if they were it seems in a positive way.

Musicscan: "TGW" is your first album for legendary Metal Blade Records relating to that do you felt a kind of pressure while writing your songs?

Primordial: not really we did things the same way we always do things. i was worried perhaps everyone there wouldnt like the album as we are pretty different to most things there but in the end everything is going well so...

Musicscan: How did you get in contact with guys of Metal Blade?

Primordial: i knew gerrit from sacred steel who works there for years and we just kept in touch and then when the chance came they were my first choice. thankfully it worked out.

Musicscan: How long did you work over all on the new material?

Primordial: i dont know really, perhaps 10 months or a year? more like 10 months.

Musicscan: To me the new material shows a rawer side of PRIMORDIAL, would you agree and where do you see the differences compared to your other releases?

Primordial: yeah it does. we just wanted the album to sound like we do in rehersal or live you know. raw and honest. i like all the albums of course but we just needed to challenge ourselves and do something new.

Musicscan: Are you satisfied with the result of your new album, or is there still something you should have done better?

Primordial: there are alwyas things you could have done better but you do the best you can at the time with the money you have you know. you have to take time with this album u know.

Musicscan: What are your lyrics dealing with on "TGW" or is there maybe a main theme the songs are dealing with?

Primordial: i guess desperation, alienation, the selling of cultures, rewriting of history, loss, civil unrest, people, places, passages in time. too many things.

Musicscan: There will be a litmited edition of "The Gathering Wilderness" including a bonus dvd. What can we expect on that dvd?

Primordial: its a making of the album documentary. about 20 minutes long. not something u are going to watch again and again but for what it is its fine.

Musicscan: How would you describe the sound of PROIMORDIAL to someone who never heard your music before?

Primordial: dark,passionate, honest, pure metal with an irish organic earthy atmosphere....i dont know. thats really the job of you guys right!

Musicscan: I like your cover artwork of your last releases, but the new one is way different. It isn´t a drawing this time, but I think it fits perfectly to the music that you create. Is there a deeper meaning behind that cover, maybe a symbol for starting something new?

Primordial: yeah i was sick of having paintings and all this symbolism so i wanted a photograph this time round. also simply for the cover to be as grim, bleak and dark as possible. i think we have nicely achieved this. the actual digi release should look really special.

Musicscan: Are there any tour plans so far or can we expect to see you at some summer open air festivals?

Primordial: so far we are playing at under the black sun, up from the ground and also kaltenbach open air in austria. hopefully we can add a few more in the coming months once the album is released. there has been much talk of touring and hopefully we can announce something soon, but so far nothing is concrete.

Musicscan: Anything you like to add or any last words?

Primordial: if you see yourself as an individual then you should see yourselves in primordial. plain and simple. hope to see you all on tour. The new primordial lair is at: (www.primordialweb.tk), joy and strength to you all - nemtheanga

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