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Sex Positions

Interview von: arne mit SP, am: 04.11.2004 ]

Aus den Überresten von The Dedication sind Sex Positions hervor gegangen, die dieser Tage ihr Seltitled Debüt über Deathwish vorlegen. In den teils geil verbreakten Strukturen treffen mitunter wirre, aber ungemein wirkungsstarke, Electronics auf fetten New School-HC-Sound und eine gehörige Noise-Edge.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about Sex Positions, please. What are You guys doing right at the moment?

Sex Positions: IÂ’m currently sitting in my underwear answering your online interview questions. Sex Positions is five friends getting together and playing a new version of hardcore.

Musicscan: How'd the band start and how long has it been around, and is the band Something serious or is it more of a project?

Sex Positions: The band has been around for a few years. It started after the Dedication fell apart and half the members wanted to continue. So we have and now there is Sex Positions. Sex Positions is a very serious band.

Musicscan: What's behind the band name? It's a funny sounding name to me, but it Also suits very well with your actually sounding, DoesnÂ’t it? But is there any certain meaning or thought behind it? Were There any other names that came up during the Naming process?

Sex Positions: There were other names. But they kept changing so one day Sex Positions was our name and no on fought it or tried to change it. I think itÂ’s a pretty rad name. Goes with us/ and our sound really well. Sort of takes you off guard and makes you almost uncomfortable which is close to our live performance sometimes, which is amazing. We just play hard. DonÂ’t get hit by drumsticks or guitars or our singers fist.

Musicscan: How'd the band get the Deathwish deal, especially since a ton of bands would love to be on. Is it just because you have been on Deathwish with The Dedication?

Sex Positions: Deal? We didnÂ’t get a deal. We got a problem. I really donÂ’t get the process of how we ended up on deathwish. ItÂ’s along story and im not going to get into to much detail. I think its kind of funny. IÂ’ll just leave it at that.

Musicscan: Have there been other recorded songs before this self-titled debut Record? How did your sound develop since you started?

Sex Positions: There are new songs that we are recording. It should be awesome but thatÂ’s for the upcoming new full length. Well our sound developed having a group of people who werenÂ’t the same writing songs and joining forces in the writing process. Everyone brought their take on things to the table and that record is the finish product.

Musicscan: What does Sex Positions offer the scene? Why should someone pick up your cd? Is there something that is truly different?

Sex Positions: WeÂ’ve had comparisons to Refused hahaha so kids should be into it. But seriously I think kids should buy the record if they like what they hear and are into what we are doing. In the states at our shows there are all varieties of scene kids. We have youth crew hardcore kids moshing, we have hipster indie kids watching and yes-even moshing, and we have punk kids doing the same. I donÂ’t know the crowds vary with looks and interests, which is great. I guess we sort of bring them all together. You donÂ’t usually see that at shows over here. I did when I was younger. There was more of a variety of sounds, but these days you go to a show and all the bands are exactly the same type of band so things become pretty sterile quick.

Musicscan: What are your thoughts on how punk/hardcore is getting more big-time these days? It offers better chances for upcoming bands like Sex Positions, right?

Sex Positions: You know it could perhaps hold better chances these days of that happening, but It really doesnÂ’t bother me that hardcore and punk bands are getting bigger and becoming more main-stream. Its weird I must admit but its not making me loose sleep at night. It seems that that was somehow in the hardcore future. People see money everywhere. If we were to be one of those bands depending on the contract offered well id probably go with it. I mean this is something IÂ’ve been doing since I was in junior high and its one of the best jobs to have if it ever becomes your actual job. People seem to think that we are huge. Maybe we are and everyone in Sex Positions has no idea. I mean perhaps we are over seas, I donÂ’t really know. Ive only noticed in some states that I guess this might actually be true. I agree that our crowd is definitely growing which is great but im the poorest person ever. I work in a coffee shop and I donÂ’t get paid to play in this band. Most kids donÂ’t unless a large ass label or a major endorses your band. For us its about doing it the way we are doing it and if someone takes notice and wants to offer us something more for it then by all means go for it. I know I could use some extra money and id be doing what I love to do so id be siked on it.

Musicscan: Do you feel hardcore/punk is losing its edge by having more and more? bands with no real political or social stance? is "more rock, less talk" a real viable idea in the punk movement?

Sex Positions: I think it was happening anyway. IÂ’ve really only noticed that there are a trillion bands everywhere, and each day a million more are born. As far as the political message part goes for that depends on the band we are talking about. For the most part a lot of bands that I listen to that are hardcore all have a message concerning someone or something. Kids are pissed and it comes out in either a political message in their song or in another way. Either way youÂ’ll see and hear the concerns.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with punk/hardcore? What has it done for you? One thing I notice is your very DIY-based working style. At least it seems so...

Sex Positions: We do it any way we can. We will play almost anywhere if asked. We love to play. ItÂ’s amazing. What ive learned is that the movement is or has become a fashion show and that I think is awful. ItÂ’s a giant popularity contest like we are in high school. It was never that way when I first went to hardcore shows. But I guess thatÂ’s just what happens when you get older. Ive noticed that the hipster look has gotten to the younger kids as a fashionable look, which is cute hahaha, but itÂ’s to bad the snobby attitude has also come with it. Its weird seeing 13 year olds running around looking like cranky old scenesters. Makes me feel really really old and makes me wonder what am I doing? That sounded depressing sorry. I also started to ramble again.

Musicscan: Are there any principles you would never give up to as a band? What kind of?

Sex Positions: We are constantly evolving. Our sound our personalities everything. As long as we have control over what we are doing that is lovely. Our band consists of members who are straight edge. We donÂ’t preach about being neither straightedge nor care if kids drink or do whatever they feel they want to do. We just happen to not drink or do drugs and plan on keeping it that way at least the members who are anyway.

Musicscan: Your are around with different bands for years now. Do you ever wish you had made a different choice and went with your standard job?

Sex Positions: Bills suck. I hate them. I wish I had sometimes become something else. I think that maybe id be living comfortably somewhere and be married and you know living the American dream. Then I wake up and realize that it doesnÂ’t really exist and it is just a dream. I donÂ’t know man having your standard job doesnÂ’t mean you wont get fucked. IÂ’m actually really glad I am where I am in all honesty. Everyone thinks about what it would have been like to do this or that. Who says you cant. Its as easy as setting the goal and going for it. ThatÂ’s what I/We are doing right this minute. I am playing out with my band and somehow surviving with my crappy little coffee shop job. We will grow up along the way but so will our sound and so will our fans. As long as we do it together and have a good time thatÂ’s really all that matters to me.

Musicscan: Could you imagine another way to get rid of your frustration and Aggression besides playing aggressive punk/hardcore music?

Sex Positions: Basketball? IÂ’m not really a sports type person. IÂ’m an uncoordinated white guy who somehow has enough rhythm to play drums in a band. I guess it would have et be music. IÂ’ve always has it in me so even is I were working a 50,000 a year job and living comfortably id have to have a guitar and drums in my house to play. Wow a house. Imagine that.

Musicscan: Back to Sex Positions: What have been your first rehearsals like and How did you get the current members together?

Sex Positions: ItÂ’s been kind of hard. Members come and go but everyone has their own responsibilities to themselves first and then the band. So our line up has changed. There are five of us and we plan to keep it that way. Practicing is difficult because we all live in different areas. Actually im lying we all live in Boston except our one guitarist with a car who wont come to Boston to practice, so we all spend money we need to go to his parents house and practice there. It doesnÂ’t make sense and thatÂ’s changing very soon.

Musicscan: Did you always have people who supported you? Right from the beginning? I guess there has been some kind of buzz around Sex Positions right from the beginning. I have heard of the band very Soon after you started, that's what I mean with buzz...

Sex Positions: We had fans that loved the dedication that loved sex positions right off the bat. I guess kids were just excited. I hope after the record came out they were still really into everything. I know kids are still finding us and are enjoying our music and our record. so I suppose the buzz is growing and I like that. I hope it continues

Musicscan: Has there been some kind of benefit you could build up this new band on With your past in The Dedication?

Sex Positions: Just the connections we made while the dedication was alive and what we have with our new band Sex Positions.

Musicscan: What does it take to write a particular Sex Positions song and how do You go about writing your songs in general?

Sex Positions: Everyone writes and we take the parts we really like and weave them together. Or one of us will write a song that everyone is really into and can add to it. I donÂ’t know. We just go for it. Sit in a room or in our case a moldy basement and write. ItÂ’s a good time.

Musicscan: If you would summaries the message and atmosphere of Sex Positions' Music in one sentence. What would it be?

Sex Positions: WeÂ’ve come to take your first-born.

Musicscan: What are the feelings you get out of your record? Did everything worked Out the way you expected it?

Sex Positions: It was better then we expected. We are really proud of it actually.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on Europe in general? Is there a chance to See Sex Positions playing over here soon?

Sex Positions: There is. We are planning a good size tour in Europe in 2005. It should be a good time. ItÂ’s in the works so be on the look out for show dates popping up. We are looking forward to it as well.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for bands future?

Sex Positions: We hope to get to Europe, play hard, make another record thatÂ’s makes our last one look like a joke, and keep doing this forever. The Nighttime is the Best time.

  Sex Positions