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Planes Mistaken For Stars

Interview von: arne mit PMFS, am: 28.10.2004 ]

Mit "Up In Them Guts" legten PMFS kürzlich über No Idea ihren neuen Longplayer vor und Anfang 2005 wollen es die Jungs auch wieder einmal live nach Europa schaffen. Die Band aus Denver zeigt sich anno 2004 vom Sound her deutlich härter und dunkler. Wuchtige, kraftvolle Songs gibt es zu hören und in Summe wirkt das Material auf mich schon recht kopflastig. Klar, schmissige Melodie-Bögen finden sich nach wie vor, aber die früheren Emo-Tage liegen seit Jahren hinter der Band.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about PMFS, please. does it feel good to be back with a new record finally?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: we live in Denver Colorado. there are mountains here....we've been a band for about 7 years.... we like to play rock music.... we like to party.... yes, it fucking feels great to be back with a new record.

Musicscan: as an artist do you feel a responsibility to comment on current events, or are your motivations more personal? do you ask your crowds to vote for example?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: it is pretty important for artists to speak out on certain things, and get people to open their minds up to new viewpoints, and although we're not an extremely political band, we have been out on tours like the "Plea for Peace Tour" which the whole point of the tour is to get younger people to register to vote, and make them aware of what their potential is as a generation. when we play shows we usually dedicate the song "pigs" to our beloved president Bush and his administration, and remind the audience that the only way to make things better is to get out and vote on election day.

Musicscan: some time ago there have been rumors that PMFS had broken up. has it been true?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: no way Jose`!

Musicscan: you have some new members in the line-up, right? what is to know about them?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: yes chuck is playing bass now. he's a hell of a guy we met about 5 or 6 years ago when we played a show at his house in chicago. his old band Peralta did alot of touring with us, and we became quick friends. he lives here in denver now.

Musicscan: what's your motivation to play this highly emotional kind of punk rock music and how did you get involved in that kind of music you are playing?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: the music is like a catharsis. it exorcizes demons from within us which, if left unchecked, would cause us to drink and drug ourselves to death, go insane, or murder a whole buncha people, or somethin. we got involved in it mostly by skateboarding, listening to punk rock when we were younger and getting excited by older kids who were punks.

Musicscan: what lessons have you learned from being involved with punk/hardcore? what has it done for you?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: hmmm...lessons learned, lessons learned... stand up for yourself. respect women. be nice to your mother. brush your teeth. look out, cuz there's some awesome people in this world. live to die. canned baked beans and canned pineapple chunks with hot sauce is actually really good. ....what it has done for me is immeasurable. i mean, the film, "suburbia" alone changed my life.

Musicscan: the record is named "Up In Them Guts" - what's your idea behind it? is there something like a deeper meaning in the back?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: it's a multi-meaning monkier. it's up in your guts-your actual organs-liver, stomach, intestines. it's up in them guts, like a fist in your ass. it's up in them guts in the philosophical sense-like it's twisted in your fucken mind, making you think about it, and simultaniously it's what ever the fuck you think it should mean.

Musicscan: your songs always combine a lot of bases to create this kind of unique sound. is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied emotionally as possible? And how can you explain the fact that your sound changed so much during the years?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: people change, grow, proceed in life. doing the same thing in whatever you want to do will make you fucken crazy. what would be the point of making the same record 5 times? after the first record, our bass player quit. we got our brother jaime to play and we did what felt natural. it's just the way it happened. then a couple years later jaime quit, and we got chuck. i wish i could give you a better explanation. we didn't have a band meeting one day and go, "ok guys, we really need to make our music heavier". it's just the way it worked out.

Musicscan: when you were writing the songs did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: not initially, but as ideas develop you get things in focus. kinda like when you look at a photograph, and you decide to look at the nudity as opposed to the furniture or something.

Musicscan: what are you guys doing when you enter your rehearsal room? what's your main focus creating new songs onto in general?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: when we go in to write new songs, we usually have a basic idea, or some riffs, and pick it apart, and add parts to the mix untill we're all happy with it. sometimes it takes a while. it's fun.

Musicscan: what is the thing you guys feel especially proud of concerning PMFS (whether compositionally, lyrically,...)?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: knowing eachother, and being able to make music with people that you dearly love, having the most amazing friends ever all over.

Musicscan: do you feel sucessfull as a band? i only read good reviews for your last releases and i think a lot of people here show interest in PMFS.

Planes Mistaken For Stars: yes, successful in the respect of having a chance to get our music put out by beautiful people who care about us, who we love very much.

Musicscan: where do you see your fanbase? what are the people that are interested in PMFS?

Planes Mistaken For Stars: everywhere! everyone!! world domination!! ha ha ha!!

Musicscan: something you'd like to add? Just do it...

Planes Mistaken For Stars: keep yo dib out of the dirb my good man.

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