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Interview von: arne mit Doug, am: 08.09.2004 ]

Ob die weltweite Hardcore-Szene auf eine Band wie TERROR gewartet hat, vermag ich nicht zu sagen, aber die Formation um ihren charismatischen Frontmann Scott Vogel (Buried Alive/Despair) ist einer Bombe gleich eingeschlagen und hat die sonst so zersplitterte Community in flächendeckender Zustimmung vereint.


Musicscan: Seeing as how you guys were members of so many other band sin the past, do you feel like people paid attention to you for that only reason at first and would be into it regardless of what you sounded like?

Terror: I definitely think that all of us being in other bands before Terror helped us out a great deal when we started this band. I mean we all knew people from every city in the US, and that made it really easy for us to tour all the time right off the bat.

Musicscan: The word on your guys band has been spread quiete quickly over the world. How does all of this attention make you feel?

Terror: I think all the attention is great. WeÂ’ve definitely worked really hard, so its really amazing to see that we are turning so many heads.

Musicscan: I did notice as well, that you did not force this whole ex-member tag, why didnÂ’t you?

Terror: I think itÂ’s more important to focus on the present state of the band, not all of our old bands. Terror is a new band, we donÂ’t play any cover songs of our old bands, so whatÂ’s the point?

Musicscan: Does it feel good to be back with a new record, your first full length? What have been your feeling seeing the record being available in the stores?

Terror: Having a new record out feels really damn good. Most of the songs we had before “lowest of the low” we had been playing since the band started, so it’s pretty refreshing to play new material. And its really awesome to go into any record store basicly, and see our record. it definitely makes all our hard work worth while.

Musicscan: With the new record you surely had a larger amount of time to spend on it, right? Did this make the whole process easier?

Terror: Honestly we were on tour from the time we recorded “lowest” up until like 2 months before we went in the studio to record “one with the underdogs” so we didn’t have all that much time to do it, and it was quite stressful at times.

Musicscan: Do you feel that the record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now? And do you think you captured the intensity of a live show on your record?

Terror: I think the new record is a great representation of the current state of Terror. As for being able to capture the intensity of our live show on the record, I think is damn near impossible, you just have to come to the show and see for yourself.

Musicscan: Do you think that your songwriting is affected by music your hear, or do you try not to be influenced by that?

Terror: Our songwriting is definitely affected by the music we all listen to. Its pretty easy to hear in our music that our influnces are bands like Madball, Agnostic Front, Leeway, and just NYHC in genral.

Musicscan: I'm interested in how you came up with records title "one with the underdods". Tell me something about your ideas behind it, please.

Terror: The title “one with the underdogs” means that we are no better than anyone of you, we’re not rockstars, we are all the scumbags, lowlifes, and outcasts of the world, just like everyone else. We’re all gonna fight to get to the top together.

Musicscan: Was the switch from Bridge Nine to Trustkill a hard one to do for you?

Terror: IÂ’d say it was a fairly easy switch, Trustkill really has their shit together, and its so awesome to have a label that works just as hard as we do.

Musicscan: As an artist do you feel a responsibility to comment on current events, or are your motivations more personal?

Terror: Terror is on tour so much, that is impossible to keep up with current events, so I really donÂ’t even know what the fuck is going on.

Musicscan: Name someone or thing involved in the underground punk scene that you still respect to this day.

Terror: I really respect bands like Agnostic Front, and Sick Of It All, for being around so long, through the highs and lows of hardcore they have seen it all, and they are still here.

Musicscan: Since music videos are the thing right now, what would a video with Terror look like?

Terror: Well, we are currently getting ready to shoot a video in the next week or so. By the time you read this interview, you will probally have already seen it. But we are going to have a lot of live footage, mixed with us and all of our friends hanging out. Pretty simple and straight to the point.

Musicscan: At this point, what do you enjoy more, recording in the studio, or playing live?

Terror: Obviously playing live. The studio fucking sucks! haha

Musicscan: What sort of show do you feel more at home with, your average old school show or one that places you in front of a more metal-core crowd?

Terror: I feel more at home at a Hardcore show.

Musicscan: What has been your most memorable show to date?

Terror: Hellfest 2003, Pressure fest 2004, Our show at the Whiskey A Go Go when the riot broke outÂ….there are so many to name!

Musicscan: Do you have something like a normal pre-show warm-up ritual?

Terror: We all stretch before we play, and just kind of get in the zoneÂ…Frank drinks a 6 pack of budwieser.

Musicscan: What does Terror hope to do with the average hardcore kid checking out the new record?

Terror: I hope that we can turn a few heads, and get some people who donÂ’t know our band into usÂ….

Musicscan: Any last words?

Terror: Thanks a lot for the interview. HARDCORE STILL LIVES!