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Hazen Street

Interview von: arne mit Mackie, am: 19.08.2004 ]

Hazen St. sind Toby von H20, Freddie&Hoya MADBALL, Dave Kennedy von BOXCAR RACER und Mackie James der legendären CRO-MAGS. Wider Erwarten gibt's hier weder Hardcore noch Pop-Punk. Grundlegend sind alle Tracks der Debüt-Scheibe sehr gefällige und eingängige Rock-Stücke, die allenfalls mal ein wenig schneller ausfallen. Komischerweise verbleiben die Texte jedoch HC-verbunden, künden vom harten Alltag in den Straßenschluchten New Yorks.


Musicscan: How'd Hazen St. start and how long has it been around, and is the band something serious or is it more of a project?

Hazen Street: Hazen st. Was formed 1 year ago.for fun..its a bunch of guys from different bands who wanted to try some different style music H20,madball,bad brains and box car racer

Musicscan: What have been your first rehearsels like and how did you get the current Hazen St. members together?

Hazen Street: 1st rehearsal was akward, no one really new each other except me knowing them all. I asked each person on different times last year to play with us.

Musicscan: Has there been some kind of benefit you could build up this new band on, because bands members are involved in other popular groups?

Hazen Street: not really. chad (Gemeint ist Chad von New Found Glory, dem eine offizielle Beteiligung an anderen Gruppen/Projekten neben NFG von Uiversal strikt untersagt wurd. - Anm.d.Verf.) is from the most popular band and he's not allowed to be metioned in anything.

Musicscan: Do you guys feel that the debut record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now? Or did your sound already change after the recordings?

Hazen Street: we changed a lot of the songs before we recorded the record.the demos sound real different.

Musicscan: When you were writing the songs did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address? How did you go about writing your songs?

Hazen Street: me and freddy. a lot of the songs are based on true happenings in me or freddys life.

Musicscan: what are your thoughts on how this punk/emo/hardcore underground-thing is getting more big-time these days? Do you feel like having better chances today? maybe in comparism to your experiences with other bands/projects you have been involved into in the past...

Hazen Street: its great..I wish all bands from the underground to get a chance to get there music to the masses or mainstream. there's so much stuff on tv and the radio that sounds really bad compared to our record. we got just as goos chance as anyone.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with punk/hardcore? What has it done for you?

Hazen Street: made me a better person,the music has inspired me to be more real,sincere and sxe for life.

Musicscan: Are there any principles you would never give up to as a band? What kind of?

Hazen Street: realness,sincerety,integrity and our own songs.

Musicscan: Many of todays bands seem to miss passion. Is it just a question of the right attitude? What do you miss within todays punk/hardcore music?

Hazen Street: originality..everyone looks the same and sounds the same.everyones worried about what there wearing then how there sounding.

Musicscan: You are around with different bands for years now. Do you ever wish you had made a different choice and went with your standard job?

Hazen Street: not back then, but now sometimes, that I have a family and morgage. well see what happens.hardcore has no retirement plan.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Hazen Street: that our record gets to as many people as it can all over the world.

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