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Taking Back Sunday

Interview von: arne mit TBS, am: 17.08.2004 ]

Im Gegensatz zu anderen Bands im In-Genre "EMO" sind Taking Back Sunday ihrem (Underground-) Label Victory treu geblieben und haben kürzlich "Where You Want To Be" veröffentlicht. Zwischenzeitlich hielten sich hartnäckig Auslösungsgerüchte, doch jetzt steht fest, dass Taking Back Sunday nach wie vor bestehen.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about Taking Back Sunday at first, please. What do we HAVE to know about the band in 2004?

Taking Back Sunday: We have a new record that just came out called Where You Want To Be that we all feel is really great. And we're coming back to Europe soon (our 2nd time this year!) and we love it there, its great playing to fans overseas.

Musicscan: Some time ago there have been rumors that taking back sunday had broken up. Has it been true? Did you split up in between?

Taking Back Sunday:Two of the members left to start their own band and then Fred and I came in to fill those roles. We really hit the ground running and some of the songs we wrote that first day together made it on to the album. Its been great together, it really is a family.

Musicscan: Does it feel good to be back with a new record finally?

Taking Back Sunday: Yes, fans are excited about it and we're excited to play new songs. Reception has been awesome.

Musicscan: What's your motivation to play this highly emotional kind of punk music?

Taking Back Sunday: Being in a band is the greatest form of self expression. We all come from such diverse backgrounds - some of us like the really mellow stuff, some of us R&B, etc - that when it comes together it really clicks. Thats just a great feeling.

Musicscan: Your songs combine a lot of bases to create this kind of unique sound. Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied emotionally as possible?

Taking Back Sunday: I think the emotion is a product of our varied backgrounds. We have a style that conveys our message and we work together on giving that message as much emphasis as we can.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on europe in general? Did you ever tour europe so far? i can't remember anything...

Taking Back Sunday:We were actually there and played the Download Festival with Metallica along the way! That was definately a highlight, sharing the stage with someone that established, it was an honor. And we will be back right after we finish up Warped Tour.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the bands future?

Taking Back Sunday: To keep doing what we've been doing. Its really something special to play to kids every night and we don't ever want that to change.

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