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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Anders Wendin, am: 11.07.2004 ]

Im Rahmen unserer Reihe „10 Fragen an“ haben wir uns dieses Mal den sympathischen Schweden Anders Wendin alias Moneybrother vorgeknöpft, der mit seinem famosen Album „Blood Panic“ - vor nicht allzu langer Zeit bei Burning Heart erschienen - allerorts für Furore sorgen konnte. Zu Recht, wie wir finden, denn so groß, optimistisch und grenzenlos hat sich eine Mischung aus Pop, Soul, Reggae, Punk und einer Menge Entertainerqualitäten in letzter Zeit selten angehört. Wer die Beatsteaks auf ihrer letzten Tour gesehen hat, dürfte auch schon in den Genuss der energiegeladenen Liveshow von Moneybrother gekommen sein. Wir sprachen über Maßlosigkeit, Dirty Old Bastard und Sing and Dance Männer.


Musicscan: What were your impressions of the German audience?  I think you were very well received when you opened up for the Beatsteaks who admittedly do a pretty different sound than you.

Moneybrother: I like playing live, but was surprised by hardcore fans pogo dancing to It’s been Hurting.. Wick is kind of a slow sensitive song.

Musicscan: Do you consider yourself primarily an entertainer, an artist or a musician?  Or everything at once?

Moneybrother: I’m a sing and dance man.

Musicscan: In how far do you see your punk roots reflected in what you do with Moneybrother?  Having been musically socialized so to speak through punkrock, how does that influence your perception of music, art and the industry in general?

Moneybrother: Listen to lots of different kinds of music, being inspired by everything that’s cool!

Musicscan: Does the word "small" exist in your musical universe?  It seems like everything is meant to be huge and celebratory in your music, which I think is great, because there is hardly any music that can do that without being utterly cheesy or superficial in my opinion.

Moneybrother: It exists, but I want to scream my lyrics and I want to be overwhelmed by the songs when my musicians perform them.

Musicscan: You have probably been asked this questions a number of times already, but I was just wondering how someone comes to name his band Moneybrother?  Weren't you afraid you were maybe going to create the wrong associations at first?

Moneybrother: I call myself Moneybrother. It’s not a band. Just me. And I’m not that afraid, if I was called Dirty Old Bastard, then maybe.

Musicscan: Would you consider yourself a political person?  In how far do you think the personal and the political are connected?

Moneybrother: I live, I think therefore I’m political.

Musicscan: How did you get in touch with Burning Heart and how has your relationship been so far?  Do you sometimes feel a bit like an outcast on the label, since you really don't do anything close to punkrock musically?

Moneybrother: I feel like an outcast everywhere. BHR hunted me down, because they think I’m talented. I’m very thankful.

Musicscan: Please tell me a bit about the creative process of writing and conceptualizing the album?  How and where did you work?

Moneybrother: Just writing songs on acoustic guitar, telling people how to play, then press rec.

Musicscan: Do you have any regrets as far as the album is concerned?  Are there things you would do differently in retrospect?

Moneybrother: Golden Lonely is a bit to fast.

Musicscan: Is there something in your life that has a bigger priority than your music?

Moneybrother: No.

Musicscan: What are your plans for the future?  How far do you want to take Moneybrother?

Moneybrother: I want to record good music. If I don’t write good songs anymore, I’ll quit and get a real job.

Musicscan: Current favorite record and book?

Moneybrother: A College Dropout and a Swedish book called "One eye red".

Musicscan: Any last words?  Anything you would like to add?

Moneybrother: Thank you for being interested! Good luck!

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