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Dream Evil

Interview von: Janick Schlee mit Peter Stålfors, am: 10.06.2004 ]

Die Mannen von DREAM EVIL sind im traditionellem Metalbereich so etwas wie die Band der Stunde und haben mit ihrem sehr starken "The Book Of Heavy Metal" bereits den dritten Qualitätsstahl-Silberling (innerhalb von 3 Jahren!) auf die Metal Maniacs losgelassen. Die 5 Schweden spielen auf ihren Alben mit den typischen Metal-Klischees, lassen aber dabei nicht den nötigen Humor missen und das kommt unheimlich gut an! Außerdem haben sie mit dem Titelstück so nebenbei eine Hymne für das gesamte Metallager geschrieben, die garantiert zum Klassiker wird. Grund genug den sympathischen Arbeitstieren genauer auf den Zahn zu fühlen...


Musicscan: First of all, please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band.

Dream Evil: Hi Janick ! My name is Peter Stålfors and I play the bass is Dream Evil. On drums - Snowy Shaw, Guitar - Fredrik Nordström, Lead guitar - Gus G and on Vocals - Niklas Isfeldt.

Musicscan: How were the reactions on "The Book Of Heavy Metal" so far?

Dream Evil: Very good. We've got really good reviews so far and we have entered the Swedish national albums chart at #45 and the japanese national albums chart at #47... Great or what !!

Musicscan: "The Book Of Heavy Metal" is your "magical" and prestigious third album, what was your main focus creating this new record onto?

Dream Evil: Making the best album so far of course. I think we had about 35-40 songs to chose from when we entered the studio and I think we chose the best ones for the album.

Musicscan: Do you change something compared to your last two efforts?

Dream Evil: I think it's more basic 80's Heavy Metal on this album compared to DragonSlayer which were more of a power metal album.

Musicscan: How long did you work overall on the new album?

Dream Evil: We started to record the album in the beginning of december 2003 and everything was mixed and mastered in the beginning of february so the studio time is about two months, but it is a lot of work done outside the studio as wel. Making the songs took a lot of time of course.

Musicscan: You made a video to the title track with video director Patric Ullaeus who worked with In Flames, Dimmu Borgir or Within Temptation, how do you get in contact with him and how was the whole working-process?

Dream Evil: Fredrik and Patric talked before about making a video. We got a budget from Century Media to record a video this time so we did that in march.Patric is a really nice guy and he's really good at his job and we worked pretty fast with the recordings during 3 days of shoting and then he made all the effects and stuff by him self. For how long, I don't know really.. But I guess for a pretty long time.

Musicscan: With the title track of your new album, I think you´ve written a real heavy metal classic! It could be a hymn for the whole metal fans outthere like it was "Metal Warriors" from Manowar years ago.

Dream Evil: Thanks !! Yeah, we can only hope that this song will be classic !!

Musicscan: "The Book Of Heavy Metal" is a really varied album, was it important to you to make it varied or did it just happened?

Dream Evil: I think it's really nice with a varied album like this, otherwise it can sound like a long song..with short stops.. So, yes, our intentions were to make a really varied album with a sound of the "golden era" the 80's..

Musicscan: What I especially like is your sense of humour and that you´re not taking yourself too serious, is it import for your to have this kind of humour in your music?

Dream Evil: Yes, we all belive that music must be fun, and we think it's important that it is fun to play the songs as well. Heavy Metal should be having fun, drinking beer and feeling good about yourself, not beeing depressed and serious all the time. So with the strange kind of humor that we share in the band it just becomes like this.

Musicscan: Do you have something like an overall vision concerning your music that you are trying to fullfill? How would you describe your vision?

Dream Evil: Having fun, partying and feeling good about yourself.. That's the main vision.

Musicscan: There are lots of new true/power metal bands around these days, what do you think about them and what sets you apart from all these newer heavy metal bands?

Dream Evil: Maybe that we don't take ourselves so serious..? It's hard to say, I really don't follow the metal scene that much.

Musicscan: Your bandname is inspired by one of Dio´s album title,right? With that name choosing do yo want to pay respect to him or what?

Dream Evil: It's more that we thought that it was a really cool name, I listened to Dio a lot in the 80's and I guess the other guys did as well, but the reason we took the name "Dream Evil" was just a coincidence.. While we were discussing a name for the band in Studio Fredman during the recordings of DragonSlayer a compilation album of Dio was lying on a desk.. And the name "Dream Evil" was brought into the discussion.. And we all agreed that it was a really good name for the band.

Musicscan: Often you were compared to Hammerfall, what do you think about it or do you think that there aren´t similarities between Dream Evil and Hammerfall at all?

Dream Evil: We both are bands from Gothenburg and we play in the same genre.. So I don't think it's so strange - especially since Fredrik recorded the two first Hammerfall albums in Studio Fredman and I co-wrote the song "I believe" with Joacim Cans for their first album and Niklas and I also helped out with backing vocals on their first two albums.. So I don't think it's so strange.

Musicscan: You wrote three full length albums in the last three years, where do you get all your ideas from or are you just worcaholics in the duty of heavy metal? ;-)

Dream Evil: He he he... In some bands there are just one or two persons writing all the material but in Dream Evil all five members are songwriters so I guess that makes us produce a lot of songs, especially Snowy is a really fast and great songwriter.

Musicscan: When I listen to Dream Evil I have the feeling that you really like and love what you´re doing. Compared to lots of the newer heavy/power metal bands I didn´t get that feeling, it seems that for them it´s just another trend to follow, what´s your opinion?

Dream Evil: Thanks ! The only thing that I can come up with is that you can probably hear that we have a lot of fun in the lyrics.. We have a lot of fun playing the music so I guess that feeling goes with the music in some strange way...

Musicscan: Are there any tour plans so far?

Dream Evil: We're planning a tour at the moment.
We have some festival dates this summer which are confirmed:

24/7 - Earthshaker Festival (Germany)
14/8 - Lorca Rock festival (Spain)
And then we have show booked in the fall.
13/11 - The Camden Underworld (England)

Musicscan: Is there anything you like to add...

Dream Evil: Check out our website www.dreamevil.se for news and coming tourdates !

And... Read it in the Book of Heavy Metal !

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