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Interview von: arne mit Seidemann, am: 05.06.2004 ]

1349 haben mit ihrem Zweitwerk "Beyond The Apocalypse" (Candlelight) einen amtlichen Black Metal-Hassbatzen eingezimmert. Die Songs sind herrlich wüst, gut schnell, verdammt rotzig und brutal- aggressiv. Ein Knaller jagt den nächsten und 1349 strecken ihre Fühler schon gehörig in Richtung Immortal- Nachfolge aus.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about 1349, please. how's answering my questions right now?

1349: 1349 started in 1997 as a trio with Ravn (vocals,Drums) Tjalve (guitars) and Seidemann (bass). We recorded a few demos and decided we needed some a second guitar player. We found Archaon in late 99 and we progressed more. In 2000 we wanted to record another demo, and Ravn asked Frost to do the drums on this one, as the material requiered more speed than he could manage. This demo was later released as the 1349 MCD, and we started rehearsing new material. Frost joined us late 2000 and 1349 was complete. In early 2001 we recorded “Liberation” and started looking for another label. We also did a couple of gigs supporting Gorgoroth and later Cadaver Inc, as well as performing at the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen. Come 2002 and we landed a deal with Candlelight, and played the Inferno Festival in Oslo. In 2003 all hell broke loose and we released “liberation”. We played the Inferno Festival again and With Full Force in Germany, as well as a short tour of Europe with Aeternus and Red Harvest. Late 2003 we started recording “Beyond the Apocalypse” and in April/May 2004 it was unleashed upon the world.

Musicscan: what's your self-understanding of 1349? what does your band stands for? what are goals you are reaching for?

1349: 1349 is our collective expression of what we want black metal to be. We were tired of all the bands out there playing music we didnÂ’t enjoy so we set out to make music that weÂ’d enjoy ourselves.

Musicscan: tell me something about band members background, please. what have been bands you played in in the past? i only know about frost...

1349: Ravn and I played in a band called Hqfdingi Myrkra back in 1994 and Ravn and Tjalve played in a band called Alvheim back in 1996. Archaon has played in several bands in his hometown.

Musicscan: you got very positive feedback for your first full length. did you ever expacted it? have you ever thought about why so many people show interest into 1349?

1349: As mentioned above we make music for ourselves, so any others actually enjoying it is a bonus. Hopefully people show interest in 1349 because it is extremely good black metal with dedicated musicians, but IÂ’m afraid a lot of people show interest only because Frost plays drums.

Musicscan: this time you are back with your second full length and first thing i heard was the much better production. how important was it to you to have a cleaner sounding on the new record?

1349: It was important to us to have a sound that fitted the material on this album, and as it is more complex and detailed it needed a “cleaner” sound. It’s still pretty fucking necro.

Musicscan: how do you judge the debut record from todays point of view? and where to you see the main differences compared to your second full legnth?

1349: I still judge “Liberation” to be an excellent album, a fist in the face, brutal and merciless. There’s no use comparing the albums, as they express different facets of black metal, as well as 1349.

Musicscan: did you have something like a vision for this record in mind when you entered the studio? as a whole it's more homogenous as well as more aggressive i think...

1349: Ravn has a vision for the whole band and our vision for this record was to create something different. I believe it to be more complex and a natural progression from “Liberation”

Musicscan: i read reviews telling 1349 are heading for the throne immortal left empty after their split. what you think of this? it's a huge compliment, of course.

1349: It is an enormous compliment, but I cannot be the judge of the truth in that statement.

Musicscan: lets speak about your musical progression: what have been the main aspects you focused onto most for the new record?

1349: We focused (as always) on making our songs as good as possible, making them extreme and brutal as well as complex and intricate.

Musicscan: how did you go about writing the new songs? is there something that has to be in a 1349 song, a special trademark or something?

1349: The guitarist make riffs, and the band arranges the riffs into songs. Occasionally the others in the band make riffs, both Frost and myself has contributed on both our albums. We don’t try to make a special 1349 trademark but I belive we have a certain “something” that makes people recognize 1349.

Musicscan: do you consider yourself being nihilists in one way or another? i sometimes think you create your music to provocate people, right?

1349: As mentioned earlier we create music the way we want it to be, and are oblivious to what others may think. I guess this kind of egoism and honesty in music may provoke some people.

Musicscan: are the lyrics equally important to the music? do all members identify with them? tell me something about the topics you are dealing with, please. Unfortunately i only recieved those kind of promotional copy and the lyrics aren't understandable...

1349: The lyrics are important, and are tailored for each individual song as visualizations of the mood or feeling the song conveys. This means most lyrics are written after the songs are finished. The topics include : Death, Plague, Chaos, Misantrophy, and of course there are some horror tales.

Musicscan: are there any messages that you guys are trying to get out into the scenes?

1349: No.

Musicscan: can you tell me some words about your motivation to be around as extreme metal band, please.

1349: IÂ’ve been playing bass for most of my life, and Black Metal is the music that felt right for me to play from day 1, so that is motivation enough. We do this for ourselves.

Musicscan: what is your opinion to the fact that underground metal seems to run more and more into the commercial? it offers better chances for some bands of course...

1349: I really donÂ’t care.

Musicscan: what kind of feeling is it to play your songs in front of a crowd?

1349: It is a good feeling when the crowd responds to what youÂ’re doing.

Musicscan: is there something you want the people to leave your shows with? do you want to cause special feelings within your listeners?

1349: If someone who goes to a 1349 show goes home with ANY strong emotion, love, hate, whatever, thatÂ’s a bonus.

Musicscan: something you would like to mention at the end? just do it.

1349: The plague is back – Hell Awaits!

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