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All That Remains

Interview von: arne mit Philip Labonte, am: 26.05.2004 ]

ALL THAT REMAINS liefern mit ihrem Zweitwerk "This Darkened Heart" ein wahres Highlight unter dem Banner der New American Wave Of Heavy Metal! Dabei schlagen sie eine Brücke zwischen klassischem Thrash Metal und modernerem Gothenburg-Death. Abgerundet wird der spritzige und temporeiche Cocktail durch einen gehörigen Schuss MetalCore und den klasse Gesang von ex- Shadows Fall Shouter Philip Labonte.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about All That Remains at first, please. Does it feel good to be back with a new record?

All That Remains: Yes, it feels great! We spent the better part of last year writing, solidifying our lineup and waiting for studio time. So it's nice to finally have it out and done.

Musicscan: What happend to you since "Behind Silence And Solitude" was released? Have there been line-up changes or/and some highlights you want to tell us about?

All That Remains: We have a new guitar player and a new bass player. Mike Martin replaced Chris Bartlett and Matt Deis replaced Dan Egan.

Musicscan: What kind of feedback you got on "Behind Silence And Solitude"? Did press and people like it? What's your own opinion abot the records out of todays point of view?

All That Remains:I think the first disc was receved fairly well. Unfourtunetly it never really had a chance to live up to it's potential. After the first tour we had member issues and an injury that put us out of commision for about six or seven months. So we did one tour and then sat at home for far too long.

Musicscan: This time you are back with "The Darkened Heart" - What would you say is the biggest difference between both of your records?

All That Remains:I guess the new disc has songs that are more focused. We spent alot of time making sure the songs were well written and not just a bunch of riffs together that we call a song.

Musicscan: I'm interested in how you came up with records title, cause I think it really sums up what you were going through and feeling at the time you chose the name. What's the idea/meaning behind "The Darkened Heart"?

All That Remains:The song This Darkened Heart is kind of about the way people treat eachother and what has become the norm when you deal with people on a day to day basis. People have lost the "do unto others" mentality. And it's really kinda sad.

Musicscan: Do you guys feel that the new record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now?

All That Remains:Yes, the record is pretty much what we were trying to get. Over all we are more than just pleased with the disc.

Musicscan: When you were writing the songs did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address? How did you go about writing your songs?

All That Remains: No, I kinda let the song dictate to me what it's going to be about. I listen to them a few times after pre production and then work on lyrics. Each song has a different feel to it. While they are all pretty agressive they still have different flavors or colors if you will. I listen and kinda get a vibe for each song then sit down and write.

Musicscan: This album took a bit over two years to come together - were there any difficulties or obstacles during the songwriting process?

All That Remains: Not so much during the song writing more waiting to get the producer we wanted. Adam D. is a very very busy man. We had made a decision that we wanted him to work with us and if that meant waiting then that was what we were going to do.

Musicscan: When you produced the record, did you only think about the NOW or was it also important to you what you yourself will think about it in a couple of years? What kind of feelings you get out of the record?

All That Remains: I only think about the now. I am fairly focused when it comes to the band. I know we are going to have more than one chance to write a record. So I don't worry about how am I going to feel about it in 5 years. It is a representation of my at age 28 and All That Remains in the year 2003. The next record will represent a different time period for us. I don't think the disc is in danger of being dated but I don't worry about that stuff either.

Musicscan: The new album covers a lot of bases - there's something for everyone of metal or hardcore. Were you going for a more inclusive approach or is it a result of your own diverse musical interests?

All That Remains:We write what we want to hear. So it's not really thought out too much. There were times when we were like "we need more heavy stuff" but that is the extent of it.

Musicscan: What bands do you consider to be truly inspiring to you?

All That Remains:Far too many to list. I love the bands that are our peers though. KsE, Shad, LoG, Unearth. Bands that we have been playing shows with for years.

Musicscan: For "The Darkened Heart" you chose to work with Adam from Killswitch. It's an interesting choice i guess, cause partly your sound is highly comparable. What's behind this cooperation. Why did you pick especially him and what was Adams impact on the new record?

All That Remains:We went with Adam cause he knows us personally, knows the sound we are looking for, and most importantly I trust him.

Musicscan: What's your own understanding of this so called "new american wave of heavy metal". Personally i'm counting All That Remains this way, cause i like to think it's the best decription for those modern and wide-open east-coast metal bands playing a familiar style with a more general approach...

All That Remains:I think it's cool. I like the fact that bands from this area are starting to get attention. We have all been at it for so long and worked so hard. It feels really good.

Musicscan: what are your thoughts on this NAWOHM is getting more big-time these days? Do you feel like having better chances today?

All That Remains: It deffinetly opens more doors for us. It's an all around good thing.

Musicscan: There are lot of bands out there these days, that mixing different aggressive metal styles with technical riffs and off time beats. What makes All That Remains stand out?

All That Remains:I think we have a fresh aproach, we have more solos and harmony guitar parts than most of the other bands in the NWOAHM. I think that alone makes us stand out.

Musicscan: Is there something you miss within todays heavy music scene? I often miss passion and originality....

All That Remains:I think it is a bit watered down due to the ease of wich bands can produce and distribute records. I don't know if that is really a bad thing but you do have to really look to find good bands now adays.

Musicscan: What is the driving force making you create heavy music? What is your attitude concerning All That Remains? By the way: Do you work on the band full-time?

All That Remains:Yes the band is my full time thing. I don't get paid though. I live in my mothers basement. I just can't have a job and do all the touring and other things needed to make ATR happen. As for the driving force, I guess it's just a love of playing music. I would rather play shows than anything else in the world.

Musicscan: For the new record i think you have managed to be more focused as well as being more controlled this time. Would you agree?

All That Remains:Yes. We spent alot of time makeing sure the songs were to the point. We don't want to have a record with a bunch of cool parts. We wanted to have good songs.

Musicscan: Are the lyrics equally important to the music and do all band members identify with them?

All That Remains:I think the lyrics are equally important. But they are a representation of me, and my feelings.

Musicscan: If you could put together a tour package featuring All That Remains and any three other bands of your choice, who would it be and why?

All That Remains:Carcass, KsE, and Iron Maiden. Carcass and Iron Maden cause they are Carcass and Iron Maiden. KsE cause we are really good friends with them and they are wicked fun to hang out with.

Musicscan: Oh, one more i forgot to ask: How did it happen, that your first record was released by Lifeforce oerhere in Europe. Has it been the choice of All That Remains?

All That Remains:I have no idea. Prosthetic did that and that's all I can say.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the band?

All That Remains:As of right now we are hopeing to be able to get on the Ozzfest next year and tour Europe.

Musicscan: anything left you want to say?

All That Remains: Thanks for buying our disc if you have and if not check it out. You may find something you like.

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