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A.s Dragon

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Natacha Le Jeune und Michael Garcon, am: 24.05.2004 ]

Mit ihrem neuen Album "Spanked" haben die französischen A.S Dragon ein sehr ansprechendes Album zwischen Elektronik und Gitarre vorgelegt, das sich einem vorschnellen Klassifizierungsversuch sehr geschickt entzieht. Sicherlich erfinden A.S Dragon das Rad nicht neu, doch haben sie einen sehr frischen und energiegeladenen Entwurf zeitgenössischer Rockmusik abgeliefert, der keinesfalls unbeachtet bleiben sollte. Wir traten diesbezüglich ein kurzes Frage-Antwort Spiel mit Natacha und Michael an. Themen waren unter anderem Sex, Literaten und die Beat Generation.


Musicscan: Would you say there is something in particular that you wanted to convey on your new album "Spanked"? Is there an element that ties the songs together in your opinion or are they separate entities?

A.s Dragon: N: Spanked is the first album of AS Dragon as an entity. This album was made in emergency, several people participated to the lyrics therefore it resembles more to a collage.

Musicscan: What is the state of the French scene regarding guitar-driven music? It seems like most French bands are falling into the hip hop or electronica vein. Do you think that is a correct observation? And if yes, why do you think that is?

A.s Dragon: M: At the beginning of As dragon French bands felt into electronica, it was the reign of French touch, nobody used guitar driven music, so at that time, three years ago, we were isolated, but now the French scene tends to use Amps and guitars as a production tool and even the electro scene which kind of collapsed uses rock to be trendy. AS Dragon, on the other hand, is influenced by the hypnotic side of electronic music.

Musicscan: How important is it to you to sing in French, at least partly? Why did you opt to sing mostly in French as opposed to English?

A.s Dragon: N: French and English complete each other; they're two different means of expression.

Musicscan: What is your relationship to Michel Houellbecq like? Are you generally interested in literature and does that influence your lyrics and your music?

A.s Dragon: Sure we're influenced by literature, but not specially by Houellbecq, but by the beat generation.

Musicscan: On your album it seems like you wanted to fuse electronic and guitar sounds, which is not necessarily a very new thing to do, but very well executed. Do you want to bring together people from different musical backgrounds with your music?

A.s Dragon: The only way for us to use electronic music is to catch the hypnotic way, so we're playing loops based on one or two chords, the arrangement is master.

Musicscan: Is there one major songwriter or does everyone contribute equally? Are there sometimes creative conflicts within the band? How do you usually resolve those?

A.s Dragon: N: Several people outside the band participated to the lyrics on this album but now we mostly want to do everything ourselves, the lyrics are mostly my task but we sometimes co-write. Everyone composes, there is no lead, it turns around. No conflicts, just ego polish or "Gruppen Masturbation"

Musicscan: How much of where you come from do you think is reflected in your music?

A.s Dragon: Nul n'est prophete en son pays..

Musicscan: What are some other passions in your lives? What makes you happy?

A.s Dragon: Love, love, sex, art, cooking, talking shit, sleeping...

Musicscan: 3 current favorite records and books?

A.s Dragon: The Stranglers, The Cure, The Streets.
"Nova Express" W.S.Burroughs, "La Metamorphose" Franz Kafka , "Les Tarahumaras" A. Artaud

Musicscan: What can we expect from A.S. Dragon in the near future?

A.s Dragon: N: More live, more albums, more experiences.

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