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Interview von: Arne mit Mike, am: 27.04.2004 ]

HEROD von der amerikanischen Ostküste fallen in die Kategorie von Band, die sich auf klassische Metal-Wurzeln besinnt und im Ergebnis dennoch jenseits aller Genre-Schubladen ankommt. Das Prinzip von "For Whom The Gods Would Destroy" könnte „Shadows Fall trifft alte Metallica“ lauten. Ein Magazin in den Staaten stufte das Album gar als "Platte, die Metallica hätte veröffentlichen müssen" ein.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about Herod, please. is there something our readers have to know about bands history?

Herod:Herod began in late 2000. Me and Jesse wanted to start a more metal band. A crossover band like the Cro-Mags, Leeway or DRI. Over the past few years we lost members. But in return we have a strong lineup that is more dedicated to the band. We also have better musicians and we can now focus on playing metal the way we intended to do it.

Musicscan: in the past you played straight-up metalcore but this time you are back doing a more heavy metal style. what happend to Herod after your last record came out?

Herod:Herod always intended to sound the way we do now. With the early lineups of the band, we knew this wasn’t possible. Some of the older musicians were not as experienced musically as we would have liked. We figured it would be a growth process for the band. We would start out with metalcore and eventually phase most of the hardcore out as the musicians progressed.

Musicscan: how do you judge bands development within the last few months by yourself? where did you start and what's bands position right now?

Herod:The band has really come together in the past few months. We waited almost 2 years between records. It may seem like a big leap musically for those who haven’t seen us live. We have been playing some of the songs of the new record for nearly two years. I am very happy that we have the people in the band that we do right now. This band is about survival.

Musicscan: i read that you had big line up changes and even your new singer came to the band a few weeks before the recording of "for whom", right? did you ever think about ending up Herod and start new under a different band name?

Herod:Me and Jesse didn’t even consider changing the name. We started the band, and we feel that we will end the band on our terms. Plus, metal bands always go through major lineup changes. Look at Iced Earth. They get better and better every record. We feel the same way about Herod.

Musicscan:Bryce and Jeremy actually have been in the band for about a year and a half. It seems like they came out of nowhere because they didn’t play on our last record. Judah did join the band back in August. It was a few weeks after we parted ways with our old singer. I knew Judah for quite a while and when the opportunity presented itself, I knew he was the one for the job. It think it was the best move the band ever made.

Herod: what is the driving force making you create metal music?

Musicscan:As much as I love hardcore and punk music, metal has been the style of music I have always listened to. I have always been passionate about metal.

Herod: one the new record your sound is much more progressive and open i would say. there's also some kind of different mood. why did you choose to go this way musically?

Musicscan:I wouldn’t say it’s a progressive record. We aren’t reinventing the wheel. We are just paying tribute to the classics. Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Priest, Anthrax, Slayer. We are just playing a style that has seemed to die out in the mainstream. We all grew up listening to classic metal. Hy not show kids today where it all started.

Herod: your sound is really powerful and highly metallic, but also less melodic. was your intention to create that particular sound or did it just happen?

Musicscan:No it all just worked out that way. I’m glad it did. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Herod: what was your main focus creating this new record onto? is it important for you to have something like an overall flow on the record? "for whom" is more diverse but at the same time also more focused/more in one line...

Musicscan:We took our time writing this record, making sure the songs were more structured. In the past we always relied on stringing riffs togther. We actually wrote songs this time around.

Herod: you're using a lot of elements of different styles like brit-metal, thrash and hardcore. is it planned to be more varied or/and natural happened?

Musicscan:We just stopped caring about what people wanted to hear from us. When we decided to play we we wanted to play, on our own terms, the music just kept flowing. It was a much easier writing process. I could give two shits whether or not kids mosh for us.

Herod: i read a review saying something like "this is the record metallica should have recorded" it's a very big compliment of course, but what do you think about it? personally i would describe the record as older metallica meets shadows fall...

Musicscan:Being compared to Metallica is awesome. They are obviously a huge influence. I love everything that band does. Atleast they have the balss to play what they want instead of trying to please all the people living in the past. Comparing us to Shadows Fall is awesome too because they kick ass.

Herod: what was the recording process of "for whom" like? was it great fun for you guys or did you still work on integrating the new band members?

Musicscan:Bryce and Jeremy have been in the band a long time and both were key in the creation of the new record. Eventough Judah joined right as we were to begin recording he contributed vocally and musically also. It was a seamless process.

Herod: do you have something like an overall vision concerning your music that you are trying to fullfill? how can you describe your vision?

Musicscan:We want herod to be the band that brings metal back. We ant the older metal crowds to embrace us. They have been ignored for too long, having to settle for older bands and tribute bands. We want to appeal to the young kids and the older metalheads who gave up on new bands.

Herod: many of todays heavy bands seem to miss originality and passion. your band has lots of both. is it just a question of the right attitude towards music? what do you miss within the heavy music today? is there something?

Musicscan:I miss the attitude of the metal bands. The stage shows. To many bands follow the trends and their contribution to music history is forgotten. For Herod, the key to making records is not caring what people want to hear, and writing music that satisfies yourself. Once you are satisfied, other people will take kindly to what you are doing.

Herod: do you have something like a certain message you try to get out into the scenes? are the lyrics equally important to the music? as for true metal bands lyrics are often less important...

Musicscan:We are trying to be positive. Too many bands are concerned with being negative, and dark and tough. I’m getting too old to care about bullshit posturing.

Herod: do you still have a close connection to the hardcore/metalcore scene? You are going to tour europe with Fear My Thoughts, but what about the states. What are bands you keep touring with and what are shows you play?

Musicscan:I still have loyalty to the hardcore scene as well as the metal scene. A good band is a good band regardless of what style of music they play. I don’t give a shit aboutwhat band is cool, and what band is not. If the music smokes and the dudes are cool, we will tour with them.

Herod: did you already have the chance to listen to fear my thoughts? what do you think of this german band and what are your expactations for this tour to come?

Musicscan:We all actually have listned to FMT. They are good. I just hope they like us! I think the tour will go well. Maybe kids will really take to us. Europeans usually have better taste in music than Americans anyway.

Herod: i was surprised finding a band like herod signed to Lifeforce, since i wouldn't have expacted a band like yours on lifeforce. why did you choose to sign with them?

Musicscan:The label has a great track record. I have been buying Lifeforce releases for years. I associate the label with quality. Stefan has also treated us remarkably, and his offer to us was more than fair. No complaints here!

Herod: your biggest wish to happen for herod's future?

Musicscan:Total Global Domination. We want to help restore metal to it’s former glory.

Herod: something you would like to mention at the end? just do it...

Musicscan: I know Herod doesn’t fit the trends, but give the record a good listen and see for yourself before passing judgement.

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