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On The Might Of Princes

Interview von: arne mit Chris, am: 09.03.2004 ]

On The Might Of Princess aus Long Island bewegen sich im Spannungsfeld von Post-Hardcore, Indie-Rock & Emo und loten die weiten Grenzen zwischen diesen Spielarten hinlänglich ausloten. Das reicht von sehr introvertierten, minimalistisch angelegten Passagen bis hin zu besten Ausbrech-Parts mit wüstem Geschrei. Zumeist spielt sich das Quartett aber eher melancholisch dissonant durch seine Songs, die dennoch allein positive Gefühle hinterlassen. Schön. On The Might Of Princess sind insgesamt recht verspielt angelegt und warten immer wieder mit unvorhersehbaren Wendungen auf. Ab 2.April ist die Band erstmals auf Euro-Tour. Lasst euch das nicht entgehen!!


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about On The Might Of Princes, please. What do we have to know about yout band?

On The Might Of Princes: On the Might of Princes has always been about passion, sincerity and creativity. I geuss those are the main things that we want all people to realize about our band. We hope to try and do something worth while rather than worry about our image and stuff like that. Our music speaks for itself and we hope that it translates in a way that people can connect to what we're doing on a deeper level.

Musicscan: How did you get involved in that kind of music you are playing and what keeps your motivation alive?

On The Might Of Princes: I got involved with indie rock music through my roots as a child growing up around metal and hardcore shows. My first concert was Guns'n Roses and Skid Row. I eventually got to see Metallica and then a few years later, bands like Green Day and stuff like that. Then I got to see Sick of it All and Helmet, which was a life changing experience for me. That's how I was introduced to more underground music. I discovered Bad Brains, Black Flag, Minor Threat and all the old school stuff. Then I found out about Fugazi, which led to me to hear about Jawbox, Shudder to Think, Unwound, Drive Like Jehu and indie stuff. That was the type of music that inspired me the most to play music and I suppose that reflects more on the styles of music that we play now.

Musicscan: What do you think about one hit wonders with big and short success compared to what you have? I mean you are a solid band that is around for a longer time now...

On The Might Of Princes: None of us really think too much on comparing us to other groups. I do have friends who are in bands that have become one hit wonders and stuff like that. I suppose that's a price you have to pay when you realize that being on a major label is a gamble when you put out a single that becomes a hit. Sometimes there's a big chance that you may not recieve that longevity that will determine whether or not your band will make or break. As far as On the Might of Pricnes goes, I'd like to think that the music we've made over these past few years has some sort of timeless theme to it that has the staying power to last a long time cause of the heart and soul that we put into it, instead of worrying about making hits.

Musicscan: Would you be afraid of having one big hit and leaving a wrong impression of your band?

On The Might Of Princes: I don't think we really are too concerned with making hits or worrying about what impression we leave on people. We see this band as something we do and if people feel a connection to it, they are invited to become a part of it and interact with us at our shows, etc. We love crowd interaction whether it is singing along or dancing or coing upt o us to say hello after a show. But all of that stuff is just an added bonus. First and foremost, this band allows us to do something for ourselves and unleash any sort of agression or just self expression in general. That kind of outlet helps us get through our lives. Making a hit is irrelevant to how I'm gonna feel at the end of the day, emotionally or internally. If it happens, it happens though. I just don't think it's something we're too focused on thinking about.

Musicscan: What are your thoughts on how punk/emo/hardcore is getting more big-time these days?

On The Might Of Princes: Even though I may not be a huge fan of the more mainstream acts coming up from the punk/hardcore/emo scene these days, I think it's great either way for some of these bands to get out there cause they are gateways for kids to find out about other great bands. If it weren't for Guns'n Roses, I wouldn't have heard about Led Zeppelin. If it weren't for Metallica, I wouldn't have heard about Slayer. If it weren't for Nirvana and Green Day, I wouldn't have heard about Bad Brains or Fugazi. You know what I mean? I think every little bit helps. You can use the bigger bands to discover about the bands that are either more genuine or helped shape what became of this style and genre. If kids that listen to Good Charlotte and New Found Glory start hearing about bands on Revelation. Equal Vision and Victory - then hey, that's great and can only help us out.

Musicscan: Do you feel hardcore/punk is losing it's edge by having more and more bands with no real political or social stance? is "more rock, less talk" a real viable idea in the punk movement?

On The Might Of Princes: I think that punk is definitely losing it's edge cause it's lost it's genuine care for rebellion in the mainstream light. You can either be blatant or non blatant about having some sort of social stance or political awareness, but that's always been a part of punk rock and what made it special. The rebvellious aspect of it made us different from every other part of society and culture. Now things are blending in together way too much and everything's getting watered down. I think there's hope for punk when I see bands evolving and doing something different with something to say. Bands on DIschord, Saddle Creek and Jade Tree and even a lot of smaller labels are presenting the scene with bands that have things that are worth listening to and being a part of these days.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with punk/emo/hardcore? What has it done for you?

On The Might Of Princes: I've learned how to dissasociate myself from the typical rles of society that didn't make sense for me. And instead of feeling out of step with the world, I felt like punk rock gave me a reason to be the way I am without having to prove myself to anyone. Obviously it also gave me an outlet for my agression. It also introduced me to people that felt the same way I did. And it also made me more aware of how messed up everything really is when you don't question everything around you. I couldn't imagine my life without having been introduced to this movement that changed my life forever.

Musicscan: Has your audience noticably changed over the course of the years? Agewise, are the same people growing up with you?

On The Might Of Princes: Our audience has always ranged from young teenagers to people in their late twenties. Because we're older, I think some of the older people can relate to what we're doing and take it seriously. And on the other hand, because we don't limit ourselves and play all ages shows almost all of the time, we play for the kids and open their eyes to new things. The kids appreciate what we're doing and are always loyal. We show our appreciation to everyone and that keeps the same kids always coming back for more.

Musicscan: Do you prefer bigger festivals or smaller clubs to play?

On The Might Of Princes: It's 2 different worlds. I can't say what I like better cause it's a tough one. But I can say what I love about both. Playing festivals is almost surreal when it seems like you're looking at a sea of people and you know they're all excited and losing their shit in this giant crowd. Then on the other hand, playing small club gigs can be more meaningful just because of it is mroe intimate and youc an see everyone around you rocking out and having a great time. People can come upt o you and talk to you after gigs. At festivals, there are a lot of limitations but being able to play for such a large crowd with a powerful sound system is really exciting.

Musicscan: Soon you are going to play here in Europe. Have you been here before? What are your expactions for this tour to come?

On The Might Of Princes: We've never been there before. We know it's going to be great. We're playing a lot of huge festivals in front of hundreds and some thousands of people with a lot of bigger bands from the states that we don't get to play with. I know we have shows ranging from opening up for Ash to festivals with hardcore bands like Sick of it All and Madball and then we have gogs with bands like Midtown and even more pop punkier bands like Strung Out and Mellincollin. It should be an interesting tour. I can't wait.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on Europe in general?

On The Might Of Princes: Surprisingly we've been interviewed online and on the phone by so many publications in EUrope and gotten tons of great reviews. I believe our record has sold pretty well over there and it's available in a lot of stores too, so the attention from Europe has been completely overwhelming.

Musicscan: What does On The Might Of Princes offer their listeners? Why should someone pick up your cd or come to your shows?

On The Might Of Princes: We offer our listeners something genuine with passion. My hopes is that we have the ability to give people the chills when they hear our music cause music that I like does that for me. I know that feeling of getting goosebumps when you hear something so passionate, that you can't help but feel wheat the band is all about. Because we have so much passion, I think that our energy reflects on our live shows and people are able to feed off of our energy.

Musicscan: What is the thing that is different about OTMOF that separates you from other bands out of your view?

On The Might Of Princes: I think a lot of bands these days are way too concerned with fashion, image, taking pictures, making videos with naked girls in them, etc. All that shit is cool or whatever, but because we're not about that - I think we have something more to offer with substance. We want our music to speak for itself and not our hair or tight jeans. The people that are our fans and understand what we're doing hopefully share those same interests and together we can try to cultivate something that is more real than what we see everyday in these watered down "punk" magazines on the shelves or videos on tv.

Musicscan: Hearing "sirens" - it's some kind of emotional journey between all those extremes life and emotions have to offer. what makes you write such wide music?

On The Might Of Princes: Thank you very much. That means a lot. Lyrically, our every day lives are what drives to write and sing about the things that we sing about. Musically, we blend everything that we're influenced by into one thing. And because our influences are so wide, we tend to create stuff that ends up coming off as pretty interesting to most listeners. Our attitude is inspired by bands that weren't afraid to take risks and challange themselves along with their audience. So that definitely plays a huge role in why our music comes out the way it does.

Musicscan: If you would summarise the message and atmosphere of OTMOP's music in just one sentence. What would it be?

On The Might Of Princes: On the Might of Princes is a sincere and passionate display of creative music that ranges from some of the most intense and chaotic insanity to the prettiest whispers and cries that anyone can connect with.

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

On The Might Of Princes: It's not an agenda, but we're so influenced by so many different styles and genres, that it's hard for us not to come up with stuff that's pretty varied. I think our second album was a lot more over the top with the different styles that we blended. But our latest record seems to be blended together so it's more coherent and not too random.

Musicscan: What's your main focus creating new songs onto?

On The Might Of Princes: There's no main focus other than making sure that what comes out is straight up honest.

Musicscan: What is the thing you guys feel especially proud of (whether compositionally, lyrically,...)?

On The Might Of Princes: I think we're all especially proud of just being able to get e-mails from people that said our music helped them through the hardest times of their lives. It's hard to pick one thing. We've appreciated everything that's come our way. We never thought we would get half of things we achieved through this band. Lyrically, I geuss it's an easy answer to say that it's completely amazing to us that people have gotten the lyrics to "For Meg" tattooed on them in so many different places. I know some people with OTMOP tattoos. Compositionally, I think "You Whistle, I'll Shoot" is my personal favorite achievement cause I think it's the best song we've ever written on so many different levels. Now as far as just being proud of something we've achieved, I'd have to say that coming over the Europe for the first time is the biggest achievement we could ask for. It's surreal to me.

Musicscan: When you produce a record, do you only think about the NOW or is it important to you what you yourself will think about it in a couple of years?

On The Might Of Princes: That's a very interesting question. I'd be lying if I didn't say that it didn't cross my mind what I would think about a piece of recording a few years down the line when we're in the middle of making a record. But I do think it's important to stay focused on the NOW cause when you get distracted by other things, it can definitely affect the outcome of your art being completely pure. My answer to the question is that I think that if you try to think clearly and only on the things that you're hoping to achieve artistically and creatively, then there's more hope for your music to be timeless and you won't even care how it comes off to people as long as it makes you feel fulfilled. That's how I look at it for myself.

Musicscan: Who is allowed to criticize you?

On The Might Of Princes: Everyone's allowed to criticize us, we have no control over that. Whether we like it or not, that's just how the world works. People can write what they want about you in publications and when you put yourself in the spotlight, it's a part of the package.

Musicscan: Where do you want to get one day?

On The Might Of Princes: Musically, I know one day I'll be able to look back on OTMOP and be happy about what we accomplished. And also one day I hope that I get to the point where I can survive off of doing what I love, whether it be in OTMOP or whatever else comes along in my path.

Musicscan: Is your relationship to Revelation rather friendship or business?

On The Might Of Princes: A little bit of both. We've had some good times going out to dinner, getting wasted, doing karaoke at bars, having slumber parties and all that good stuff with some of the staff at Revelation. But when it comes to business, you have to realize the fine line between a working professional relationship with someone and you're regular relationship with them. I guess that's just how I look at it.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the band?

On The Might Of Princes: That we'll be able to look back and be happy about what we accomplished.

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