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The Change

Interview von: arne mit Thomas, am: 07.03.2004 ]

THE CHANGE aus Schweden legen als explosive Mischung aus AF, Sick Of It All, YOT und den Gorilla Biscuits los, nur noch mit etwas moderneren Note und (viel) besserem Sound. Man bekommt es hier mit übersprudelndem, sehr positiv ausgerichtetem Hardcore zu tun, der super Old-School ist, aber aufgrund seines hohen Energie-Pegels frisch und spritzig wirkt. Von Beginn an geht es mit sehr viel Tempo, perfekt getimten Breaks und jeder Menge Back-Ups durchs Programm. Besser geht das nicht zu spielen und mit mehr Melodie definitiv auch nicht. THE CHANGE trumpfen auf ihrem Debüt so richtig auf und lassen ihre Hörer mit guter Laune zurück.


Musicscan: Introduce yourself, please. WhoÂ’s the guy answering my questions? ...and introduce the band as well. What is to know about the change?

The Change: The Change is a Hardcore/Punk band from Sweden consisting of five members. It’s me (Peter Bader) On guitar, Anton Klint – vox, Thomas Lundin - Bass, Olle Bjork – drums, and Jockum Hallin – guitar. We've been playing together as The Change since summer 2002. Before that we were all (except for our singer Anton) in the Swedish/Norwegian hc constellation Subject To Change (STC). We started of by recording a two-song demo, just to shop around to labels, pretty much right away with Daniel "Supergrass" Johansson (Who just recorded our 7" for “Monument rec. Sweden” and some comp songs). Those two demo songs later appeared on the “rise up” Comp for Fight Fire with Fire rec. and on the “one track mind” comp Crucial Response rec. We couldn’t play many shows the first year because some of us were tied up with other stuff and we were spread out on different places in Europe. Despite this we managed to write and record a full-length album during the beginning of summer 2003. The last couple of month’s things have really started to move forward. We’ve been playing shows almost every weekend and we have just started to get some feedback on the record, overwhelmingly good. And we are in the middle of booking our European tour for March/April.

Musicscan: What's your self-understanding of the change? What does your band stands for? What are goals you are reaching for? Why did you choose to be around as old school hardcore outfit?

The Change:We just keep walking the way weÂ’ve always been going with the bands weÂ’ve been in, doing the straight forward HC, but still trying to progress and do good and interesting music. And as for the message and purpose of the band, we are trying to make an impact on the HC scene and not follow any particular trends. We are going to be the ones setting the trends and weÂ’ll keep doing our own shit. Our mail goal is to have fun and at the same time give people a fat slap in the face. If I can make someone think or affect anybodyÂ’s thoughts in a positive way, IÂ’m fucking happy.

Musicscan: Do you agree to describe your sound as a mixture of AF, Sick Of It All and Gorilla Biscuits? can it be so simple?

The Change:Of course weÂ’ve been influenced by these bands but I wouldnÂ’t say itÂ’s as simple as that to describe The Change. The style of Hc we play, I guess you could say is a mix of old hc/punk bands (like the ones you mentioned) and some classic rock guitar leads. We play Hc but since we listen to a lot of different kinds of music and allow ourselves to be influenced by it I think we managed to get some kind of original touch to our sound. And the way I see it, we managed to make it a lot more interesting than it would have been if we would have done like many bands who just seem to copy old (or new) American HC bands.

Musicscan: New york hardcore made a deep impact on your life I guess. What do you like about this style of playing and how did you get in contact? What have been the records thatÂ’s introduced NY-HC to your life?

The Change:As far as NY HC’s concerned I stumbled over “Youth Of Today’s” “We’re not in this alone” sometime during -93 or -94. I had heard about them and thought the cover looked cool. But my first live experience of NY HC was when I saw Sick Of It All H2O and CIV in –95 I think it was. After that it kind of stuck with me, though I’ve never really been into the NY tough HC stuff. In 2002 I went on tour with SOIA as backline tech, that was a good NY HC experience.

Musicscan: you are from sweden, right? usually you can hear that. concerning the change i wouldn't expact a swedish band at first. do you feel like sounding un-Swedish ;-) too?

The Change: If you refer to sounding Swedish like Outlast or other more crust influenced HC bands IÂ’d say that we donÂ’t sound very Swedish. But I donÂ’t know if the feeling would be particularly un-Swedish. Sweden has a good music scene, we make good HC. So in that sense IÂ’d say that we do sound SwedishÂ…

Musicscan: Is it an intentional drive to make your songs so melodic? I like this mixture of a lot of melodies, many back-ups and straight up parts. This is exactly what old school is all about...

The Change:We just write songs the way we like them, and for us the melodies are an important part in completing what weÂ’re trying to achieve. IÂ’m glad you like our stuff, it seems to be a winning conceptÂ…

Musicscan: There still seems to be a very wide and active old school scene in sweden. i just received records by between us and c.aarme. What is it that keeps the old school feeling alive up there in Sweden?

The Change:I don’t know if the “oldschool” feeling is so much alive up here. I wouldn’t call any of the bands you mentioned oldschool HC, It’s just bands that deliver punk/HC the way it is. Just because it isn’t metal doesn’t mean it’s oldschool, it’s just Hardcore. And there aren’t that many bands playing hardcore in Sweden, even though things are definitely picking up a bit I wouldn’t call the HC scene really wide and active.

Musicscan: I also have the feeling that you guys don't take yourselves too seriously sometimes. Am I right?

The Change:No we take ourselves super serious all the time… Where did you get that idea? It’s not like we’re “Good Clean Fun” or anything? Is it? Why do we come off as a band that doesn’t take ourselves seriously?

Musicscan: How did it happen that Porcell did the artwork? What have been his impressions about your record?

The Change:Porcell actually didnÂ’t do the artwork, he did some of it but we did the most of the stuff or the layout. He just put it together. Porcells impression about the record are that ItÂ’s Europes last hope as far as HCÂ’s concernedÂ… maybeÂ… wellÂ… at least he must have liked it since he put it out on his label. He seems to have really high hopes for the change so weÂ’ll just have to try and live up to his expectations.

Musicscan: Could you imagine another way to get rid of your frustration and aggression besides playing such intense and crazy music?

The Change:If I wouldnÂ’t play HC IÂ’d probably be a serial killer to act out my aggressions. But now I get a chance to put my craziness in the music instead, so I guess HC actually makes the world a better placeÂ…

Musicscan: What are the feelings you get out of your new record? For me it's only positive...

The Change:I get like a million feelings when I listen to the record, just because the music and the lyrics reminds me of different moments, people, places and emotions. But overall I the feelingÂ’s definitely positive.

Musicscan: Why did you especially choose Don Ahlsterberg to work with? I think it's an interesting choice...

The Change:Simply because he’s the best guy around, and because we didn’t want your typical HC production on the record. He’s also a friend of ours, which makes him easy for us to work with. As it seems now we’ll probably keep working with him. The last time we recorded (for a 7” on Monument rec. order from monumentdistro@lycos.com) we recorded with another friend of ours Daniel “Supergrass” Johansson. The result with him was really satisfying too; we’ve been privileged to work with good producers.

Musicscan: What kind of feeling is it to play your songs in front of a crowd? How long does it take, 'til the kids go crazy?

The Change: It is really fun playing live in front of kids. And the kids usually go crazy even before we get up on stage.

Musicscan: I never before heard of fight fire with fire records before. Can you please introduce it to me. Thanks.

The Change: New York State based Fight Fire with Fire is John PorcellÂ’s record label. He hasnÂ’t released that much yet but its coming. Check out http://www.fightfirehq.com

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the band?

The Change: That kids really appreciate what weÂ’re doing and that we get to play many cool shows and that we meet a lot of friends on tour. The usual stuff.

Musicscan: Something you would like to add?

The Change: Thank you for the interview and check out our CD out on Fight Fire with Fire, also check out our 7” on Monument records. Two incredible good songs that aren’t on the CD. Check http://www.thechangehc.com for ordering info. Thank you again.

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