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Stand And Fight

Interview von: arne mit Greg, am: 27.02.2004 ]

www.thestraightedge.com lautet die URL ihrer Website und der begnadete Wrench (ex- Ten Yard Fight, right!!) ist der Shouter von Stand&Fight, das durch Leute von Carry On, Collision und No Reply komplettiert wird. Alles klar, oder!? Die Songs der Band aus Orange County quellen nur so über von Klischees, sind dafür aber auch volle Kanne straight und auf den Punkt gespielt. Die kurzen, prägnanten Vocals von Wrench sind einmal mehr schlichtweg genial wie eigenwillig. Eine HC-Hymne jagt die nächste und Stand&Fight sind eine Band für alte Nostalgiker und Youth-Crew-Fanatiker.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about Stand&Fight, please. What are you guys doing right at the moment?

Stand And Fight:At the moment, we are devoting all of our attention to writing songs for our upcoming LP on Bridge 9. We just booked studio time for early April, so assuming everything works out, the LP will be out in September. The song writing process has been going a lot smoother with the addition of our new guitarist, Chris Chasse. Other than writing songs, we have a few shows lined up for April on the West Coast and then we're in the planning phase for a Summer East Coast tour. The one thing we're most excited about at the moment is our European Tour scheduled for August. This tour will be three weeks with The First Step and Damage Control.

Musicscan: How'd the band start and how long has it been around, and is the band something serious or is it more of a project?

Stand And Fight:The band was something that just came together. We were extremely fortunate to come across each other at a time we all wanted to start a hardcore band. We started roughly in March of 2002. As much as I'd like the band to be more serious, it's difficult to reach that level with members living on opposite coasts of the US, but I definitely would not consider this to be a project.

Musicscan: What's behind the band name? It's a funny sounding name to me, but it also suits very well with your actually sounding. Is there any certain meaning or thought behind it? Were there any other names that came up during the naming process?

Stand And Fight:Stand & Fight represents us as a band. We have ideals that we believe in, and we feel that if you believe in something strong enough, you should be willing to fight to defend them. So far we have yet to run into anyone else with the same name. This has been a problem for us, since when we first started, the band was called Impact. Several months after we released the demo, we were contacted by other bands/zines telling us that they were already called Impact. Since we didn't want to get into any legal trouble, we opted to change the name.

Musicscan: How'd the band get the bridge nine deal, especially since already your demo was released by bridge9? they are a label a ton of bands would love to be on...

Stand And Fight:We released the demo ourselves and gave a copy to Chris B9 to see if he'd be into putting out our future releases. He listened to it, backed it, and immediately said he wanted to have us on his label. We happily accepted and since then, we've had an amazing relationship with B9.

Musicscan: Have there been other recorded songs before? Who came up with the idea of putting both 7inch on the cd-version?

Stand And Fight:We have one unreleased song that we recorded in the same session as the EP. It was supposed to be used for a comp that has yet to come out, so it's probably going to end up on a California Hardcore comp put out by 1917 records (www.1917records.com). Other than the demo and EP, we don't have any other releases. When we recorded the EP, we talked about putting the demo on the CD with the EP and when Chris brought up the same idea, it solidified our plan.

Musicscan: What does Stand&Fight offer the scene? Why should someone pick up your cd? Is there something that is different about S&F?

Stand And Fight:Stand & Fight gives the scene a straight edge hardcore band. We aren't necessarily doing anything new, but we do what we enjoy and love. So I guess you could say we offer the scene an honest output of ourselves. People should pick up our CD because it's cool and I said so.

Musicscan: What are your thoughts on how punk/hardcore is getting more big-time these days?

Stand And Fight:I think it's pretty cool since it opens a lot of eyes to different types of music. I would much rather have people listening to hardcore bands than whatever the flavor of the month band is.

Musicscan: Do you feel hardcore/punk is losing its edge by having more and more bands with no real political or social stance? is "more rock, less talk" a real viable idea in the punk movement?

Stand And Fight:I think that with the increase in number of bands, there's bound to be bands that aren't saying much, but to say that hardcore/punk bands aren't saying anything is preposterous. While the bands that have a message may be harder to find, they are there.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with punk? What has it done for you? One thing i notice is your very DIY-based working style...

Stand And Fight:As easy as it would be to have everything handed to you, it is extremely rewarding to have a direct hand in everything you do. It not only gives you a sense of control, but knowing that you were able to accomplish a task on your own makes it a lot more meaningful.

Musicscan: Are there any principles you would never give up to as a band? What kind of?

Stand And Fight:We are a Straight Edge band first and foremost so that is the one thing we will never give up as a band.

Musicscan: Your are around with different bands for years now. Do you ever wish you had made a different choice and went with your standard job?

Stand And Fight:I've definitely thought about what could've happened if I had made other choices. It's discouraging seeing my friend's graduating from college and knowing that I could be in the same position as them, getting ready to settle down, but then I think about all that I've accomplished and it reminds me why I'm doing what I'm doing. I wouldn't trade in my experiences for anything.

Musicscan: Could you imagine another way to get rid of your frustration and aggression besides playing straight forward hardcore music?

Stand And Fight:Not at all. Playing hardcore is a constructive way of releasing your emotions and outside of it, I'd have no idea what to do with them all.

Musicscan: Back to Stand&Fight: What have been your first rehearsels like and how did you get the current Stand&Fight members together?

Stand And Fight:The first rehearsals were kind of awkward. None of us really knew how to write a song so trying to piece together parts we had proved to be a tiring task. The current lineup came together by pure chance. Kevin and I knew each other through work, we were introduced to Wrench through a mutual friend and Wrench brought in Chris on guitar.

Musicscan: Did you always had people who supported you? right from the biginning? I guess there have been some kind of buzz around S&F right from the beginningÂ…

Stand And Fight:Yeah, we've had support from day one. It means a lot to us being able to see people who sang along at our first show still singing along to this day.

Musicscan: Your members have been involved into TYF and Carry On in the past. Has there been some kind of benefit you could build up this new band on?

Stand And Fight:Since people are more willing to check out new bands with familiar members, it definitely did help us out, but on the same token it hurt us. Some people who checked us out solely because of the ex-member status felt that we either don't sound enough like the ex bands or too much like them, and in doing so hurts us as a band from standing on our own.

Musicscan: I guess it's important to you to keep everything short and to the point, right? What does it take to write a particular S&F song? How do you go about writing your songs?

Stand And Fight:Haha, we definitely have a case of ADD when it comes to song writing. One of us will come to practice with a couple parts and we'll put them together into a song. So far it has proven to be successful.

Musicscan: If you would summarise the message and atmosphere of S&F's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Stand And Fight:We play good hardcore.

Musicscan: What are the feelings you get out of your record? Did everything worked out the way you expacted it?

Stand And Fight:I love how our record turned out, especially how the recording process itself went. We recorded at this studio down the street from us and were stoked on how it sounded. We plan on recording at the same place in a couple months for our LP.

Musicscan: What kind of feeling is it to play your songs in front of a crowd? How long does it take, 'til the kids go crazy?

Stand And Fight:To me. playing your own songs live is one of the most satisfying things about being in a band. It's an amazing feeling that can't really be expressed. I've been playing shows for several years now and I still get excited right before we play. Generally, if kids are going to go crazy, they will as soon as we start playing.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on europe in general? Is there a chance to see S&F playing overhere soon?

Stand And Fight:We definitely take a huge interest in Europe, since day one, we've had Europeans supporting us. It surprises me that people from all the way around the world show as much interest in us as they do. It's awesome. We'll hopefully make it over in August with The First Step and Damage Control.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Stand And Fight:When the band first started, my goal was to be able to put out an LP and tour Europe. Assuming all goes according to plan, we will be able to accomplish both of the goals by the end of this Summer. My next goal I want to set for the band is to tour Japan, it's always been somewhere I've wanted to go.

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