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Bridge To Solace

Interview von: arne mit BTS, am: 25.02.2004 ]

"Bitterness And Hope" heißt der aktuelle Longplayer des Newborn- Nachfolgers Bridge To Solace. Nicht eine Sekunde lässt der Fünfer auch nur den Hauch eines Zweifels daran aufkommen, wer den ungarischen New School anführt. Die Budapester spielen einen sehr eigenständigen New School- Stil, der immer wieder von seinen 80er Metal-Riffs lebt. Klingt einfach nur geil! Das Material ist durchweg supermelodisch und eingängig ohne Ende; immer wieder gibt’s zudem richtig gute Chöre. Fast zwingend MUSS man von HC-Hymnen sprechen, die immer wieder in Richtung Shai Hulud und/bzw. As Friends Rust gehen.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about bridge to solace, please. what are you guys doing right at the moment?

Bridge To Solace: Hey Arne, at the moment, we are basically chillin out, and writing new material, which we are going to record late March. These 4 songs will appear on a split CD with A.18 and a compilation entitled “Louder Than Words” on New Age Records. We have some shows coming up here and there, mostly Hungary, but from May on, we would like to focus on playing as much as possible.

Musicscan: i saw newborn playing live here in berlin two times. at this show with catharsis your singer said something like people should pay more attention to european bands and not only look for new american bands. did the situation for european bands change within the last few years?

Bridge To Solace: I don’t really think it changed that much since I made that announcement back then. Even if we were able to be on a tour with our friends from Paint The Town Red and Razor Crusade, we not always had big crowds, and people still do focus a lot on bigger bands from overseas, and a European band is not always that attention-drawing to kids.

Musicscan: when bridge to solace came up i think you had a pretty warm welcome from everywhere, right? what makes the difference concerning your band?

Bridge To Solace: We had pretty much a nice welcome, it is of course easier because of the Newborn background. I cannot really say why would we be that different from other bands, all we do is rock our hearts out all the time, so that might be something extra for people who come and see us. Sincerity and passion cannot be bought and sold, and people I guess know what’s behind us, and that we’re not there to ride another trend, but do what we love.

Musicscan: what do you think of the fact that the only really extreme thing to come out of the underground scene nowadays is the music? there seems to be only small room left for critical ideas or important statements...

Bridge To Solace: Honestly, I don’t think that there’s a small room for ideas and statements. It is not going on like “we have all these bands playing extreme stuff, there’s no place left for anything else”. I am convinced people find it pretty easy to let their anger and frustration out through music, that’s by far the best way to create an outlet of your rage. On the other hand, it’s important to address some thought-inspiring issues within your songs, once you play in a band, and that’s what is lacking in some of the bands nowadays.

Musicscan: is there something like a certain message you guys try to get out in the scenes? how do you choose the topics you are dealing with?

Bridge To Solace: There’s no certain message except for encouraging people to try to live their lives. We are here to tell stories and not preach. The topics we deal with are really easy to be chosen, since these topics are no else but our own lives, and the way we see things. Whatever that hurts or makes us happy is a good topic to write a song of.

Musicscan: for bridge to slocae the lyrics are equally important to the music i guess. for most of those metalcore-bands out there today they are less important. what's your attitude towards hardcore-bands the put only the music at first place?

Bridge To Solace: You know what? I don’t care about those bands. If you waste your time caring what others do or not do, you lose focus on your own things. Let them do whatever they want, and people will just decide what they exactly need.

Musicscan: being on tour you have surely seen all the different aspects of todays hardcore-scene. what are the main differences between east europe and the western parts?

Bridge To Solace: The gaps are not as big as they used to be like 5 years ago. While more and more Eastern bands have the chance to go and tour whole Europe, more and more bands do play our area. A couple years back there has been a tendency, that whoever came from the United States/Western Europe, kids eat that shit without questioning, just because they were hungry for bands, who could appear as pioneers of the hardcore scene. Now people are more aware, and people just don’t buy off every single shitty band just because they are from the States. Still I think, the enthusiasm towards bands they really like is a lot bigger over here than in Western Europe, what makes the shows here really amazing.

Musicscan: many of todays heavy bands seem to miss originality and passion. your band has a lot of both. is it just a question of the right attitude towards music? what do you miss within the hardcore music today?

Bridge To Solace: It definitely feels flattering that you think we do have a fair amount of passion and originality. What we try to accomplish with our band is nothing more but playing music and writing words we do feel is important for ourselves. There are so many bands out there riding another trend, like a couple years back, everyone was so much into this San Diego style, etc. We are hardcore kids, who love the scene we are the part of, and we love to play fast, straightforward music, with socially aware lyrics. That’s all we can do, and we would not really fit into anything else as a whole. Of course we all would love to do different stuff, and surely will have some projects going on in the near future, but our main focus is taking Bridge To Solace beyond all boundaries.

Musicscan: speaking about your main values for life. what are they?

Bridge To Solace: I just try to stay human. Human means that I have my own faults and I have to live with those, always trying to be better, human means I try to be good to my fellow mates around, and taking a stand for what I believe, regardless who stands on the other side. I just wanna wake up every day without spitting in my face in the mirror.

Musicscan: are there any principles you would never give up to as a band?

Bridge To Solace: Noone ever should tell us what to do. We are open for anything as long as those musical and lyrical ideas come from the 5 members of the band.

Musicscan: for how long you can tour on a record? is bridge to solace your fulltime job? i can imagine that it's pretty hard for an easter-european band...

Bridge To Solace: Well, you can tour as long as you want to, but as of now, we need a lot of fresh air, as all these songs we have are old. We have nearly completed two songs, I have completed 1 lyrics, and they all turned out to be amazing, and we are excited to play these live and record them. Of course the band is really far from being a fulltime job. Right now I am the only one who is unemployed from the band, even Adam have found a job after like 2 years. We are basically covered in debts currently we hardly know how we’ll be out of. We really wanna go on tour and play, as that is basically the most we can wish from life. Travel, have fun, play, party.

Musicscan: there are lots of heavier, metal influenced hardcore-bands around these days. bridge to solace is playing some melodic new school style, that only sometimes is real metal. is this what seperates you from other bands?

Bridge To Solace: I think Bridge To Solace is there for everyone. While those bands who are just hardcore or just metalcore, can only offer a certain musical style, and there are naturally people, who cannot identify themselves with those. Bridge To Solace is here for everyone, who’s into fast singalong parts, or heavier mosh, or twin metal guitars.

Musicscan: your songs combine lots of different elements to create this kind of unique sound. is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

Bridge To Solace: Yes. As I stated above in my last answer, we wanna have our band reachable for people with different musical tastes, and I am concerned everyone can find a little this and that according to her/his own musical taste.

Musicscan: if you would summarise the message and atmosphere of bridge to solace's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Bridge To Solace: These are the songs of our hearts.

Musicscan: you surely want to cause feelings and reactions within your listeners? what kind of reactions? is there something you want to leave the people your shows with?

Bridge To Solace: We want people to have fun, and think. We want people to smile at our shows, and go home refreshed, thinking about the things we said, encouraged by the energy we would like to bring through from stage.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for bands future?

Bridge To Solace: Write good songs, make good records and tour our asses off.

Musicscan: something you'd like to add?

Bridge To Solace: Thank you so much Arne for interview, I really enjoyed doing it.

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