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Interview von: arne mit Cannae, am: 16.02.2004 ]

Cannae aus Boston legten mit "Horror" über Prosthetic gerade ihren zweiten Longplayer vor. Die ehemaligen Grimlock-/ Forty Days Rain- Leute spielen eine offene, schnelle und aggressive Mischung aus Death, Thrash und Hardcore sowie walzenden Mid-Tempo-Mosh-Passagen; eben "typischen" Ost-Küsten-Sound. Noch sind sie nicht vollends im Metal angekommen, denn nach wie vor würde ich von einer MetalCore- Band sprechen, doch viel fehlt nicht mehr. Wer auf Bands wie Shadows Fall, Killswitch oder God Forbid steht, sollte Cannae unbedingt antesten.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about cannae, please. is there something that we have to know about your band?

Cannae: Well, Cannae is from Boston Massachusetts, we formed in 2000, and are currently touring rellentlessly. Our first album titled "Troubleshooting Death" came out in 2000 on the now defunct label East Coast Empire Records. After some success with Troubleshooting we signed with Prosthetic Records (Lamb Of God, Himsa) and recorded our second full-length titled "Horror." Now our plan is to dominate the world.

Musicscan: what's your self-understanding of cannae? where do you see yourself in the grand sheme of heavy music and what does your band stands for?

Cannae: Cannae is basically a bond between five guys who have a love for fast metal and heavy drinking. We don't have a message for anyone, and you can take our music however you want. We just love metal, and love playing for a crowd who's ready to listen. We are who we are, if you like us, thats awesome, if you hate us, we really don't give a shit. The name Cannae has a whole different meaning. Basically our original drummer had a roomate who was a history nerd. Cannae is a battlefield in Italy, It was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in history. It was during the Punic Wars in 316 B.C. where Hannibal absolutely destroyed the Roman Empire. We figured Cannae was a fitting name because it describes our music, pummeling, destructive, and kills everyone in its path.

Musicscan: why did you choose to (or how did it happen that you) be around as metalcore-outfit? what's your motivation to play especially this heavy kind of music?

Cannae: Who knows.. some people like hip-hop, some people like opera music.. as far back as I can remember I have just always loved metal, and pretty much nothing else. Same with the rest of the guys in the band.

Musicscan: some of you have been a past in forty days rain and grimlock i read, so you are involved in metallic metal for a longer time now. how did you experience the big hype of some of those metalcore bands? how did the metallic hardcore scene changed within the last years out of your view? what do you like or hate about it?

Cannae: I can't really speak for the entire United States hardcore and metal scene, but in the Northeast region I think the biggest change in the scene is that the bands these days are extremely talented, and much more musically inclined than the bands from about ten years ago. That is a good thing, to have competition that is always coming up with new ways to push the envelope. It is awesome as a fan of music to have incredible new bands to listen to popping up left and right, and it also makes you strive to be a better musician to try and top the competition. The thing I hate about the scene, is with all these different bands it seems like a lot of clicks are forming.. Like when you were in highschool, and you had the jocks, and the druggies, when i was growing up it used to just be one big scene.. I would like to see it become that way again.

Musicscan: would you agree if i would say you guys are a metalcore-outfit with a strong hardcore/punk-attitude? how important is it to you to keep such an attitude?

Cannae: I would agree that we are a metal band with hardcore and punk elements. I don't really think its an attitude, its just a style of music. Our attitude is like hey... this is what we play, if you like it listen to it, if you don't like it don't listen to it.. I would say i forgot to mention in the last question that i hate labels. Its all just music baby!

Musicscan: "horror" is a very general title for a record these days. what has been your idea behind chosing it?

Cannae: Horror was our guitarist Steve's idea. Basically we all love horror movies, and wanted that theme for the album, its short and sweet, and fitting. Plus we hate ridiculously long song titles.

Musicscan: do you have something like a certain message you try to get out into the scenes?

Cannae: No messages here, just rock and roll. We know what our music means to us, and people are always trying to analyze, and interpret who we are. You are never really going to find out. Take the music for what it is, no matter what message you think we are trying to get across we will tell you you are right.

Musicscan: concerning cannae i think the lyrics are equally important to the music, right? is this something that is important to you?

Cannae: Absolutely. I love our lyrics, because no one understands whats going on. Thats sweet. Keep people confused and guessing. haha..

Musicscan: you're using a lot of elements of different styles. is it planned to be more varied or/and natural happened? how do you go about writing a record? what is your main focus creating new songs onto?

Cannae: Our style really isn't planned. It just happens. We try to keep things on the heavy end of the spectrum (obviously) but other than that there is no secret to our creative process. You get a riff, or a drum beat in your head and you play it. Thats all there is to it.

Musicscan: if you would summarise the message and atmosphere cannae's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Cannae: Death, destruction, filth, drinking, drugs, sex, and all the other things that make this world great.

Musicscan: where do you see your listeners? i often think bands like yours are in need of open-minded listeners that are difficult to find. what's your point of view concerning this?

Cannae: I know what you are saying... We are in a position where we are too metal for the hardcore, and punk kids, and not metal enough for the metal kids... I'm really not sure where are fans come from, or if we really have any. My point of view concerning this is, close minded people are the biggest piles of fuckheads on the planet. If you don't don't like a band because of their hairstyles, or their beliefs, then you are a goddamned asshole that needs to die in a horrible fire.

Musicscan: can you take one typical song and explain what you hope people are getting out of it, please.

Cannae: Well if i tell you what are songs mean then it would be no fun for us to listen to people try to tell us what they mean. sorry can't help you on this one.

Musicscan: what is the song you guys feel especially proud of (whether compositionally, lyrically,...)?

Cannae: Thats a tough one.. I have a few favorite tracks that I like better than others, but i have to say I am proud of all our music. If writing songs were easy then everybody would be doing it. If i was building a house, I would want be be proud of my whole job, not just the windows, or the kitchen.

Musicscan: speaking about prosthetic: how did you get signed to them. i wouldn't have expacted a band like yours on prosthetic. you are more this kind of metallic hardcore-band that's too divers, modern and still too hardcore for those true metal-listeners. i always see prothetic as some kind of more metal-orientated record label. am i wrong?

Cannae: Not sure.. They called us, and said they wanted to meet with us, the rest is history. I think we're a little more metal than you are giving us credit for. The Fortydaysrain days are long gone.

Musicscan: why did you choose to sign with prosthetic? i think you wouldn't have any problems finding a more hardcore-based label...

Cannae: METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m/ m/ m/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck yeah. I'm drunk... sorry.

Musicscan: tell me something about the recording session with adam, please. did he put additional idea on the record? what is his impact?

Cannae: Adam likes sex with men. I guess you could call the recording process one big gay orgy. He likes to play with the knobs, on the soundboard a lot.. he also enjoys gassing us, and pulling our pants down, and taking photos of us with our pants down.. A couple of times he punched me in the chest really hard when i messed up.. What were we talking about again?? oh yeah, Adam. Hes a good producer.

Musicscan: do you have something like an overall vision concerning your music that you are trying to fullfill?

Cannae: No, just simple world domination.. If you play Horror backwards and watch the movie "Jaws of Satan" at the same time... you will get the point. oh wait, it didn't come out on vinyl.. i guess you would have to buy a backwards playing cd player. however, i don't think those have been invented. DON'T STEAL MY IDEA!

Musicscan: many of todays heavy bands seem to miss originality and passion. your band has a lot of both. is it just a question of the right attitude towards music? what do you miss within the heavy music today? is there something?

Cannae: Finally a compliment!!!! you guys are the best. I miss friendly people and Pantera mostly. But in all seriousness, Yes.. you need the right attitude, you can't cater to what people want to hear, you have to just play what you feel and hopefully, (if you want to make it in this business,) people dig it.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for cannae's future?

Cannae: We want to be sponsored by a beer company, or Jack Daniels. Also, we want strippers to throw themselves at us like Motley Crue circa 87'.. oh yeah and maybe a tour with some big bands.. but that comes second.

Musicscan: something you would like to mention at the end? just do it.

Cannae: To everyone out there who digs metal, buy our album, we are starving, and so are our children. There is no money in this buisness untill you sell 10 billion records.. so please, for the love of God, BUY OUR RECORD!