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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Jay Skowronek, am: 12.02.2004 ]

Maxeen haben bei vielen mit ihrem Debütalbum für einen kleinen Überraschungserfolg gesorgt. So auch bei uns in der Redaktion. Mit ihrem gekonnten Stilmix aus Police, U2 und einer ordentlichen Portion Punk- und Indiecharme liefern sie eine zwar recht unkomplizierte, aber doch sehr eingängige und sympathische Musik ab, die erst live ihre volle Pracht entfaltet. Davon kann man sich auf der ausgiebigen Tour der Jungs mit Vanilla Sky dieser Tage überzeugen. Grund genug für mich bei Jay etwas genauer nachzufragen. Wir sprachen über erste Platten, Warped Tour und warum Maxeen vielleicht etwas besonderes sind.


Musicscan: How have you experienced the reactions to your debut album? In how far has the band life changed since the release of the album?

Maxeen: The reaction to our debut album has been very good. Everything has gone rather quickly with this band. the album was recorded 11 months after we first got together, and we're about a year and a half old as a band now. We've been on the road for the most part, and we're getting to see some amazing places. It's great.

Musicscan: Are you satisfied with the album in retrospect or are there things you would have done differently now? What are these aspects?

Maxeen: I feel really strongly about the record. I think we did the best we could with the time and money we had to make it. I can't easily go back and listen to it, though. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from your work. Someday, I'll sit back with some headphones and really crank it up, not now, though.

Musicscan: How did you get in touch with Sideonedummy and how has the working relationship developed so far?

Maxeen: Our manager, James Achor of Five Finger Management, used to be in a band that was signed to Sideonedummy (Royal Crown Revue). When he saw us, he knew it would be a perfect fit. So, the guys at the label came to see one of our shows, and the rest is history. They're an amazing label, and they work very hard for us.

Musicscan: What has your experience on the Warped Tour been? Do you feel comfortable in setting like that?

Maxeen: When we did last year's Warped Tour, it was our first tour as a band, which made it a bit difficult. the Warped Tour is really hard. It's hot outside, and you have to carry your gear across fields in the middle of nowhere. Plus, you never know when your set time is, so it's pretty hectic every day. We got used to it after a few days, though. It was fine.

Musicscan: What inspired the record? What motivations and emotions did particularly influenced the album?

Maxeen: I think this record is really the first stuff that came out of us as musicians. these were the first songs we wrote together. There's a lot of energy, and a lot of fast, fun rock songs. Everything we had ever done before inspired these songs, really. I think our second record may be a bit different than this one.

Musicscan: What would you say makes Maxeen special and stand out from other bands?

Maxeen: We're a trio, so I think that's the thing that people notice right away. Our bass player sings, which makes people automatically go, "oh yeah, they are like the police" or "they are like rush." I don't really know how to answer that one. Let people come and see us and decide for themselves, I guess. Hopefully, they'll really like our show.

Musicscan: What inspires you in daily life besides art, music and literature?

Maxeen: Love. Film. Life experiences. Travel.

Musicscan: Do you think you will still be doing music in about 20 years? What are some other passions in your life?

Maxeen: Music will always be with me. It's what I do best. I'd really like to start learning piano soon. Cooking is a lost art to me that I really want to learn about. Scuba diving could be pretty fun, too.

Musicscan: You are on the road a lot throughout the year. How do you keep your sanity during these times? What are some of the best and worst aspects of touring?

Maxeen: The hardest part about touring is leaving home, leaving your friends and loved ones, and kind of disappearing for months on end. There's never enough sleep, and you never stay in the same place twice. You just have to be committed to doing this kind of thing. If you are, then you shouldn't have any problems doing this for a living. I think it's a lot of fun.

Musicscan: Three current favorite records?

Maxeen: Jeff Buckley - Live at Sine Deluxe Editionn
The Bronx - White Drugs
The Kills - Keep On Your Mean Side

Musicscan: What are the plans for the future, personally as well as with the band?

Maxeen: I want to continue seeing the world. I want to see Maxeen grow musically. I want to make a lot of great records that people will look back on and still listen to a lot and I want to put on shows where people will always want to come and see us again.

Musicscan: Any last words or comments?

Maxeen: We think Germany is beautiful! Come see us.