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Pilot To Gunner

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Scott V. Padden, am: 09.02.2004 ]

Pilot To Gunner machen großartige Platten. Nur hat das hierzulande wohl leider noch niemand mitbekommen. Doch ich denke, das sollte sich mit dem neuen Album "Get Saved", das seinem Vorgänger in nichts nach steht, jetzt ändern. Denn wer noch Platz zwischen den Jawbreaker, Jawbox und Fugazi Platten im Schrank hat, wird mit Sicherheit auch Gefallen am rauen, aber doch stets melodischen Sound der New Yorker Gefallen finden. Grund genug, mit Scott, seines Zeichens Sänger und Gitarrist, das Frage und Antwort Spiel durchzuziehen. Wir sprachen über NYC, J Robbins und Bier.


Musicscan: What is the biggest accomplishment of "Get Saved" for you personally?

Pilot To Gunner: Sounds better, better songs, I sang a lot better. Its removing us from many of the pack of bands we've historically and unfortunately been compared to.

Musicscan: In how far would you say you have progressed compared to your previous effort "Games At High Speeds"?

Pilot To Gunner: Light years, my man, light years

Musicscan: What was it like to work with J Robbins and what influence or impact did he have on the record?

Pilot To Gunner: J was the 5th member of the band during the recording. He's a bro, a dude, and had fantastic ideas for the songs, 99.9% of which we used on the record.

Musicscan: You are band that is pretty much constantly on tour. Where do you get the energy from to perform at the highest level every night? What keeps you going and motivated?

Pilot To Gunner: The fear of a regular job is a surprisingly effective motivator. And we get all the carbs we need from the beer on the riders.

Musicscan: Could you imagine a life without the band at this point? What do you think you'd be doing? What are some other passions in your life besides music?

Pilot To Gunner: I really couldn't, it's pretty much all any of us have. I'd be writing ad copy for a living, which is what I do on a freelance basis now. I don't have any other passions. I play music, read, and work when there's work. That's pretty much it. I'd probably have to take up another hobby. Stamp collecting? Civil war re-enactment society?

Musicscan: How much are you connected with the NY music scene? Do you feel at home there? What do you think is special about the city and how has it influenced you as musicians?

Pilot To Gunner: We aren't connected to the scene in NYC at all. We have nothing to do stylistically or musically with any of those bands getting attention right now. We like some of their stuff. What's special about New York, and you really have to just spend some time there as a resident to know what I'm talking about, is that it's got an energy about it, it's in the people, it's in what is created there. It forces you to make the best music, art or writing that you can, because a lot of other people around you are putting out their best.

Musicscan: What do you as New Yorkers and Americans think about the current political atmosphere in the country? Have things like the Homeland Security Act also influenced artists and their work?

Pilot To Gunner: This is a big one and we have to hit the road soon so I'll keep it brief. The current political atmosphere feels like a nightmare that we're going to wake up from hopefully soon. You can't gut environmental laws, ignore the constitution, use fear to manipulate your citizenship, lie to get your country into a war that will benefit your associates' companies, and anger the rest of the world without answering for it. Bush and his administration are liars and are just awful, out of touch smug pieces of shit ruining the country under the guise of security and religion. Also, Bush is a man of below average intelligence, a failed business man and was helped into the air national guard during Vietnam and then went AWOL for a year. Then he plays fun dress up and lands on an aircraft carrier dressed up in a flight suit and everyone thinks it's great, no talk of his going AWOL from the air national guard. Worst of all, where is the outrage over this in the US press? It definitely colored the lyrics for our new record, and in retrospect I think, the theme as well.

Musicscan: Would you say the goals of the band have changed over the years? If yes, in how far?

Pilot To Gunner: New goal - lets never work another day in our fucking lives again.

Musicscan: What expectations do you have for your upcoming European tour?

Pilot To Gunner: Carlsberg, Kronenburg, crumpets, baked beans, kebabs, schnitzel, many awkward conversations with drunk people we can't really understand till we get drunk ourselves.

Musicscan: What makes for a good show?

Pilot To Gunner: Good sound, good crowd, meeting cool people and hanging out afterwards, also selling lots of shit.

Musicscan: Where do you see yourself in about 20 years? Do you think you will still be involved with music?

Pilot To Gunner: Dead. I will play the harp on a cloud in my angel costume.

Musicscan: 3 current favorite records and books?

Pilot To Gunner: There are our UK driver Goz's faves:
Groups: Lungfish; Bilge Pump; Destiny's Child
Books: God Bless You Mr Rosewater - Kurt Vonnegut; Chicken Soup For The Slag's Soul - Arthur Macadams; I Just Puked In My Own Mouth - Martin McLoughlin

Musicscan: What can we expect from Pilot To Gunner in the near future?

Pilot To Gunner: More touring, more records

Musicscan: Any last words or comments?

Pilot To Gunner: Buy our shirts and records, buy a lot of them

  Pilot To Gunner
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