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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Denver Dalley, am: 22.01.2004 ]

Mit "Leave Your Name" kommt dieser Tage das Debütalbum um Mastermind Denver Dalley heraus, das nahtlos an die hervorragende erste EP anknüpfen kann. Dalley hat sich dieses Mal noch stärker auf das klangliche Spektrum der Songs konzentriert und dabei einige sehr feine Popsongs geschaffen, die sich irgendwo zwischen dem üppigen und synthiegesteuerten 80er Sound und zeitgemäßem Emo, um das Schimpfwort jetzt doch zu gebrauchen, verorten lassen. Wir nutzen die Gelegenheit, um mit Denver eine kurze Bestandsaufnahme zu machen. Die 80er, Computer und Omaha waren einige der Themen.


Musicscan: Is Statistics somewhat liberating for you musically? Can you explore other things with Statistics than with Desaparecidos?

Statistics: Definitely, in Desa I was only playing guitar and I was a part of a band- whereas with Statistics I am playing a lot and often all of the other elements. Its' harder, because I'm more particular when I'm doing each thing, but its also more rewarding.

Musicscan: Was there a driving force or a particularly prominent emotion involved when you created "Leave Your Name"?

Statistics: I was going through a confusing time in my life while I was in the studio, but not when I was writing those songs and those lyrics. I'm a big fan of leaving things open to as much interpretation as possible, so I didn't want the songs to all have one feel to them.

Musicscan: Was it clear to you from the very beginning that you would record a full-length after your first EP? Did you want to test the reactions a little with the EP?

Statistics: Yeah sort of. I guess I recorded the EP as kind of a demo, to get the ball rolling - I only had enough money for an EP's worth of studio time - after I found a label that would help fund me, I could go back and record the full-length.

Musicscan: It seems to me that the 80's influence is much more apparent in your music now? Was that a conscious effort? What bands from the 80's did particularly influence you?

Statistics: The 80s were a huge influence on me. no bands in particular- mainly the films of the 80s. I have had a few people tell me that Statistics reminds them of a john Hughes film, especially the "Breakfast Club". I think that is the best compliment that I have ever received.

Musicscan: What fascinates you about computers and technology in general? How would you say is technology used in the smartest way as far as music is concerned?

Statistics: I think that the most fascinating thing about all of this new technology is that a lot of relies on old, outdated technology. I think the smartest way to use it is to fuse the two of them, old and new together as seamlessly as possible, which is what I attempted to do with the music as well as the lyrics.

Musicscan: When did you decide that you wanted to focus on music 100%? How did you experience the transition to a more serious approach? Do you also feel more pressure now since you totally concentrate on your music?

Statistics: I went to college for a year and then I decided that I wanted to be committed to music - to be able to tour and record as much as I possibly could. that was the turning point for me. I don't know that I feel pressure as far as the music goes, but I do put pressure on myself to try and constantly be working on something.

Musicscan: Is there an element of continuity on the album that ties all the songs together or would you say they can each stand on their own independently?

Statistics: Hopefully a little bit of both. I think that they all flow well together- but I think that each song has a different feel or mood to it.

Musicscan: In "Sing A Song" you openly take on the lazy music press? Do you read reviews about your records and features about you? How much do you think you are influenced yourself by how the media portrays you? It seems that you are pretty conscious of how your music might be perceived and even criticized when writing your music. Can this be inhibiting, too?

Statistics: I do like to read the reviews and see what people say about it - how they interpret things. Ultimately, I just write whatever feels right to me- if others like it, that's great. I guess "Sing A Song" was just kind of a tongue in cheek strike at them. Just some fuel for the fire.

Musicscan: Isn't it also scary to work on an album on your own, without the assuring voices of other band members? How does it feel to carry the entire responsibility?

Statistics: It is a little weird. not to be able to hear someone else's thoughts on your ideas until the album is out or whatever. but I like it. I like the control - being able to work on it whenever I want to. Its' crazy in the studio though, because I don't have any downtime.

Musicscan: What are your passions besides music? How do you spend your free time? What inspires you?

Statistics: Definitely film is a big part of my life - I was supposed to go to film school, but I did the music thing instead. I may still do that someday. I love to jog and go skateboarding. Touring is a big inspiration to me.

Musicscan: How would you describe the Omaha music scene from your perspective? Why do you think there is such a thriving music scene there at the moment? Can you picture yourself living in Omaha for the rest of your life?

Statistics: Omaha will always be home to me - I think that it is getting so much attention now because it is a close knit group of people that all inspire each other to do more. we are kind of land locked and winters can be snowy, music has always just kind of thrived in that town.

Musicscan:Three current favorite records, books and movies?

Statistics: Records would be - The Notwist - Neon Golden, Grandaddy - Sumday, and the "Solaris" score
Books would be - The Virgin Suicides, Fight Club and Invisible Monsters
Movies would be - Big Fish, Elephant and Traffic

Musicscan: What can we expect from Statistics in the near future? Any tours, further releases, collaborations...?

Statistics: Lots of touring this year, both stateside and abroad. Possibly getting back into the studio before the end of the year.

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