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Heaven N Hell

Interview von: Janick mit Harto, am: 18.12.2003 ]

Mit ihrer Debutlangrille "Sleeping With Angels" haben die HEAVEN ´n´ HELL Jungs ein cooles Scheibchen veröffentlicht, das mit 80er Jahre inspirierten Riffs und einer rotzig punkigen Schlagseite daherkommt. Nicht grundlos nennen die Jungs ihren Sound 80´s flavoured heavymetalpunk. Das Ganze wirkt sehr frisch und kommt mit einem Sänger namens Tom Hendrickson daher, dessen Stimme an den jungen Ozzy Osbourne erinnert. Eine ziemliche interessante Mischung.....


Musicscan: First of all, please introduce yourself an then the rest of the band.

Heaven N Hell: I´m Harto- rhytm guitarist, Jaakko- lead&rhytm guitar, Oze- drums and Tom- vocals.

Musicscan: Tell me a little bit about your background as musicians. In which bands did you guys played before?

Heaven N Hell: We all have played in several differerent bands since early teenyears. There has been everything from punk to black-metal, and some easier stuff like blues&britpop too.

Musicscan: How were the reactions of your first album so far?

Heaven N Hell: Reactions have been great. Lots of people digs the album. It is going to be released in several countries, Japan, Canada, England, to name a few. Great for us. I hope the people will find us.

Musicscan: Please tell us something about the band history and how did you guys get together?

Heaven N Hell: Me, Jaakko, & Oze played in a same band before H´n´H, got frustrated and decided to quit it. We continued jamming and started to get the idea what the next band should sound like. We knew Tom from his earlier band, and asked would he to come and listen what we had to offer. We clikked immediatelly, and started to make more material. This happened about 12 months ago.

Musicscan: Why do you choose "Heaven `N´ Hell" as your name of the band? What is the story behind it or is it just a homage to Black Sabbath?

Heaven N Hell: The name issue wasn´t an easy process. we where throwing names around, played with some words, and nothing seemed to work. we thought that Tom´s voice was littlebit like young Ozzy, so I thought that Heaven´n´Hell Would sound cool. Guys weren´t so shure about it first, but when we played with it, it kind of sticked. Of course the original song&album is Ronnie James´s stuff, but thats the trick.

Musicscan: How would you decribe the sound of Heaven ´N´ Hell?

Heaven N Hell: Our sound comes from the different backgrounds that we have. It´s melodic& heavy, punkish but groovy. It´s kind of hard for me to describe it, but as we call it, it´s simpy HeavyMetalPunk!

Musicscan: How long did you work overall on your debut album "Sleeping With Angels"?

Heaven N Hell: We started to make songs something like 3 months before the studio. In studio we stayed 10 days. As a hole, the album took like 4 months to make, from scratch I think thats quit fast.

Musicscan: I read in the bio that all of you have a different musical background, tell me about it and why do you choose to play music with big influences of the "good old 80ies"?

Heaven N Hell: Me and Jaakko as brothers, have been listening the same stuff at home. Black sabbath, Zeppelin, AC/DC, were all in our fathers record collection. In a way we all dig the same bands, and there are a lot of them. Almost every genre is represented. We have all learned from eachother.

Musicscan: Are you totally satisfied with the result of " Sleeping With Angels" or is there still something you could have done better?

Heaven N Hell: The period we made it, was so short, that we lived the hole time on the edge of a knife. I think we made the best we could, how much more can you do. Jaakko produced the album, and I still think he made a REAL job.

Musicscan: Beside the music what do you guys do in "real life"?

Heaven N Hell: We try to practise what we preach, so we don´t work. We practise everyday and try to keep our calenders free for the thing we love the most, play rock.

Musicscan: Are there any tour plans so far?

Heaven N Hell: We are waiting to get an reasonible offer to be an opening act for some more known band, we are working on it.

Musicscan: On the album you had a funny "hidden track", please tell me more about it and why does Tom laughs all the time?

Heaven N Hell: It´s a live played track from our rehearsals, Tom is singing in some language that doesn´t exist, I think He was posessed with thc, but thats only my opinion. It´s an example of a fucked up working methods, but it still makes us laugh.

Musicscan: As for the band what are your plans for the near future?

Heaven N Hell: We are making new material all the time, but we still have work to do with our firstborn. I hope in near future we have a tour in Europe.

Musicscan: Any last words or is there something you like to add?

Heaven N Hell: Heaven´n´Hell is definetelly a band worth checking. Open your mind& ears and be ready to be blown away. We hope to see you soon.

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