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Right 4 Life

Interview von: arne mit Oliv, am: 23.11.2003 ]

Zur von uns präsentierten Fight Dirty Winter Tour 2K3 von 25 Ta Life (die sich nach ihrer Pause sowohl live als auch mit neuer Platte "Best Of Friends/Enemies" zurückmelden) und Right 4 Life gibt es natürlich auch nähere Infos. Das kurze Interview mit Oliv von Right 4 Life klärt über die Hintergründe der Tour auf und soll euch auf die beiden klassisch orientierten NY-Hardcore-Acts einstimmen...


Musicscan: why did you especially choose the winter time to go on tour? it's not as comfortable as a summer-tour...

Right 4 Life: it's not really a choice, time to be back from summer tour and few months to book a new one fast b/c early 2004 we 'll hit studio for a new cd, and that's also the only time 25talife we're available.... but yes in east poland the 8th dec, i'll use 4 coats + 3 socks !!

Musicscan: how did it happen that right 4 live are chosen to do a tour with 25 ta life?

Right 4 Life: AOV rcds handle things on this tour , both bands are on AOV rcds so it's good to make it happen... that's also long time both bands talks about doing it

Musicscan: what do you like about 25 ta life and their ny hardcore style?

Right 4 Life: i'd say almost 90% of their songs i think. that's HARD-core, really tuff style, much more than r4l, it's not the same style , still gets along pretty well i think.

Musicscan: you surely have your expactations for this tour to come. tell me a bit about it, please.

Right 4 Life: oh yes, off course FUN, meeting people and getting new people into right 4 life. a lot of people over europe do not really know the band or have an old idea, we want to bring right 4 life 2003 to everyone, so people know our news songs, + latest album "oof the beaten track". i think a lot of kids could love the band if they knew it.

Musicscan: 25 ta life and right for life as well seem to be very busy concerning touring this year. am i right? what does being on tour mean to you?

Right 4 Life: yes 25talife were on break for a few years, now new cd is out, so we make a 1 month summer tour to bring 'em back and this new 25 days tour for more promotion on new cd "best of friendz/enemiez"

Right 4 Life: about r4l and regarding question above, we did lot of touring this year to promote the "off the beaten" cd and also to make kids europe wide aware of the music r4l is playing in 2003. we relased a very bad cd back in 1998 and some people might still have a wrong idea of what the band actually is. so we tour europe 1 month in dec 2002 on our own, europe 1 month with Integrity in august/sept 2003 anf now 25 days gain innov/dec with 25 ta life. 3 tours in 1 year that's a good thing. when on tour i feel like a warrior ! playing each night, screaming words that change my everyday life and change my life everyday, enlighting my conscience, delivering energy like only hardcore bands can do.. all those things, feeling like a "warrior".

Musicscan: what is it like to play your songs in front of a crowd?

Right 4 Life: confrontation/war style or more of a unity deal when people are into it, maybe even a spiritual thing if the feeling is really hight.

Musicscan: does it make a difference to your appereance on stage if there are only a few people showing up to see you?

Right 4 Life: as a hardcore band we play a lots of time for 20-30-50 people especially on monday night when very far from home. sometimes ifs better sometimes not. it's great also when it's crowded, but all shows can be great.

Musicscan: i sometimes think there is again some kind of u-turn into old school hardcore these days. i mean those modern bands like terror, give up the ghost or champion are very popular at the moment. is it easier for more traditional hardcore bands to find their listeners?

Right 4 Life: american bands are also more popular, (most of times also better) those ones play a "new" old school style. we had SSD school, then the YOT school, the Strife school and now it's even a "new" old school style apearing, way more aggresive , pissed off, 'n that's great.

Musicscan: right for life as well as 25 ta life are known for their good live shows? is this something that challenges you?

Right 4 Life: sure, when on stage we wanna do something really powerful, well played and with a good feeling the keeps every members tight and 100% into it. too many bands are playing shows that lack of intensity/reality in their music

Musicscan: is there something you want the people to leave your shows with?

Right 4 Life: energy. hardcore bands/shows should give the energy to the people to remain positif and to overcome the hard times in life. also the feeling they're part of a community of people aware, conscious, and fighting to better things. a "wake and live" ideal that drives you everyday.

Musicscan: what was the weirdest thing a fan has ever done during a live gig you played?

Right 4 Life: nothing really weird but you can feel that people are sometimes watching you like youre a special person, not like "a god" but in this kind of direction, that's scaring especilaly since we're a small band, imagine we were ac/dc.. people are really workshipping other people.. i don' t like that too much.

Musicscan: it looks like both bands are very experienced with tough situations. like "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." am i right? what's your attitude towards this whole hardcore-thing?

Right 4 Life: youre right. i think a lots of hardcore bands around for sometimes have been through hard things.. it's very tough to keep things going... you're poor, in debt, small flat, + social / personnal tensions, people treat you hard and may talk bad about you and u got to keep mentally strong enough to keep your life up.. but its great thats good lessons.

Musicscan: something you would like to mention at the end? just do it.

Right 4 Life: thanxs very much for the iTW and your interested in AOV rcds, people can get some info on www.theageofvenusrecords.com really hope to see u all on that tour and have a party while playing. thanxs. look out for a new right 4 life album in early 2004.peace, oliv.

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