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Interview von: Felix Heiduk mit Matt, Steff, am: 15.09.2001 ]

"Let´s shoot like rockets through the sky and leave this world in flames", aka an interview with catharsis.


Musicscan:Introduce yourselves.

Catharsis: M: I´m Matt and I play guitar.

Catharsis: S: I´m Steff and I do the same.

Musicscan:What was your impression after hearing about the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon while being on tour in europe?

Catharsis: M: I was shocked because it looked like something you wouldn´t even expect to happen in a Bruce Willis-movie. It was also the biggest act of terrorism that ever happened so close to home. We´re all used to hear about hi-jackings and bombings in Palastina or elsewhere, but there has never been any acto of terrorism of that scale being done in the US and that´s why I´m really scared. I´m thankful that I don´t know anybody in NYC.

Catharsis: S: I felt really sad for all the people that died there, but at the same time I think it´s a good thing that the World Trade Center doesn´t exist anymore. I hope that this will make the average american realize that America was attacked because of how it treats the rest of the world which is reall shitty. But to speak realistic most americans won´t realize that, but anyhow it´s a symbol that america´s capitalist greed needs to be stopped. It´s incredibly tragic that a lot of, I won´t go as far as innocent, but unknowing people had to die for something that won´t change anything.

Catharsis: M: Acts like that are acts of desperation. Sometimes the only way to get heard is to strike violently. I don´t always agree with it, but I do hope that this will make people look why someone´s doing things like that instead of bombing Afgahnistan.

Musicscan:What do you think about Bush declaring it as some new form of war and, going along with that, everybody that was in some ways involved with that needs to be punished.

Catharsis:M: I think he said this to gain acdeptance for another kind of gulf-war, it´s just some sort of legitimation to bomb another bunch of civilians far away from the US.

Catharsis: S: There is a war between the US and the thirld world going on for years, it´s just now people in the US realizing it through some bombings. America is destroying and killing so many people every year through either military actions or economic warfare, and the ammount of people being killed through that is far bigger than the 5,000 americans that died in NY and Washington. I was pretty scared when I saw Bush´s declaration on the news, because he made it pretty evident that for him business, patriotism etc. are more important than human rights.

Musicscan:Do you think the bombing of the World Trade Center will have any effect on the US-economy?

Catharsis: M: There´s gonna be some economic depression for some time. Gas prices increased already. When we go out for an actual war the economy will rise back again. We were in the middst of an depression before that, so in the long run I guess it will not affect the US-market and economy that much.

Catharsis: S: Mc Donald´s and Texaco will be fine. Business as usual.

Musicscan:The system is even that stable, that there was this song made about the bombings only two days later. It´s already on top of the charts now in the US. That´s the best example that everything´s for sale or at least can be sold.

Catharsis: S: That´s so fucked up, ´cause someone in the band made this joke about who would be the first to do a song about this and now it happened only two days after the bombings.

Musicscan:Do want to add anything to that topic about NYC and Washington, because maybe your answers came over a bit harsh?

Catharsis: M: I don´t know. I think we pretty much preach to the converted all the time so I don´t it´ll come over too harsh. There were some definite reasons for this and people should think about it. There were about 20 people in the four planes willing to give their life for something and that´s pretty drastic if you ask me.

Musicscan:Ok, why did you try to tour so many east-european countries like Russia and how did you managed to get shows booked there?

Catharsis: M: Well our drummer did most of the booking, but as far as I know he knows a girl in Poland that has a lot of connections to these countries so we basically got the booking done through her. I don´t know if we´ll suceed crossing the borders to these countries, but to answer you question why we try it: we like to exchange ideas and try to build a stronger community of revolutionary people in countries we normally wouldn´see. I mean, call us greedy, but we´d never have the money to go to Russia as tourists, so we´re happy that we can go there as a band and see the country.

Catharsis: S: We also like to challenge ourselves more than most other bands. No other american band will go over there, because they might loose money.

Musicscan:Do you have fear to play there because of all the crimes going on in these countries?

Catharsis: M: Not really. Two years ago we toured the former Yugoslavia and we drove through all these villages that were complety bombed with bulletholes in the walls and minefields beneath the streets. But the people were really nice and we had some great shows, so this time I´m not nervous at all to go there because I´ve already done it before.

Musicscan:You told me that you feel like preaching to the converted when playing in the band, and that somehow wondered me ´cause I read an interview with your singer where he was saying that playing a punk-show isn´t preaching to the converted when there´s still so much racism, sexism, homophobia etc. going on in the scene.

Catharsis: M: He´s right, the thing is that a lot of topics we talk about are fairly open in the scene now. Obviously we´re anti-sexist, anti-racist and so on, so I think a lot of the times when we play I have the impression to be just surrounded by like-minded people. It´s definitely not a 100% like that, but sometimes I have the impression. A good example proving me wrong was that show in the Netherlands last week. After the show someone came up to me and assumed that Steff, just because she´s female and in the band, is the girlfriend of someone in the band. Even if that would be the case it just doesn´t matter, because she´s a good guitar-player and can stand on her own.

Musicscan:Do you think that you preach to the converted because of your very outspoken attitude. Maybe you might piss off some people, because of what you say and how you say that?

Catharsis: S: The only things I experienced with people being pissed off was in our hometown, where some idiots tried to destroy one of our shows. We know them on a personal level, but we don´t know the exact reasons for their behaviour.

Musicscan:That´s all I wanted to ask you. Do you wann give any shout-outs or mad props to anybody?

Catharsis: M: (laughs) No.

Musicscan:Not even to Newborn?

Catharsis: M: Ok, mad props to Newborn.

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