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Interview von: Arne mit Brandon, am: 06.11.2003 ]

Hört man Christiansen, bemerkt man schnell, dass diese Band ALLES auf einmal will. Spannend ist dabei, dass es die Jungs aus Louisville stets schaffen, ihre Visionen auch hörbar umzusetzen und sich selbst im eigenen Sound-Universum nicht zu verlieren. Ihre Mischung aus Emo, Hardcore, Chaos, Alternative, Punk, Rock und anderen Zutaten ist so etwas wie die perfekte Symbiose alter DC-Größen und At The Drive-In, nur halt ab und an auch sehr hektisch. Kein Wunder also, dass sich Fans und Presse schnell auf die junge Band stürzten, die sich aber in ihrem Weg nicht beirren lässt.


Musicscan: introduce yourself, please. who's the guy answering my questions? ...and introduce the band as well. what is to know about christiansen?

Christiansen: My name is Brandon. I sing and play guitar in the band. Terry plays drums, Brad plays the Bass, and Robby plays guitar. We're 4 guys from Louisville, KY that play rock n'roll in a band together. We tour in Motor home incessantly across the U.S. People who don't enjoy a party need not apply.

Musicscan: everytime i read something about your band there is written something like "the next big thing" or "the band to come". stuff like that. you surely have heard about it yourself. any comments?

Christiansen: Instead of using the future tense i.e. "the next.." or "to come," writers should utilize the present: "the big thing" or "the Band."

Musicscan: do you agree to describe your sound a mixture of classic DC-sound (Fugazi for sure) and newer bands like Thursday and At The Drive-In? can it be so simple? i mean you play some kind of melodic but still aggressive post-hardcore-sound...

Christiansen: It's a clear as day. D.C. had a great sound. Fugazi is a good band. So is At the Drive-in, so is Thursday. We definitely have our roots. All musicians have influences. But there was no intentional emulations. We just wrote songs that to us, sounded like the thing that we have always wanted to listen to.

Musicscan: hearing "Stylish Nihilists" - it's some kind of emotional journey between all those extremes life has to offer. what makes you write such wide music?

Christiansen: LIFE makes us write those extremes and everything in between. There are so many things going on in the world and in our individual lives as well. All sorts of ideas and questions that need to be put in front of people. Music is a very conducive way to do this.

Musicscan: describe the songwriting process, please. your songs are incredibly interesting and complicated but rarely ever stay in one place for too long...

Christiansen: Usually, I'll come up with a song or maybe just a part. I'll take it to band practice and we'll reherse it. Each member adds his own part. By the end of the rehersal, the song might be completely different from the idea that I had originally conceived but it's a song, and if we enjoy it, then it makes the cut. After the music is written, I will sit down with a recording of it or with my guitar, and try to manipulate my lyrics onto the music to create the song.

Christiansen: Sometimes we just jam. While we're improvising, certain ideas stick out and in turn become songs.

Musicscan: is it an intentional drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

Christiansen: Absolutely. When things become monotonous, people lose interest. We don't like to be solidified into categories either. By keeping our options and sounds open, we will be able to play any genre of music that we desire and no great leaps or "start overs" will ever exist.

Musicscan: do you feel sucessfull as a band? i only read very good reviews for your releases and i think more and more people are into christiansen...

Christiansen: No one likes a bad review. I'm glad that people enjoy our record. We are very proud of it. I feel semi-sucessful. To be completely successful, we are going to need some more fans.

Musicscan: i also have the feeling that you guys don't take yourselves too seriously sometimes. am i right? just tell me a bit about your motivation to play especially this crazy stuff you are doing.

Christiansen: We're having a great time. We are brothers. The arguments are minimal. When it comes to songwriting and performing, we transform into serious musicians. But post-show, or after the tracks are laid down.... let's just say, a designated driver is always a good thing.

Musicscan: you surely want to cause feelings and reactions within your listeners? what kind of?

Christiansen: Hate, Love, lust, pain, truth, ecstasy(not the drug), pleasure, power, goosebumps. Try to reach out to the phlegmatic and restart their engines with some new fuel.

Musicscan: could you imagine another way to get rid of your frustration and aggression besides playing such intense music?

Christiansen: Not all of the aggression and frustration comes out in our music. I like to run and lift weights, read books, skateboard. These are things that also help take my mind of things that perplex and annoy me as well.

Musicscan: what are the feelings you get out of your new record?

Christiansen: Personally, I get excited because I know that the songs are good, and I can't wait for the people that will enjoy it to listen to it.

Musicscan: - what kind of feeling is it to play your songs in front of a crowd and what kind of mix you see as your crowd while playing live?

Christiansen: There is nothing like playing your music live in front of people. The musicians are literally manipulating their instruments and controlling them in order to produce sounds and notes that somehow match with other players notes, and its all happening right there on stage. No smoke and mirrors, just real music. I see all sorts of different people at our shows. Some old, some young. Some punk, some look like your next door neighbor.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Christiansen: To be able to create music as a career. To be able to survive and succeed in life by singing and playing instruments.

Musicscan: something you would like to add?

Christiansen: Listen to the new record.