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Interview von: Nis mit Goreskin, am: 29.10.2003 ]

Gorerotted sind eine der zur Zeit wohl interessantesten Kapellen im Death/Grind Sektor. Das neue Album „Only Tools And Corpses“, welches heute auf Metalblade erscheint, ist wirklich ein sehr gelunenes Brett und verdient einige Aufmerksamkeit! Ich habe mal mit Chefgurgler GORESKIN, der seine Zeit in London verlebt, Kontakt aufgenommen und ihm so einige Interessante Antworten entlocken können...


Musicscan:Hi there! To start off the interview please introduce your band to our readers, where you4re coming from and what are you doing?

Gorerotted: Hi readers, I'm a useless waste of skin called Goreskin, Im bald, 22 years of age, Im about 6ft 2 tall, weighing in at 14 stone, I live in London, England, my favourite beer's probably Grolsch and I sing vocals in a death/grind band called Gorerotted.

Musicscan:Please give us a brief survey about the band4s history - When did you form Gorerotted, have you been into other bands before, Lineup changes,...

Gorerotted: Well Gorerotted started in 1997 in the Eastend of London as some stupid 3-piece fuck-about death metal band, and since then has evolved into an unstoppable 6-piece death/grind outfit with a strong penchant for beer, violence, tits and arses. Fluffy (guitar) and Mr Gore (vocals) have been in the band from the beginning, Junky Jon was recruited on drums in 1998 and was at the time also in Brutal Insanity and Grot, and currently also plays in Detrimentum. I joined in 1999 as the other singer from a London based death metal band called Gonorrhea, Robin Pants turned up in 2001 I think, and he used to be in Extreme Noise Terror and Failed Humanity, and The Wilson joined in 2002 from Regorge. So there you have it, all you need to know about the past and present ventures of the various faces behind Gorerotted.

Musicscan:What are you guys doing in your "real life"? Jobs, studiyng, hanging around?!

Gorerotted: Fuck all really, just trying to take our shit to as many poor wretched motherfuckers as we can. We all do shit when we're not on the road or recording to keep a roof over our heads and our stomachs full of beer, curry and chips. Most the time however you can find us in, or being kicked out of some of London's shittiest pubs and clubs where we like drinking, playing pool and snooker, dancing and touching women.

Musicscan:I think with "only Tools And Corpses" you did some of the best european releases in the "GoreGrind Genre". Was this record kind of hard work for you? Starting of with the songwriting and finaly doing the recording? I mean itÂ’s pretty "professional".

Gorerotted: Thanks for the vote of confidence fella, its good to hear. We're all really pleased with the record, and we've already written 1/2 of the next album, which will see us take a slightly more developed approach to the music. I wouldn't say it was hard, we just try to write fun sounding, really catchy and easy to remember songs whilst at the same time keeping it as heavy as we can before it just turns into a pointless noise. When we went to the studio we had a great Engineer who bought out the best in all of us, so we got a great sound I think. We aint some fucking joke, bedroom based demo band so of course it sounds professional!!! Sure, our lyrics are stupid and we don't take very much in life at all seriously, but that doesn't mean the music doesn't com from our guts. We worked fucking hard to get onl this far, so with a bit more work, who knows where we'll end up!

Musicscan:The actual coverartwork is a kind of comic styled Splatter pictures. Did you have ever problems with the well known Censoship? Ecspecially the GoreGrind Scene has a lot of problems with that. Recently the Artwork for the upcoming EXHUMED record has been forbidden in germany.So the guys will have to do a complete new Artwork just forgermany- sick hu?! What do you think about censorship and in what way have you ever been affected with it?

Gorerotted: Well it's not actually been released yet, it'll come out on the 3rd of November, but I cant see us having much trouble, its not sick or anything, just a few tools and a corpse or 2, plus its only a cartoon!!! I cant see why the mighty Exhumed had trouble for their artwork either, Even my dear old nan wouldn't find anything wrong with the artwork, and she's 80, its just some dude's face isn't it? Germany has always made me laugh aboutthe censorship crap, a painting of a dead body's seen as bad, but all the petrol stations have TV guide mags with naked chicks getting poked in them, and dwarves shitting on amputees and all that crap, all well within the height of where small children can grab them. If its OK for kids to see people fucking, why is it not OK for fully grown adults to look at a CD cover with a bit of blood on it!? Seems a little weird to me! The guys from Metal Blade are from Germany, so I'm sure they would have told us if they thought the artwork would be a problem by now!

Musicscan:Who was the guy that did the artwork for "Only Tools And Corpses"? Has he already done stuff for other bands? Since I only got the promo I have no booklett. what can be found in it? The Frontcover looks pretty interisting!

Gorerotted:That was a guy called Jake who does a comic called Tales From Uranus. He did the cover for the Relapse re-issue of our 1st album, Mutilated in Minutes and has since done loads of bands, particularly the Razorback ones like Frightmare and Ghoul. He also did the cover for our split CD with Gronibard and Gruesome Stuff Relish, so he seemed like a goodchoice to work with again, and we're really pleased with what he's done forus.

Musicscan:How important is "Only Tools And Corpses" for you as a person and for the carreer of Gorerotted?

Gorerotted: Well its the 1st album for our new label, Metal Blade so pretty important I think!!! It was actually recorded in October of 2002, so Already we've progressed even further, but I think it'll open a lot of doors for the next CD too. We're all really proud of it, it's very easy to get into, and the songs stick in people's head so Im hoping and guessing it'll sell pretty well with a little pushing onto the metal public!!!

Musicscan:In what way do you create your songs? According to the Songtitels I bet you get influenced by Splattermovies and other sick shit. How important are the lyrics for you?

Gorerotted: The reason why I think lyrics are very important, even in death and grind, is because, though its hard to understand what we're singing, the sounds and shapes made by the words give the unitelligable vocals some structure. If we were just doing the same sounding growls over and over again, it would get boring very quick. The voice is just another instrument in the band, so its very important that you vary the sound, I mean you wouldn't just play the same guitar part over and over again would you? You're right, most our lyrics do have a splatter, gory theme running through them, but apart from 1 or 2 songs they're pretty silly! They're about mutilation and murder and shit buts its sung in such a tongue-in-cheek way that its not violent at all its more like a comic book, or a Troma film or something. The Beatles did a song about a man beating a chick to death with a hammer called Maxwell's Silver Hammer, but the lyrics were so fucking stupid, you couldn't call it violent or sick at all! We've done the same shit really, just taken something bad that happens to people every day and made fun of it.

Musicscan:So what are your top 5 Movies then?

Gorerotted: Hahaha, 5 of my favourite films of all time would probably be Ghostbusters (1&2), the Lord of The Rings films, The Goonies, Trading Places, and Goodfellas. Fuck man, you probably wanted me to come up with some real sick, underground shit here, but I wont lie to you mate, that's Mr Gore's department, not mine. A lot of horror films he shows to me bore the fuck outa me. Obviously theres some fucking cool classics that I love too though, like Bad Taste, Brain Dead, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and all the Troma films (especially Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town, Cannibal: The Musical and Blood Sucking Freaks) and Im off to see House of 1000 Coprses on Saturday which Im really looking forward to, so we'll go with all them lot I spose.

Musicscan:Since CARCASS should be named as the godfathers of goregrind and they4re from the UK too - how important was / is that band for you and how did you react when you heard that Ken Owen fell into koma because of a n Haemorrhage. At least heÂ’s doing better now.

Gorerotted: Yeah, I heard about Ken, I never knew the guy, but he was a talented fella, so obviously its always a shame when that kinda shit happens. I literally (like 5 minutes ago) got a call from a friend saying that the guitarist from a UK black metal band is in a coma after being beaten over the head outside a pub I was drinking in the week before, shit like that always comes as bad news, no matter how well known they are.

Musicscan:I think that you created your very own sound.. but I still have to ask: wich bands would you name as the biggest influences for your band?

Gorerotted: Cool, Ive seen some ignorant and lazy fucking journalism over the years with people saying we sound just like this band and just like that band, none of who sound anything like each other themselves, and half the time they're bands I don't even listen to anyway! We take influences from all over the place, we use a lot of old skool metal, thrash and punk influences, even TV themes and the odd pop song, but once we death and grind it up a bit it just sounds like cool extreme metal to me! That would probably explain the catchiness and the fact that you can sing along to us. We're probably one of the only death/grind bands with choruses, ya know! Im not out to break any low vocal, technicality or speed records, I think that's pointless unless its just what comes natural, I just like good fucking songs you can nod your head to, and seeing the audience sing the words along with us!

Musicscan:How importat is it for you being on stage and performing your shit? I checked the picures on your homepage and noticed that it seems as if you guys have some serious fun when jummping around with blood all over your body, hehe.

Gorerotted: Very important indeed, taking it out on the road and hanging out is the whole reason I wanted to do the band! We love being on stage and youcan tell that just by watching us i guess. Being on stage with the lads and playing different towns in different countries all the time, meeting cool new people to drink with and getting a good reaction's what it's all about really. Whilst a lot of bands just stand there looking at their spiky boots and shaking their long hair about, we tend to move a bit more. Also when theres 6 handsome, fashionable looking fellas with shaved heads or long dreadlocks waring nice trainers all getting in each others way and spilling their beers, its bound to look good!!!!

Musicscan:I hope you will do some german shows within the next time!!! Are there already any plans for tours or shows outside of the UK?

Gorerotted: Yeah, we're gonna be doing a mini tour with Pungent Stench at the end of November, and there'll be a lot of German dates in that one so I'll see you there my friend! I'm really looking forward to it actually, the Pungent boys are a good laugh and we get on with them really well so being on the road with them for a bit's gonna be fun! Also they're probably my favourite of the original death metal bands from the 80s and 90s so it'll be cool to catch their set every night too!

Musicscan:Thank you for answering my questions. I you still wanna get rid of something – here’s your chance:

Gorerotted: Cheers for your support mate, and of course to everyone else that's supported us from the beginning, and all the friends in Germany we've made over the years, like the Wermelskirchen crew and the Purgatory boys! Everyone else check us out on the road, in the shops, and on the web See ya soon, Love Goreskin xxx

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