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Interview von: Janick Schlee mit Anders Iwers, am: 18.10.2003 ]

Mit "Prey" geht Mastermind Johan Edlund und seine Mannen in eine neue Runde. Auf der neuen Scheibe verfolgen Tiamat den seit "Skeleton Skeletron" eingeschlagenen Weg und machen genau dort weiter wo sie mit ihrem letzten Album "Judas Christ" aufgehört hat. Richtig hart ist die Musik von Tiamat schon lange nicht mehr, doch sie besizt etwas besonderes und es gelingt der Band immer wieder den Hörer in eine Welt voller Melancholie und wohliger Düsternis zu entführen.


Musicscan: Please introduce yourselves. And the rest of the band.

Tiamat: I´m Anders, playing the bass, we have Johan on vox and guitars, Thomas on Guitars and Lars Vicious on drums.

Music-Team> How long did you spend on the new album? How did it compare to previous albums?

Tiamat: We spent bout two months in various studios and a couple of months on pre-production, writing songs and such. I´d say it compares rather well, it´s darker and deeper than the previous one,more serious, but it takes off where JC left us.

Musicscan: What are the main differences between this album and previous efforts?

Tiamat: Like I said, it goes a lot deeper, although I wouldn´t call JC a comedy album by any means, you could call it more light-hearted, and this one is the anti-thesis of lightheartedness, it is a dark, brooding, very serious album, and as a participating musician, to me that attitude is there from the drumtakes to the vocals, the songs needed more of that side of us than the last time around.

Musicscan: Where the songs finished material when you went into the studio or did some of them grow as you recorded?

Tiamat: There is always something left to finsih up in the studio, but about 85% were pretty much finished demos when we started to record.

Musicscan: The last album "Judas Christ" had a very provocative and eye-popping name. Why did you choose "Prey" as the title of the new album? Is there a deeper meaning to it?

Tiamat: The title goes with the general theme of the album, it could mean that we are all prey to something, be it religion, drugs, sex, money, you name it, nobody is a free man, we are all slaves under something.It could also mean that there is a choice to be made in the western world today, either be in charge of your own life, or be one amongst many in the mindless herd that is being fed whatever they "need" to survive, you either do or you don´t, in a way.

Musicscan: What is the unifying theme that goes through this new album?

Tiamat: I don´t want to clear it up too much, it is all the listeners ears, but let me say this, we work from the theory that the questions are far more important, and interesting, than the answers.That, to me, says a lot of the underlying theme.

Musicscan: In reference to the song "The Pentagram", how can someone get in contact with the Ordo Templi Orientis?

Tiamat: One can have a manager...:)

Musicscan: What is the poem that this song is based on (by Aleister Crowley) and what does it deal with? Is Aleister Crowley an inspiration to you?

Tiamat: I say that you should take the time to go find a copy of the poem, and read it carefully. Aleister Crowley is one of our inspirations, yes.

Musicscan: What is the name of the female vocalist on the new album? Have you worked with her on previous efforts? Is she currently in any bands?

Tiamat: Her name is Sonne, her last name escapes me right now, we have not worked with her before, we found her through Johan, who´s a friend of her, and she plays in a couple of bands in Hamburg that I don´t know the name of.

Musicscan: Is there a reason why this new album was self-produced as opposed to having someone produce it for you?

Tiamat: Yes, we figured we´d grown up enough to finally do it ourselves, basically we did a lot of it in the past, but left the final say to someone else, but we noticed that the way we work, we don´t always take the fastest route to get a finished song, and that can,in a professional studio, be very expensive, and stressful, so we decided to do it ourselves, and not have to worry about that, which in turn gave us a more relaxed working environment and also made us work a lot faster, since we could decide ourselves!

Musicscan: What are your tour plans? Any possible overseas tours? North America?

Tiamat: Nothing is confirmed right now, but hopefully!, I expect next year to spawn a lot of Tiamat shows around the world. and North America would be cool, as I´ve never been there before.

Musicscan: What is the main process involved for making a Tiamat song?

Tiamat: It can take a number of ways, but it usually involves someone in the band sitting with a guitar, coming up with something intersting, turning the computer on and going at it. The finished result usually has nothing to do with the starting version, but whatever gets you going!

Musicscan: What is written first, the music or the lyrics?

Tiamat: In my case, music, don´t know about Johan, guess it´s 90% of the time, it´s the music.

Musicscan: What are your near future plans, personally and as a band as a whole?

Tiamat: Personally, to get in shape for a tour, playingwise, mentally and physically, it´s hard work! As a band, to confirm tourplans and finsih off the next few weeks of doing promotion.

Musicscan: Lastly, any words to add or comments.

Tiamat: I´m glad I´m not sober, I often think to myself!

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