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Interview von: arne mit Robert Reinholdz, am: 15.09.2003 ]

Burst legen ihren zweiten Longplayer "Prey On Life" über Relapse Records vor. Die Schweden haben ihren intensiven, vollen Sound weiter verfeinert und auch neuen den Longplayer im Phlat Planet mit Frederik Reinedahl und Anders Friden aufgenommen. Noch immer sind sie sowohl verdammt brutal als auch gleichzeitig zutiefst melodisch und auch traurig-melancholisch. Burst zelebrieren einen Sound der Gegensätze und besonders die Gitarrenarbeit ist der Hammer. Die Schweden spielen in einer ganz eigenen Liga, was Dichte, Wut und Härte anbelangt. Hier gibt's Musik für die Seele...


Musicscan: introduce burst and its members, please. what is to know about your band that is important for our readers?

Burst: Robert Reinholdz - Guitar, Linus Jägerskog - Vocals, Jonas Rydberg - Guitars, Patrik Hultin - Drums, Jesper Liveröd - Bass. I don't know what may be important to our readers regarding Burst, so I choose not to answer that.

Musicscan: i read that jesper parted ways with nasum, right? was the reason to put all his energy into burst? what are your expactations for the future of burst, or your hopes/wishes at least?

Burst: Jesper left Nasum to put his energy into Burst, that's correct. We all have different other things in our personal lives to take care of, and Jesper felt that he couldn't devote himself to both Burst and Nasum. Our expectations for the future of Burst is to expand the music and take it as far as we possibly can, I guess.

Musicscan: in the past burst was limited to be some kind of nasum side project, because everyone was focusing on jesper i think. has it been some kind of problem for burst? i mean people surely expected something else and you have been labeled as something you never have been...

Burst: It hasn't been any problems at all, people will understand that Burst is band driven by five individuals and not by one individual alone.

Musicscan: what happened after the release of "in coveting ways"? you received a lot of attention, that's for sure. this mcd was a great record, but this new one takes everything to a new and higher level. musically it's such an amazing record and only partly comparable to the stuff you have released in the past. how did the way you went about writing your songs change? what was different this time?

Burst: We progressed, as we've always done. But basically, this time we really concentrated on creating a whole, where every song flowed naturally throughout the record, instead of just writing a bunch of songs. And of course, If you can't take it to new ground, there's no point in doing it, as far as I can see it.

Musicscan: burst is around for many years now. i own this old mcd on melon records, your first record and this split with lash out. before "in coveting ways" you have been a hardcore band, but than things changed to a more intense, more structured sound. what happened? did it take so many years to fullfill your own vision? how could you describe this vision?

Burst: Well, I(Robert) was not a member of Burst until the writing of Conquest: Writhe began, so I can't really explain why things changed. But we are five fundamentally different individuals, we all respond different to things, and the songs originates from all of us. It's basically about meeting in the middle. I think the change really comes from there, and as I said earlier, our progression in the writing aspect is very important to me, as well as for the other guys in the band. So changes will always be a part of our music. We haven't fulfilled our vision, maybe we have fulfilled it for the time being. But there are always new visions, and when the visions get weak and fades away, it's time to stop doing it.

Musicscan: i sometimes read this term "emo-metal" concerning the style burst is playing. do you like this description? what's wrong about it, if you do not like it?

Burst: I haven't thought about it, whether I like it or not. I have other things on my mind.

Musicscan: again there are lots of instrumental parts on the record, the music itself has room to grow and there is some kind of special mood around your tracks. why did you choose to go this way musically? has it been your aim to create some kind of darker feeling this time?

Burst: We do not choose our direction that consciously, we talk about the music and what can be done with it after we've written and rehearsed it a bit. But for me, heart, intuition and emotion is very important tools in every art-form regarding the creating aspect.

Musicscan: what's your motivation to play this intense kind of music? you're playing such music for a couple of years now and your songs are in a way really melancolic. i often get kind of depressed hearing your songs. what are the feelings you get out of your new record?

Burst: I don't get depressed, but the music is very dark and melancholic, so of course it is pretty energy-sucking. We all like the new record in the band.

Musicscan: there's so much emotion in your songs. i'm impressed every time i listen to them - what makes you write such intense music? do you feel so discontented with the world you are living in?

Burst: I think things is moving towards the better, really, it just takes time. You have to have an awareness of things, everything isn't always what they appear to be, and everything isn't alright in this world. And that's a subject that's reflected in our music and lyrics...

Musicscan: the new songs are on the one hand more diverse but at the same time also more focused/more in one line. do you feel it same way? what was your main focus creating this new songs?

Burst: To create a whole.

Musicscan: you chose fredrik reinedahl to work with for a second time. what has been his part on the record? did he additional push you to give the best you were able to? ...and what about anders friden?

Burst: Fredrik is like a sixth member, and he's our very close friend. He's a great guy to work with in the studio, and we will always embrace that. Anders Fridén just helped out a bit with certain things.

Musicscan: the songs for "prey for life" have been recorded in the summer of 2002, so it took over a year to release them. what was the reason actually?

Burst: Finding a great record-label to work with, that understands where we're coming from and where we might end up. And turning the record-contract inside out swallowed a lot of the time, as well.

Musicscan: by the way: why did you chose relapse records to release. it's an interesting choise i guess and i'm really interested if burst will work on relapse...

Burst: Relapse seems to be a great label to work with as far as artistry and aesthetics goes, they're fans of music, which is very important. And I think Burst will work just fine on Relapse, but we'll see what happens.

Musicscan: unfortunately i only received some kind of promotonal copy so i only can see the cover-artwork. i noticed that it's done by a. turner of hydra head. did you give hime full artistic freedom? do you know about his ideas/ulterior motives to create especially this minimalistic artwork? i mean, it seems to be the complete opposite of what you are doing with the music...

Burst: More or less, but we expressed our feelings we have for the record. We all like the ambient feeling the cover-art expresses, and Aaron Turner has done a great job with it.

Musicscan: is writing and recording a new record some kind of personal challenge for you? what have been your feelings after finishing studio-work? did you fullfill all your expetations?

Burst: "It's always a challenge to write and record an album, it takes time, devotion, tolerance and a lot of emotion to go from an idea to an almost fully realized vision. There's always things you want to change or expand, I don't think you'll ever be 100% satisfied with an album. But we love this new album and we are very pleased with it.

Musicscan: since summer 2002 you surely have written new songs. what is the direction you have progressed with the new material? what is to expect for the future?

Burst: We took a long break from writing after we finished the album, but we started writing some new ones a month ago or so, we'll probably enter the studio sometime next year. You'll just have to wait and listen for yourself when it's ready, but it's a natural progression from Prey On Life.

Musicscan: where do you see burst located in the grand scheme of heavy music? you don't fit nicely into punk, hardcore, emo, metal, metalcore whatever...

Burst: I don't know. I don't think about it and haven't made any decisions whether it's this or that.

Musicscan: if you would summerise the message and atmosphere of burst's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Burst: This is a question I really can't answer, Burst has a personal meaning to me and I think you have to figure it out by yourself what it means to you. Just do your own translation and go from there.

Musicscan: i think i remember you had to cancel the last gigs of you in coveting tour after playing here in berlin. what happend? will there be another tour for the new record?

Burst: Personal problems for one of the band-members. We will tour for the new record, probably a short one sometime this fall and then some more next year.

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