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Interview von: arne mit riley, am: 05.09.2003 ]

Mit "Artist In The Ambulance" ist das nunmehr dritte Album von THRICE aus Kalifornien auf dem Major Island erschienen. Die Jungs toppen alle Erwartungen um Längen und die waren nach den beiden überzeugenden Vorgängern nicht gerade gering. Zusammen mit Produzent Brian McTernan und Andy Wallace als Mixer ist ein Album entstanden, das die Energie-geladene Mischung aus Metal, Hardcore, Emo und Punk perfekt in Szene setzt. THRICE können so richtig glänzen und von Beginn fällt auf, dass die Band handwerklich noch einmal ungemein zugelegt hat. Die Mischung aus dynamischen Hardcore, einfach schönen Melodien, harten Metal-Riffs und intelligenten Texten klingt einfach noch variabler und knalliger. In ihrem Segment haben THRICE die Nase definitiv vorn. Hier gibts weitere Info...


Musicscan: here are the answers...i had to keep them a little more brief than i would have liked because i am at an internet cafe in hamburg. thanks, riley

Thrice: give our readers a short briefing about thrice, please. what are you guys doing right at the moment?

Musicscan: right now, we are in hamburg, enjoying a day off before we finish the las 5 dates of a european tour. we've been on the road non-stop since we left to record the new album in february. we've toured the US twice this year (the entire warped tour being one of those), and we've been to europe twice. we are heading back out to the UK in october, and then touring the states again with thursday in late october and november, before finishing the year supporting the deftones in december. we've been busy...REALLY busy.

Thrice: what's your self-understanding of thrice? what does your band stands for? what are goals you are reaching for?

Musicscan: we are a band that is totally passionate about creating music and sharing it with anyone who is willing to listen. i think we strive to be totally honest in our live performance, interviews, and interactions with fans. our involvement with charities is a way for us to do more than just make music. it's about having a positive influence on our listeners and society. as far as goals are concerned, i think we just want to continue writing and touring, and making people think. there are definitely no desires to be famous or "the next big thing". we are just going to continue doing what we do, the only way we know how, and whatever happens, happens.

Thrice: ...and how did your goals change within the last few years? everything has become bigger since you started...

Musicscan: it's been crazy. we haven't really thought about it much, because we have been so busy. we feel kind of removed from the whole situation. our biggest concern is putting on a great show everyday and staying healthy out on the road.

Thrice: do you see a contradiction between artistic integrity and making money? do you see any problems?

Musicscan: not at all. if being true to yourself ends up making you money, i think that's great. why wouldn't you want to make money doing something you love and feel good about?

Thrice: if an underground band gets bigger and signs to a bigger label many kids speak of sell out and blame those bands for some reasons. what do you think is the reason for this? is it just some kind of jealousy? i often think so...

Musicscan: i think it's jealousy and misinformation. most of the people who cry "sell-out" have no idea what it's like to be in a touring band, or any idea about the sacrifices you have to make to stay on the road. these people have a lack of perspective, so their accusations aren't worth a damn thing.

Thrice: was thrice confronted with such problems? you have become very big i guess...

Musicscan: for the most part, people were very supportive of our move to a bigger label. but of course there was a very vocal minority that had problems with the move. you just have to let those negative people be negative, and ignore them.

Thrice: are there any principles you would never give up to?

Musicscan: no one is ever going to tell us what to do. they can suggest what they think might be beneficial, but in the end, the band will have the final say. that's the way it always has been and always will be.

Thrice: what are your main values for life?

Musicscan: that's way too broad of a question for me to answer in a short paragraph ( i only have a little time...i am at an internet cafe in hamburg...and i am running out of money) i would say honesty, loyalty and family are very inportant to me...for obvious reasons.

Thrice: where do you see thrice in the grand scheme of punk music? you don't fit nicely into punk, hardcore, emo, whatever...

Musicscan: i don't know. i'd like to think of us as more than just a punk band.

Thrice: what is your opinion to the fact that underground music runs more and more into the commercial? of course it offers chances but also have negative aspects...

Musicscan: if music is good, it needs to be heard...by anyone and everyone.

Thrice: what do you think is the most positive thing in the current hc/punk-scene, as well as the worst? maybe in comparism to some years ago...

Musicscan: i would say that the most positive thing is also the most negative thing. i appreciate the sense of family that scenes have, but if that family becomes exclusive and closed-minded, i think it becomes a bad thing.

Thrice: is there something you miss within todays scene that was there some time ago?

Musicscan: not really. scenes have always been a little too exclusive for my tastes, and i think that's why we've tried to steer clear of any particular scene.

Thrice: what do you think about political correctness? it's still an important issue here in europe, but i think less important in the states. or am i wrong?

Musicscan: i think it's almost too important in the states. it gotten to the point where everyone is almost hyper-sensitive. what is and isn't PC in the states seems like it's changing every week. it's almost too hard to keep up.

Thrice: any political activities besides the band? do you think that political awareness is important? which?

Musicscan: the only political activity we take part in, is our work with charities. we hope that we can make people aware of the charities that we are working with and make a positive impact on people's lives in that way.

Thrice: how do you think punk/hardcore has influenced your way of living? what would you guys be doing if you were not around as thrice? any idea?

Musicscan: dustin would probably be finsishing his degree in graphic design. ed would probably be in art school, or surfing some remote beach somewhere. teppei would probably be recording bands. and i would probably be writing for someone somewhere...maybe a magazine or newspaper. we were all kind of confused about where our lives were headed when this band started, so thank god things worked out.

Thrice: if you would summerise the message and atmosphere of thrice's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Musicscan: honest and ambitious, i guess...that's tough.

Thrice: you surely read press reviews for your releases. what are comments you can not feel familiar with? maybe some comparisms or something like this...

Musicscan: any hype at all is odd. comparisons to legendary guitarists, and overly fancy adjectives are pretty silly too.

Thrice: you surely want to cause feelings and reactions within your listeners? what kind of? is it just some kind of positive outlook?

Musicscan: i think we encourage our listeners to think outside of the box, and search for truth and answers. it a positive outlook in general...searching for solutions in stead of just griping about problems.

Thrice: can you take one typical thrice song and explain what you hope people are getting out of it.

Musicscan: no. sorry. dustin would have to do that (he writes all the lyrics), and he's currently roaming the streets of hamburg.

Thrice: what are the feelings you get out of your new record?

Musicscan: satisfaction. we worked really hard on it, and learned a lot in the recording process. we are all really anxious to start writing again. we are happy with how it came out, but there are things we'd like to try in the future that we didn't get a chance to do on this record.

Thrice: what kind of people are into your band? have you ever thought about it? where do you see your potential listeners?

Musicscan: we have a pretty broad fanbase. people who are into all different types of music. anyone can be a potential listener.

Thrice: what kind of mix you see as your crowd while playing live?

Musicscan: all sorts of different people. everyone is welcome.

Thrice: your biggest wish to happen for the band and yourself?

Musicscan: play a good show in hamburg tomorrow...stay healthy...write good music...and tour.