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Isolation Years

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Jakob Nyström, am: 25.08.2003 ]

Schweden sind oftmals nicht die Menschen der großen oder zahlreichen Worte, was sich auch bei Isolation Years wieder bewahrheitet hat, doch sprechen ihre beiden grandiosen Alben "Inland Traveller" und "It's Golden" eigentlich für sich. Großartige Popsongs in einem Singer/Songwriter-Rahmen mit geschmackvollen Countryelementen und der Sehnsucht eines langen, kalten Winters nach den ersten Sonnenstrahlen des Sommers. Ich sprach mit Sänger und Gitarrist Jakob über DIY, Freundschaft und warum eigentlich nie genügend Geld zum Ausgeben da ist.


Musicscan: How do you think you have developed since your first album? What is the biggest difference between the two albums for you?

Isolation Years: "It's Golden" was written partly before "Inland Traveller" and partly in between tours following "Inland Traveller." It was recorded whenever we had the time and opportunity. So the songs that are closer in time to "Inland Traveller" sound more like that and then there are some songs that wander of in another direction. I guess it's slightly more pop or up-tempo, but it's definitely in the line of what we did with our first album. We're like a schoolbook-example of natural development!

Musicscan: Some of you come from a punk background. Do you still feel connected to that scene in some ways?

Isolation Years: Well, we still don't have any money so we're pretty much punk. But I don't feel connected to that scene.

Musicscan: Do you think that you have a certain approach towards your music because of that?

Isolation Years: I think we're the true DIY-band or at least have been. On our first album we did pretty much everything by ourselves, including recording it. Sometimes we would have reached a better result if we had involved someone else in the process, but it's simply more fun to take control over things yourself.

Musicscan: Have your goals as far as your music is concerned changed at all? I think in the beginning you just recorded some songs for fun and for yourselves mostly. Now that people respond to your music so well, has the focus changed for your at all?

Isolation Years: Musically no. The response just makes it easier to get up in the morning.

Musicscan: Do you see yourselves primarily as musicians and is that what you want to do most in your life or are there other interests that are important to you?

Isolation Years: I don't see myself as primarily a musician. Music is just one of many interests, but right now it's taking up most of my time. If I lose interest, I'll focus on something else. This doesn't mean that what we do is not that important. It's extremely important and we as a band are very careful, always making sure that we are totally satisfied with what we do. But I would never just "make a record" just to get the chance to go out on tour again or something like that.

Musicscan: Can you live off of your music or do you have to take on jobs when you are back home?

Isolation Years: I'm sitting at work right now. We all have various jobs when we don't tour or record.

Musicscan: Is there a general theme or element in your music that connects all the songs, since I believe that when you started out you didn't care if the songs were re really different?

Isolation Years: I'm not sure. I think that what people would refer to as our sound or theme is probably the songs that Jakob Moström writes and what we do with them as a band.

Musicscan: Are you happy on Stickman? How did you get in touch?

Isolation Years: Yes we are. A mutual friend sent them a tape and we got in touch through him.

Musicscan: What are the dynamics within the band like? Were you all friends before IY or did meet through music?

Isolation Years: I've known most of the other guys since I was a child. I hope that we would still be friends if we would quit.

Musicscan: How does the songwriting process work? Is there one major songwriter or do all members contribute equally?

Isolation Years: Me and the other Jakob write the music. I do all the lyrics, then we just get together and start recording demos of the songs and sort of struggle until we're happy with the result.

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