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The Black Dahlia Murder

Interview von: Nis mit Trevor, am: 07.07.2003 ]

Mit THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER hat sich Metalblade eine wirklich junge und verdammt talentierte Band unter den Nagel gerissen. Die Jungs spielen mit Ihrem sehr schnellen Death Metal recht viele Hardcore Shows und sehen auch sonst nicht unbedingt so aus, wie man sich eine Deathmetal Kapelle vorstellt. Die aktuelle Scheibe "Unhallowed" kann so einiges - Grund genug für uns mal genauer bei dem Quintett aus Detroit nachzuhaken...


Musicscan:Hi there! To start off the interview please introduce your band to our readers, where you´re coming from and what are you doing?

The Black Dahlia Murder:Hi, I'm speaking on behalf of The Black Dahlia Murder, who resides in the Detroit area of Michigan. We are a thrashy melodic death metal band.

Musicscan:Beside playing in your band what kind of jobs do guys you have?

The Black Dahlia Murder:I am a student at Oakland University, Dave works at a Bike Shop, Cory and Brian deliver Pizza and John just hangs out.

Musicscan:When did your band come together? Please give us a brief survey about the band´s history.

The Black Dahlia Murder:We formed in a basement in Oak Park Michigan with a common desire to play metal music. After a series of line up changes, we developed a sound worthy enough of a small independent label by the name of Lovelost records. We released a 4 song ep with them. After the ep, we got a new lead guitarist in the form of John Kempainen, who brought the band to the next level. We then recorded a demo and began shopping it around.

Musicscan:You released your CD on MetalBlade Records - how did that come? And how was it to "leave" Oddshaped?

The Black Dahlia Murder:Not having to work with Oddshaped/Lovelost anymore is great. I never liked working with them. They could never provide the kind of exposure that we wanted, and were only grounded in the hardcore scene, with slim to nil knowledge of the metal scene.

Musicscan:Am I right when I say that you guys come from the "HC Scene"?! The pictures on your homepage look like you play mostly HC shows too...

The Black Dahlia Murder:We are metal kids to the bone, but the metal scene in Detroit is pathetic. The only bands that can draw people are Cannibal Corpse and Cradle of Filth, which is really a shame. We've definitely played a lot of hardcore shows, which was really rewarding at first, but as the music got more technical, the fans in the hardcore scene got more scarce.

Musicscan:How is your music acceptet in the HC Scene (Hellfest,...) and USA in general? In europe I know they´ll all love it cause the kids are going more and more into metal.

The Black Dahlia Murder:We get a good reaction in both the metal and hardcore scenes here in the US. It's cool to be able to straddle that line. Personally, I don't think we sound like a hardcore band at all, but if we can appeal to hardcore kids, that's great.

Musicscan:Regarding the fact that you´re on Metalblade now do you think you will play more "metalshows" now?

The Black Dahlia Murder:Yes. I'm hoping we can land a good opening slot or something on a real metal tour. It'll be awesome to play shows where we don't just confuse people. We listen to metal bands, we respect metal bands. We play metal. it'll be nice to fit in.

Musicscan:Can we expect a european tour so that we might get the chance to see you performing live in germany?

The Black Dahlia Murder:We don't have any immediate plans to get out there, but it'll happen in the near future.

Musicscan:Did any of you go to music school to improve his skills or is the music you make it just a "learning by doing" thing for you?

The Black Dahlia Murder:None of us have gone to music school. That's not nearly as popular in the US as it is in Europe.

Musicscan:Which bands do you consider as a influence for yourself? Are there some bands that you all VERY like?

The Black Dahlia Murder:Personally, it's Carcass, Cannibal Corpse and Monstrosity for me. Only old Cannibal Corpse, though. We all like Aeon, Morbid Angel, Carcass, At the Gates, Suffocation, Necrophagist.. I could go on forever.

Musicscan:Veganism / Straight Edge - Comments, Meanings?

The Black Dahlia Murder:We all drink, and everyone but me smokes pot. At one time I was drug free, but wasn't into associating myself with the violent and militant history of straight edge.

Musicscan:What is the Story behind the name THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER?

The Black Dahlia Murder:The name is taken from the infamous slaying of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, made popular by the brutality of her murder as well as the mystery enshrouding the event. For more information on the killing, check out www.bethshort.com.

Musicscan:How importat are the lyrics for you? What are your Lyrics about in general?

The Black Dahlia Murder:I take my lyrics very seriously. Not as much in content as in presentation. I am an English Major at my university, so that helps in my lyric writing. As far as content goes, I pretty much stick with the old metal clichés. I like that stuff, and I have fun putting it into my own words. If you look at the various songs on the album, there are a lot of very classic metal themes being used. We have a zombie song, a cthulhu song, a werewolf song... all classic stuff. I have a running list of topics to cover.

Musicscan:Now a personal question: Do you prefer Vinyl or CD´s? why?

The Black Dahlia Murder:I prefer CDs to vinyl, but I do like vinyl's oversized packaging. I can take my CDs into my car, and listen to them on the run. Most of my music listening is done in the car.

Musicscan:OK, that´s it for now! Thank´s a lot for taking the time answering my questions. Anything you still wanna say?

The Black Dahlia Murder:Thanks for the interview. Stay metal!

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