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Intestine Baalism

Interview von: Nis mit Seiji Kakuzaki, am: 22.06.2003 ]

Intestine Baalism werden vielen von Euch wahrscheinlich nur noch dunkel in Erinnerung sein, was zweifellos daran liegen wird, dass die Japaner Ihr letzes Lebenszeichen vor gut 6 Jahren von sich gaben. Anlässlich Ihrer neuen Platte "Banquet In The Darkness" habe ich mal mit Bandkopf Seiji Kontakt aufgenommen und sehr interessante Antworten des auf meine Fragen bekommen...


Musicscan:To start off the interview please introduce your band to our readers so they know who and what INTESTINE BAALISM is.

Intestine Baalism:INTESTINE BAALISM, from Japan, was founded in 1991. We released an official promo in 1994, then the 1st album "An Anatomy of the Beast" on repulse in 1997 (now it has been re-released on Blackend!), and the 2nd album "Banquet in the Darkness" on Blackend in 2003. We play so called Death Metal.

Musicscan:What does INTESTINE BAALISM stand for and what is the story behind that name?

Intestine Baalism:I would name my band "Baalism" at first, because I liked its mysterious atmoshere. "baalism" means something like to worship Baal, which is said a god or lord from Mesopotamian myth. My colleague, however, at that time would like to name more gore and vomiting stuff, so we decided to put "Intestine" before "Baalism". "intestine" is a medical term, but also means like "inside", "internal" etc. So, could you figure out the background of this naming?

Musicscan:It took about 6 years for you to record the new material how come that it took that long?

Intestine Baalism:Well, soon after the release of the 1st album "An Anatomy of the Beast" in 1997, I personally got bery busy for my full-time job. I had been struggled by it for one and a half year. In the mean time, members except Katsumasa quit the band. So we had to seek band members, and it took quite a long time to find suitable musicians. In the recent a few years, we already finished the recording of the 2nd album "Banquet in the Darkness" and did business stuff mainly like discussing a deal with labels.

Musicscan:What did you do in the meantime?

Intestine Baalism:As I told you above, looking for band members, rehearsal, recording etc.

Musicscan:When I listen to the melodic parts of your songs I often have to think of CARCASS. Is that band one of your influences?

Intestine Baalism:I love CARCASS very much, but when it comes to the question if I have been influenced by them, I would say no, because I think I have influenced by much more older bands. Probably you compare us with their "Heartwork" album, but if I talk about any influence from CARCASS, it would be the 2nd or the 3rd album.

Musicscan:What else do you consider as influences for yourself and your music (bands, moods, ...)?

Intestine Baalism:I have too many bands to mention on my musical influences. Other than music, I am interested in something mysterious like diabolic art etc. So these things might be reflected in my lyrics.

Musicscan:How is it going with the new lineup? I hope everything is fine and we won`t have to wait another 6 years period for the next record :-)

Intestine Baalism:The new lineup is the best ever!! We have been able to play music at wider range than before with the new lineup. Now, we dedicate ourselves at 100% into writing for the next album to erase our six-year blank between the 1st album and the 2nd album. Just same as you, we also wish it would not take 6 years anymore!!

Musicscan:I know your music we`ll be much apreciatet here in Europe. How are the reactions in Asia so far?

Intestine Baalism:We are really happy to hear the appreciation on us over there! As for Asian region, I do not know very well in fact... In Japan, however, reactions are great as well as in Europe!!

Musicscan:I`m wondering how the scene over there is. Are there lots of people at shows in gerneal? I`ve heard that entrace fee, merchandise and cd`s are pretty expensive over there...

Intestine Baalism:The scene here seems to be devided into two... A lot of people, nealy 1000 audiences depending on the band, come to a show if European or American band plays at the show. And the ticket price for these shows is expensive, it costs more than 50-60 dollars just for 2 or 3 bands. On the other hand, we have a lot of shows with only domestic bands. The ticket price is less than 1/4 of the price of those with foreign bands, however, only about 150 - 200 people come to such show in average. Japan has a good potential as a market for extreme metal, but I hope more people get interested in domestic bands too, though the situation has got better than before. I do not think CDs are expenseve compared to Europe. I think it's just the same as Europe, or ever here might be better, because most Japanese licensed issues come with bonus tracks or any extra goods!

Musicscan:INTESTINE BAALISM LIVE - what can we expect when we hit one of your shows?

Intestine Baalism:You probably can enjoy our every fragment of our music and sound from our recorded CDs at home. In the live, however, we try to make you feel speed and brutality through our play, and of course we also pay attention make you hear clear melodies. Overall, I think our live sounds much more brutal than our recorded sound.

Musicscan:Do you think that germany will have the chance to see you performing live over here one day? Any plans regarding a europe tour or something?

Intestine Baalism:Unfortunately, we have no plan to tour in Europe so far. To play there is one of our dearms, so we would like to go there to play anyway!! We welcome any offer!!

Musicscan:What are you guys doing beside your band (work, studying, ...)?

Intestine Baalism:All of us have a full-time job beside the band. Among musicians who play this kind of music in Japan, no one can live off just with band activities. I usually work as a recording engineer. Now I do recording for a band from Japan, and you will be able to listen to the band in the near future. I can not mention the name of the band, but they are really great!!

Musicscan:Please drop us your Top 5 Records and tell us what do you think is the best record ever.

Intestine Baalism:Well, this question annoys me a lot, because I have too many (haha) ! But if I choose 5 ...

LUCIFERION / Demonication (The Manifest)
INCANTATION / Mortal Throne of Nazarene
ATROCITY / Longing for Death
SINISTER / Aggressive Measures

In fact, I want list much more, but you can not stop me if you let me talk about these stuff (hehe)!! But espacially, my best ever is "Darkside" by NECROPHOBIC!!! Their originality is fully packed in the songs and the sound production.

Musicscan:OK, thats it for now! Thank you for your time. If you`ll ever come to germany you can count on me - I`ll be on that show!

Intestine Baalism:Thank you too!! We will play in Germany some day!! See you then!

Musicscan:Any last words or something else you wanna say? Then do it here, hehe:

Intestine Baalism:Please listen to our album, if you have not listened to it yet!! It contains our efforts and ideas for the 6 years!! As I told you, we will go to play over there, and look forward to meeting you there!

Thank you for your support!!
Seiji Kakuzaki
Guitars & Vocals

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