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Interview von: arne mit Davey Muise, am: 13.08.2016 ]

Nach der kurzweiligen Cover-MCD „ALT“ im Herbst 2015 erscheint der sechste Longplayer der Band aus New England. VANNA knüpfen mit ihren neuen Songs nahtlos an das intensive Spiel von „Void“ an. Seinen Trademark-Sound hat das Bostoner Quintett schon vor geraumer Zeit gefunden. Seither ist es daran, seine Stärken zu stärken. Konkret ist damit die bewusste Betonung der Extreme im gebotenen Core-Ansatz gemeint. Die Strophen sind zumeist düster, giftig und brachial gehalten, während die Refrains vordergründig eingängig und clean besungen daher kommen. Ihrem Hart-Zart-Schema bleiben VANNA auf „All Hell“ treu, jedoch wirkt alles noch einen Tick emotionaler und zugespitzter.


Musicscan: Did the feedback and the reactions on Void and ALT meet your expectations? What did people notice about your last two releases, and do you feel understood to say so?

Vanna: To be honest we never had any expectations to be met, we just hoped people would feel the record and maybe take something positive away from it. Needless to say we were blown away by the reaction to VOID, for that many people to have a connection with a piece of music like they did was unreal. I think it gave this band new life. ALT was just fun and I think people got that, a record to blast all summer of out takes on our fav songs growing up. I think fans appreciated the tracks we choose and how we made it our own.

Musicscan: I am very impressed of the emotional depth of the new record. All Hell goes deeper again and seems to have an even more intuitional songwriting. Would you agree, and what caused this development?

Vanna: VOID was the first time I really dove into subject matter that I wasn't necessarily comfortable with talking about but I knew it had to be said. The response and next two years after that release really changed the man I was. With ALL HELL, I wanted to still dive into my own head and heart but this time when I did I came back more proud of all the things I've gone through then ever. I was able to be honest in a proud way, was admitting things so much as I was standing on a mountain screaming them.

Musicscan: You made an album that displays diversity, honesty and true character. It seems like All Hell is a whole new start for you guys while staying true to the sound Vanna became known for - Did you feel more change once you hit the studio, or did everything come to you while writing for the album?

Vanna: like I said the past two years after VOID have been some of the most personal growth I've ever gone through. Whether we become the biggest band in the world or we stop tomorrow, one thing we/I will always do is tell the truth, even if the truth sucks. I've been writing these almost Anthems for two years but I didn't know if I could pull off everything I wanted to lay down. Once we hit the studio and the music started coming together, I knew that I had to get this all out.

Musicscan: A lot of bands change their core sound over time, but much to your credit Vanna has kept the sound your fans have grown to love. Concerning the new album – has it been hard to stay true to that sound or do you guys just play what feels right again? Looking back your early releases seemed far more planned and less intuitive...

Vanna: bands grow, they change, they move. Vanna is whatever we say it is. That being said, we love playing the style of music we are. Whether it's trendy, cool or a passing fad, we just do what we wanna do. As we've grown so has our musical taste so we will change, we will try new things, cuz no band wants to write the same record over and over again, I mean some do, but that's not us haha. But we will always be an aggressive band, we need that outlet.

Musicscan: But: I get the impression that you had the chance to experiment a little with the intensity on All Hell. The record offers partly new sounds and textures. Would you agree to this?

Vanna: just wanted to write smarter songs that did what you wanted them to do-fast here, bouncy here, loud always. Music needs to move you and we didn't fight one beat on this one. Whatever felt good made the record.

Musicscan: What type of mood/feeling are you trying to convey sonically with All Hell?

Vanna: trying to give you those different feels track by track cuz life isn't one mood. We need anger, hope, love, hate and everything in between. We wanted 10 different anthems to get you through whatever life throws at you.

Musicscan: Words like stirring, authentic or passionate have to be used to describe what Vanna are doing. What do the terms mean to you, and what are the feelings you get out of writing and playing your songs?

Vanna: it's cool people feel what we do and connect. That's literally the only thing we care about. That feeling that your favorite song of record can do for you. Music can get you threw anything, even death-I'm living proof of that. Whatever the word is you use just know that it means so much that you care and it helps.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the recording of All Hell? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of the album?

Vanna: I'm in a band with my 4 best friends and we all know why we are here. We all write together, vibe together. It's cool to watch these dudes rip there instruments to dust. It inspires me to write like hell. We all just click and that's why we still love making music together

Musicscan: A strong part of the sound of Vanna is about feeling and gut instinct I think. But, of all the songs you’ve chosen to be on your new album, what song do you feel is most representative of all the facets of the band and of what you want Vanna to be known for?

Vanna: I honestly don't think there's one track that says it all. Like I said before we write different songs for different mood and messages. But it's all there. The hope, the heart break, the anger, the pump. It's 30 minutes of the human emotional spectrum, and we want you to live that. Songs like Pretty Grim and Mutter are banger jams to pit too thinking about that person who doubted you. While songs like Flower and Lead Balloon put you in those places that you've conquered and struggled through but you're still here. It's everything.

Musicscan: Is there something like a guiding line listeners have to know about to get a better understanding of what you are trying to tell them with All Hell lyrically? What different thoughts are being brought out this time? Have you mostly stuck to the same topics, or have you progressed to another subject matter?

Vanna: again, it's all there. The theme is your life. The Highs and the lows-but being proud of both equally. The hell you've endured to become the people you are. Through the self doubt, outside abuse, running form you past and being afraid of your future. This record is you owning who you are.

Musicscan: With the direction of Vanna heading a certain way and listeners / fans growing with you over years and releases, do you feel the fans can now relate to what you are feeling or at least understand what you are trying to tell them with your music?

Vanna: we are nothing without those people that come and sing our songs with us. We have a partnership, an understanding. We need them as much as they need us. They let us know that we are alone in this fight and we let them know, that there's light at the end. We know our fans are real people that are in it with us till the end.

Musicscan: This whole metal-hardcore-thing has become pretty professional and somehow mainstream for some bands, when it comes to the poppy and melodic edge. What do you think about it? Is the underground losing its D.I.Y. identity somehow? Vanna is having a different approach - focusing on intensity and raw brutality with a good dose of dark melodies...

Vanna: I don't know why people get hung up on Music being underground. Why hide this amazing thing. If this helps us, and you and had made our lives better then why wouldn't we share that? As far at heavy edge or hardcore metalcore whatever-I don't care what it's called, it's about how it feels. Labels are for iTunes categories not your heart.

Musicscan: How big can a band like Vanna grow commercial-wise, what do you think? What are the limits for a band like yours? Are you in a position to make a – let’s say – comfortable living out of being touring musicians?

Vanna: I don't and never have played music to make money. We do this because we have to, cuz right now and for the past 10 years WE need it-that fact that other people need it as well is an amazing bonus that makes this all the more better. If we grow and get bigger-Great cuz I look at as we get to connect with more people around the world, so for that, I hope to be the biggest we can be. I just wanna meet and Connect with as many people as I can while I'm on this earth.

Musicscan: What type of “success” you hope to gain with All Hell, and what did you already achieve with finishing it personally?

Vanna: I hope the record helps at least one person have a better day, week, month, year and lifetime. That's it-I just hope it helps.