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My Dear Addiction

Interview von: arne mit Kim, am: 17.01.2016 ]

Zwischen Modern-Metal bzw. MeloDeath mit einem ausgeprägten Pop-Appeal und einem ordentlichen Schuss MetalCore finden MY DEAR ADDICTION auf ihrem zweiten Album „Kill The Silence“ zu gleichsam variabel inszenierten und harten wie zugänglichen und erinnerbaren Tracks. Die schwedischen Musiker blicken auf Erfahrungen bei u. a. Dead By April, Scar Summetry und Mustach zurück. Dass man es mit versiert aufspielenden Metallern zu tun hat, die überdies ein Händchen für ein ganzheitliches, übergeordnetes Songwriting mitbringen, ist schnell klar.


Musicscan: First of all: can you tell us something about the intention and the spirit of the band in its early days, please. And in comparison to 2011 when you released your debut – has the approach towards being My Dear Addiction and your music changed in any way? What kind of philosophy is the basis for what you are doing with the band in 2015 and beyond?

My Dear Addiction: Well, as youngsters. We just had a great time hanging out together making music. No “taking over the world plans” but just to create our own style of music. It actually started when Peter then was playing in another band, knocked on the door to our rehearsal and more or less forced me to come and jam with him. After that session the foundation of the band was set. And in some sort we connected and without being able to put our finger on it, we hade a vision on how the band would be. We have gone through some tough times with the band with all member changes. Since the start up we have had about 16 different guitarist. and like 5 bass players. So shortly after the release of the first album “New Blood” we did a couple of shows , but then we had to go different ways with those members. And then off course start from scratch again. To find memebers. Get all the songs tight, and try to find gigs after we turned down a lot of places due to not being a complete band . The philosophy i think is the same. We want to create music that we like our selfs. and that can give some kind of hope and strength to our fans. Right now we have to focus on building up name as a band again. Since its been way to long since our last album. So, doing a lot touring and stuff like that

Musicscan: The members of My Dear Addiction were part of well-known acts in the past: when starting this new band – did you want to create something completely different, or was it kind of a conscious decision to just let your creativity flow and wait for the result of this? As your new album is entitled Kill The Silence, I was hoping you could elaborate on where the title came from, and how you think it relates to the songs of the record.

My Dear Addiction: The first thought for the album title was “5 years to kill the silence” and it’s just about that. it has been 5 hard years, with , as i mentioned before with a lot of member changes. Not being able to go out and play as much needed to keep a band in the spotligt. So when we finally got all pieces together, which by the way feels like , now we are home. We had to set some kind of title that shows this is a new start for the band. And that we never give up, even in hard times :o) as the lyrics says in “Kill The Silence” - Do not count the times you have fallen, Remember the strength that made you rise.

Musicscan: Has it been harder coming up with new material this time for your second album? What did you guys do differently for the new album that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

My Dear Addiction: We have had a lot of time from our last album to this , obviously :o) So me and Peter have been a lot more in my studio working out the songs. And when we finally was a complete band (like since a years back,when Ludde was the fifth element to fill in) we made the final touches. I think we have thrown away a lot of song to finally decide for these that ended up on the album. So instead of hanging around in the rehearsal jamming the songs, a lot of studio work.

Musicscan: The music of My Dear Addiction can be easily filed under modern death metal-core with a poppy edge to it. Would you agree to that? How would you explain that Swedish modern metal is still so popular in these days? What have Swedish people in their veins that they play such great hard rocking music?

My Dear Addiction: Yes i can relate to that, but I must admit, I'm veeeery bad at putting music in a specific genre, But that sounded cool. I think they are very determined in what they do at least in our case. and that they do it because the main reason is their love to music. and if someone else likes it , its a glorious bonus.

Musicscan: As the sound of your band is very modern, catchy and melodic: could this be the introduction of a more modern kind of Death Metal having the chance to win the hearts of different groups of listeners outside of the Death genre, as it has been the secret to the success Sonic Syndicate already had for example?

My Dear Addiction: Im not sure, i have not thought of in that way. but as you put i, a bit more catchy , well that makes its easier to get the song stuck on the mind . and if everyone goes around and hums your song. maybe more will get curious haha :) For us the main reason is , and always has been, if we like it and think its a good song. Then we do it.

Musicscan: You already released this new song Beautiful: why did you choose especially this track? Is this one the most representative for the direction of the whole album from your point of view?

My Dear Addiction: I wrote Beautiful when i thought, this was the last song me and Peter would ever do together as a band. But as the lyrics started to form i realised, NO we wont give up! So it ended up as a tribute song to our fans, and a fighting song for our spirit in the band to not give up. Because we have those out there who likes what we do, so this was to them ;) So the song Beautiful refuel us and lit the flame to get us going again. So thats why we would like to get it out .

Musicscan: In general: do you think it is necessary to create a certain distance between you and the music in order to get a better understanding of its inherent quality – how do you handle such questions within the songwriting process and how do you make sure to develop a good dramaturgy and catchiness for the songs you create?

My Dear Addiction: For me it always a must to have a feeling in a song. No song i or we have made is just to fill out the album. It has to be for real. Thats the main thing for us. Then even if i prefer a song to be done in one session when you have the flow. Instead of forcing it out, It could be good to let it be alone for a couple of days then to put the finishing touches to it. Well the catchy melodies I create, they just pops up in my head and to 95% we go for the first melodi that comes up. Unless the guys in the band screams! It suuuuuucks, well then yeah thats where the 5 % are :o)

Musicscan: If you compare the visions you had of your second album before the record was produced and compare it to your own impressions listening to the songs now – what´s the difference if there is any? Have you been able to surprise yourself?

My Dear Addiction: Yeah actually we are a bit blown away haha and surprised , we knew that the songs would turn out good cause we had put a lot of effort on them. But to hear them finished and produced, it actually made us proud. They reach the level and higher, then “New Blood”. and much is thanks to our friend and producer “Plec“ that we have been working with since 2004 , he knows us and knows what we are aiming for and that is a big plus to be able to reach all the way with the songs

Musicscan: And as far as lyrical themes go: could you give us a little insight into it, please.

My Dear Addiction: The lyrics are meant to give a piece of light and hope. But also to reflect on how you are towards how you can be. Ummm, very clear huh ? :o)