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State Champs

Interview von: arne mit Tyler, am: 09.10.2015 ]

Die Berufsoptimisten melden sich mit ihrem zweiten Album „Around The World and Back“zurück. Nach Touren mit Genre-Größen wie Motion City Soundtrack, All Time Low, The Wonder Years und New Found Glory scheinen die STATE CHAMPS die gewonnenen Eindrücke der letzten Monate mittels einer Handvoll neuer Stücke reflektieren zu müssen. Gleichzeitig schaffen die Musiker aus Albany, New York die Grundlage dafür, ihren Fans auf den nächsten Shows neue Songs präsentieren zu können.


Musicscan: Could you please shortly introduce your band to our readers? If you would have to say what your band and especially the philosophy behind State Champs is all about – how would that description be like?

State Champs: State Champs is a 5 piece pop punk / pop rock band from Albany NY. The philosophy behind State Champs is to have fun. We started this band 5 years ago to play shows and have fun. Granted it got a lot bigger than we ever thought it would, we still do our best to keep things light and fun. We never want it to feel like a job to us.

Musicscan: Whether you’re going pop-punk, emo rock, or power pop – it tends or is told to be a somehow youth oriented movement. Would you agree, and how do you stay young with what you’re doing?

State Champs: I don’t think age has much to do with the movement. You can be in your 30s and still playing youthful pop punk jams. Look at bands like New Found Glory or Simple Plan! They’re all older and still have a youthful vibe. That goes to show that feeling youthful is a mental thing, not a physical thing.

Musicscan: As long as we’re on the topic of youth bands – where do you feel the industries' headed? Regarding your 2nd album pure noise is speaking of the nostalgic sound of those influential 2000s bands – this is why I am asking…

State Champs: I feel that there is a resurgence in our scene right now. I could see it getting back to the good old days like it was in the early 2000s.

Musicscan: Growing up, was there anyone that you would look up to and say “Oh I wish I could be like so and so…I wish I was as cool as him?” If not on a famous level, do you remember seeing any local bands when you were younger that you looked up to and that made you start your own band career?

State Champs: Yeah of course. I used to think Frank Iero was the coolest dude. The I’m Not Okay music video made me wants to wear fingerless gloves and put stickers on my guitars.

Musicscan: Emo, Rock, Punk, Power Pop have always been emotional genres – have to be emotional out of my view. How would you classify the state of “your sound” right now compared to the 2000s, or compared to the times, when you started with State Champs?

State Champs: I think our sound hankers heavily to the early 2000s, as those are the bands we are most influenced by.

Musicscan: It’s obvious, that you are playing a catchy style in between pop punk, emo rock, and power pop, always having a positive outlook in your lyrics. Why is this style the ideal one for your group?

State Champs: As aforementioned, we like to have fun, so we write songs that we can have fun to! This style just makes sense for the kind of people we are.

Musicscan: State Champs definitely writes honest music, at least that's my opinion. Your band seems to stand for a certain kind of emotional intelligence that sometimes gets missed in nowadays music. Do you as a band ever think about your lyrics and music in this particular way?

State Champs: Not really. I mean we make sure our stuff makes sense but we don't write lyrics to try to seem intelligent or anything like that.

Musicscan: From being on the road a lot, what is one of the things you've come to realize? I'm sure driving to and from a venue almost every night leaves you ample time to sit and think about things. Unless, of course, you're too tired to do so. Do you think it's made you a stronger person at all? It's difficult to maintain friendships with people back home, I'm sure…

State Champs: I’ve come to realize that happiness comes from within. You need to be able to make yourself happy and keep yourself sane. I think touring has made me a much stronger person mentally.

Musicscan: What's the toughest thing touring and Around The World and Back taught you?

State Champs: That a lot of time things wont go your way, but you have to adapt and change what you're doing to make things work. Focus on moving forward.

Musicscan: Lastly, what has been your most proudest moment being in State Champs so far?

State Champs: My proudest moment probably was finishing Around The World And Back. We really pushed ourselves on this record and are very happy with the outcome.