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For Today

Interview von: arne mit Mattie Montgomery, am: 05.10.2015 ]

Nach drei Alben für Facedown Records und zwei weitere für Razor & Tie sind FOR TODAY inzwischen bei Nuclear Blast angekommen. Mit „Wake“ erscheint der sechste Longplayer der Formation aus dem Mittleren Westen der USA. Die von Facedown einst bemühte Umschreibung des Sounds als „August Burns Red-meets-Between The Buried And Me“ besitzt inzwischen ihre Berechtigung – und das ohne Abstriche. Gemeint ist damit ein vorwärts gerichteter, entdeckungsfreudiger Zugang zum Spannungsfeld zwischen ModernMetal und MetalCore.


Musicscan: Your new album Wake shows up a band that is playing vital and fresh once again. Could you please tell us what happened to For Today after the release of Fight the Silence? How did you develop since then?

For Today: On our last album, Fight the Silence, I think we wrote songs that catered to what people have come to expect from For Today. On ‘Wake’ we very intentionally set ourselves to write outside the box—to ignore what people expect from us, and to write an authentic expression of what’s really inside us, and what we’re really passionate about.

Musicscan: Why did you leave Razor & Tie, and what made you settle with Nuclear Blast? To be honest: NB does not seem to be the first choice for a metalcore band with strong roots in the US scene…

For Today: We just think Nuclear Blast is an incredible label. We had offers from a number of American labels, but NB was an easy decision for us. They’re a great label who has done great things for many of their bands, so we’re glad to be a part of their roster!

Musicscan: You are around for a decade already, and built up your career constantly. But nowadays it seems anyone can find a gross picture on the internet and make “20 minutes of noise” and be an underground sensation. Do you consider it cheating or lazy? What do you think of this recent phenomenon, and how do you feel about the position of For Today?

For Today: I don’t know about other people’s careers really, but I’m really proud of the fact that, for years after we started, we toured for 300+ days a year, in a van, playing shows in bars for 5 people. We weren’t an internet sensation, we were kids who loved playing music, who grinded it out for YEARS before we caught a break. That’s something we are proud of, and I think we’re better off as musicians and as men because of it.

Musicscan: In addition: for some time now, the metal as well as the core underground seem to go even more extreme than ever before. Bands are pushing the boundaries as far as complexity, technical approach and extreme arrangements are concerned. What are your thoughts on this, and where do you see For Today in the grand scheme, as you strive on contrasts and are heading towards real songwriting from my impression?

For Today: One of the things we love to do is to be musically diverse. We all listen to really different types of music, and I feel like, on Wake (more than ever before), we have really put that on display. Some of the songs on the album are more aggressive and intense than anything we’ve ever done, and some other songs on the album are softer and more emotional than anything we’ve ever done before.

Musicscan: In my mind your new album is a pretty courageous one. It shows what For Today wants to do, no matter what listeners say or expect. What would you retort to that?

For Today: That’s EXACTLY what we were going for. I’m so glad that has come across!!

Musicscan: But has it been harder for you guys to come up with new songs this time as you have written so many tracks over the period of 10 years? Wake is your 6th album since forming the band…

For Today: It’s been a bit more of a stretch to find interesting/new ideas to cover in interesting/new ways, but, through lots of discussion and tedious work, I think we pulled it off.

Musicscan: Are there specific aspects on Wake that stand out in your mind, or aspects that have an inner meaning to you you would like to share with us? Is there an underlying idea behind the album that can stand for the record as a whole?

For Today: There’s no real theme to the record as a whole, really. Each song stands on its own. However, we face some topics like depression, suicide, abandonment, and unforgiveness. It’s really heavy stuff sometimes, but I think people need to be able to express themselves about those things, and hopefully this album will help.

Musicscan: Lyrically and musically For Today seems to stand for a certain kind of “emotional intelligence” that sometimes gets missed in nowadays music. Do you as a band ever think about your lyrics and music in this particular way?

For Today: I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it in that particular way, but I like it! Haha. I think it’s important that people be thoughtful and intentional about the things they write, because music is powerful, and what we write will impact peoples lives, either for good or bad.

Musicscan: Lastly: what do you want people to take away from Wake, and what hopes do you combine with the release of the album?

For Today: I think, more than anything, I want people to take away this truth: You’re not alone. No matter what our fans are facing, or what they’ve been through in the past, I hope they hear the message that, they’re not alone in it, and there is hope to be found if they will simply find the courage to look!

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