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When Reasons Collapse

Interview von: arne mit Cristina, am: 07.08.2015 ]

Mit „Dark Passengers“ haben WHEN REASONS COLLAPSE ihren Vollzeit-Einstand vorgelegt, der mit intensiver Live-Tätigkeit flankiert wird. Zehn Tracks plus Intro sind zu hören, die im Spannungsfeld zwischen Deathcore und MetalCore anzusiedeln sind. Die Gruppe aus Paris weist mit ihrem Debüt nach, dass sie die Standards der selbst gewählten Spielarten kennt und verinnerlicht hat. Das Material des Albums kommt druckvoll und variabel daher.


Musicscan: Can you perhaps tell us something about the intention and the spirit of When Reasons Collapse when the band came to be in 2008. Has that intention / the spirit changed until today? What kind of philosophy is the basis for what you are doing with your band?

When Reasons Collapse: When Reasons Collapse had the intention to deliver a brutal music with influences from hardcore to melodic death metal but also black metal or grind etc... We wanted to be a very active band, always on stage, meeting new people and places, and sharing this music with them.. a mix of styles we loved... That's our philosophy, and always will be. We make sure that everyone in the band shares the same point of view about it.. We had to change the line up several times to be a group of people that really get along and want the same things.

Musicscan: What is it for you guys to be called metalcore or deathcore all the time - is it somehow annoying or fine with you? At least you are “known” to be such kind of a band, but a lot of bands do not want to be labeled as metalcore or deathcore for whatever reason…

When Reasons Collapse: I think we get used to it. We live in a generation of labels. We have to label evreything and music is one of those things. We can't absolutely disagree with the terms metalcore or deathcore... They are big parts of our influences and we can hardly label us otherwise. Though, we still have major differences with basic metalcore or deathcore bands.

Musicscan: For some time now, the metal underground seems to go even more extreme than ever before. Bands are pushing the boundaries as far as complexity, technical approach and extreme arrangements are concerned. What are your thoughts on this, and where do you see When Reasons Collapse in the grand scheme?

When Reasons Collapse: Actually we are exactely aiming this: always becoming more extreme and technical but still keeping our melodic touch. That's what we do: always challenging our own boundaries.

Musicscan: Your style of playing could be criticized for being nothing but extreme and hard-hitting metalcore/deathcore. Others view it as one of the most challenging but rewarding styles of extreme music around today. What do you reply to the contrary perceptions? ,-)

When Reasons Collapse: Hard to reply to this since we actually are a band that settles a feeling of contradiction in the audience... We manage to deliver a feeling of violence and power and we don't ever use clean vocals, but besides we bring so much melodies in the songs that softens the whole butchery.

Musicscan: The style When Reasons Collapse plays finds separation through aggression, passion and honesty. What is your attitude towards what you are doing musically and lyrically and how do you “make sure” to stay true to this?

When Reasons Collapse: We play the music that fits us, agression, passion and honesty are what we give on the lyrics, on the sound, and on our stage attitude. Since they are feelings that can't be easily expressed in our everyday's life, we need to evacuate these in a way or another. That's how we use our music and the image we give on stage.

Musicscan: What exactly does When Reasons Collapse sound like from your point of view? Is it any kind of departure to what people might expect from you if you think of reviews and fan reactions, do you feel understood to say so?

When Reasons Collapse: When Reasons Collapse sounds to me like a roadtrip to hell with beautiful landscapes. Harsh and brutal but melancholic too. As we mix different styles and opposite feelings, people might consider us as a war machine but other people might see us as a passionate and melancholic mix. I guess it depends of the people listening and their state of mind while listening. That's also what we aim: a mix of different feelings, we understand each approach of our sound.

Musicscan: Do you feel that When Reasons Collapse has found its “own” sound already with Dark Passengers or is it still evolving?

When Reasons Collapse: We're always trying to improve the way we play but we'll always stay true to our bases and sound like When Reasons Collapse. It's just trying to improve and emphasise the contrasts between melodies and brutality... Always trying to make a better version of our Melodic Deathcore.

Musicscan: When Reasons Collapse always seems to thrive on contrast – most songs seem to be a battle between crushingly blastbeats and extreme heavy grooves to put it this way. Does the debut album take things a step further in either of these two directions from your point of view?

When Reasons Collapse: Not really, we feel like the sound and the contrast should be well balances. If we're getting more brutal, then we're gonna also be more melodic and push the feelings further. It's all about being well balances. In this debut album we've been more brutal and technical than our previous releases but we also have a more melodic side.

Musicscan: If you compare the visions you had of Dark Passengers and compare it to your impressions listening to the album now – what´s the difference, is there any?

When Reasons Collapse: There is a huge difference, since we expected something like our previous EP's: everything homemade. But Thierry (guitars) made our sound and worked a lot on it, it's been a huge surprise when we first listened to it, because he has taken his skills on the sound a step further. Also, we've always worked with the same guy for the artwork, and for this album, we've had to pick someone else: I was a little afraid that our image woundn't fit our music anymore... But Chromatorium has done an amazing job... Everything was beyond what we expected.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the recording of the album? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of Dark Passengers and your further development?

When Reasons Collapse: We were so afraid because it was our very first album, it took a long time to record it, we've made last minute details change because we wanted it to be perfect. We were all very into it, putting all the passion in the recording. We had a deadline so we didn't have time to add some ideas we had, and since the last EP has been out for 3 years, we've had tons of ideas but ran out of time... I think we can feel the passion on the overall sound of Dark Passengers, and besides, we have collected ideas for our next album, so it's quite positive.

Musicscan: Lastly: what moments in the bands history for you sum up the whole experience of When Reasons Collapse so far?

When Reasons Collapse: Every gig, every moment spent on stage is part of our whole experience... There is nothing like sharing this moment with the audience, and seeing people connecting with our songs. The biggest moment for us was our first tour abroad... We met so many people and had such good times, whether it was in a 10 peoples crowd or in big places, being able to share your passion besides the borders of your country, and people feeling what we try to share with them, it has no price..