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Interview von: arne mit Shawter, am: 21.07.2015 ]

„Tales Of The Black Dawn“ ist der sechste und neueste Streich von DAGOBA. Der Nachfolger von „Post Mortem Nihil Est“ wirkt seinem Charakter nach gestrafft, ohne die experimentierfreudige Arbeitsweise der Musiker einzuschränken. Erlaubt ist weiterhin, was gefällt und die einzelnen Songs bereichert. Von MeloDeath und Groove-Metal über NeoThrash, Industrial-Akzente und sonstige Elektronik bis hin zu progressiven Ansätzen bietet sich ein weites Feld.


Musicscan: First of all: Does it frighten you somehow that many people praise Dagoba for being innovative, visionary, and “different”? How do you feel about what you are doing with the band?

Dagoba: I don't think life,art, and of course Metal is about to get frightened. We simply do whatever we like to, and we're very proud and glad that people follow us. Of course we try not to repeat ourselves, and each of our record is different.

Musicscan: What exactly does Dagoba sound like from your point of view? Is it any kind of departure to what people might expect from you if you think of reviews and fan reactions. Do you feel "understood" to say so?

Dagoba: Basically I could say that we're brutal, but we like to put a lot of arrangement from other kinds of music (industrial, classical, electro) to make the audience to travel while listening to us. I think people that really listen to our music understand this. We seems raw at the first listening, but after that the depth of what we propose is earable easily.

Musicscan: Personally I sometimes think that Dagoba is about musical education of listeners in some ways. What do you think about my impression, and is there any truth to this

Dagoba: You maybe right. Just like I said, we wanna make the listener to travel, and travelling is huge part of education tho...

Musicscan: From what I understood there is an underlying theme to Tales Of The Black Dawn: how do you handle the songwriting process once such a “concept” is agreed? And how do you handle the question of the inherent quality of the album as a whole?

Dagoba: When I compose an album, I wanna consider it as a whole entity. I don't wanna compose a song here and there, then try to find way to link them together. I prefer to think about a theme, and atmosphere, a bunch of feelings, and when all this is crystal clear in my mind, start to compose. The quality of an album is inherent to how sincere it is. How close it is from the idea I have of it.

Musicscan: Regarding the songwriting: do you still have to deal with limitations, or are you in a position to realize all the ideas you have?

Dagoba: We never had to deal with limitation and we'll never sign such a deal up. We're doing Metal not to get limitated. Fuck restrictions.

Musicscan: Looking back on Post Mortem Nihil Est it fairly could be said that with this album Dagoba found a new identity. How do you feel about this statement, and how did the band evolve into Tales Of The Black Dawn?

Dagoba: I don't think we found an identity, I think it was the same band playing a different album, just like we try to do for forever. Tales of the Black Dawn is our new baby born, and it's damn brutal, we never get so violent in our carreer.

Musicscan: I always had the feeling that your songs are open for interpretation. There are so many surprises to find on your albums. But: is this something you are heading for by choice or accident?

Dagoba: We like to suprise our audience, including many ingredients in our songs. I like our music to be as cinematographic as possible, so the scenario should have many twist over !

Musicscan: I would say that with the new album your taste in music has become wider while the songwriting became more focused. True?

Dagoba: I think life is about to discover new horizons, again and again, so yeah, you're right !

Musicscan: And right at the moment I like to think that Tales Of The Black Dawn shows an even more atmospheric and emotional side of Dagoba, beside it still is a heavy album of course. Pretty universal heavy music can be discovered on your new album. How do you feel about this short description?

Dagoba: For sure I like you're interpretation of Tales of the Black Dawn, you observed the emotions in this dark chaos we wanted to create.

Musicscan: Regarding all the influences that are to find within the songs of Dagoba: how difficult is it to choose between all of them, and are there any styles that you would never consider to include into your songs?

Dagoba: I know what I really don't like in music, and it's simple : all the rest is to be considered as a weapon we could use in our music ! For sure you'll never fing reggae in Dagoba !

Musicscan: Has it been harder for you guys to come up with new songs this time as you have written so many tracks already? Tales Of The Black Dawn is your 6th album since forming the band…

Dagoba: Luckily it's not bad time to compose new songs, it' really exciting !!!

Musicscan: I got the impression that you had the chance to experiment with the intensity and the melodies on the new album. The record offers partly different sounds and textures. Would you agree to this? What did you do differently to achieve this result?

Dagoba: Logan Mader knows exactly how to mix all elements of Dagoba, and on this album you are right, all of them are truely earable. We feel free to record whatever we want, piano, violins, choirs, electro sounds, heavy guitars, and he knows how to deal with that. Big up to Logan !!!

Musicscan: Dagoba consists of well-skilled musicians with lots of crazy ideas: Do you sometimes have to prevent yourselves from getting too technical to stay memorable? It’s obvious, that it is an important thing for you to write catchy songs with a good dramaturgy and contrasts…

Dagoba: We don't really mind about to get well-skilled or not, we just wanna be good enought to play the music we got in mind. To me, music is way more important than technic.

Musicscan: Lastly: what do you want people to take away from Tales Of The Black Dawn?

Dagoba: A broken jaw.

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