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Faust Again

Interview von: Arne mit Marcin, am: 22.05.2003 ]

FAUST AGAIN brechen ein übles Metal-Fest vom Zaun. Gerade ist mit "Seizing Our Souls" das Debüt der Polen auf Circulation Records erschienen. "Death Metal in the vein of Beyond The Sixth Seal und The Year Of Our Lord" steht als Sound-Umschreibung auf der Labelseite und das kommt auch hin. FAUST AGAIN spielen zumeist trockenen,melodien-getragenen Death Metal und ballern ohne Ende. Grund genug für ein Interview mit Shouter Marcin...


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about faust again, please. what are you guys doing right at the moment?

Faust Again: We founded Faust Again as a four piece band about three years ago in our hometown Grudziadz. Some people came and go but the core of the band have always consisted of Olek (rhythm guitar), Wojtek (lead guitar), Adrian (bass) and me on vocals. About year ago Mariusz decided to join us and take care of drums. We recorded demo CD in 2001 and it received mostly positive feedback but we knew that we could do something far better then that record. Luckily there were some people who believed in us and decided to spend their time and money to help us out. After one and half of year we finished writing new songs and decided to visit Serakos studio to record seven songs and spread our metal. Right now we are concentrating on promotion of our debut record “Seizing our souls” which has been released on Circulation Records recently. It means playing lots of gigs and answering the interviews like this of course.

Musicscan: how did you guys came together? what were your first rehearsals like? how did your sound develop since you started out?

Faust Again: We had known each other for a long time before we started this band. Three of us used to play in a band called Scapegoat but it fell apart due to some line up problems. We really had nothing to do with our spare time and we always had been totally freaked out about music so we decided to try with this band once again. Our first steps were quite funny I guess. It was first band for Adrian so he had to learn lots of things to match in. The rest of the guys, after few years without playing in any band, had to spend some time to find common language. But these efforts paid off because we finally established our own unique style, which attracted some attention from people who came in touch with us. At the begining we sounded nothig like this days and the music was much simpler. But as we all were growing up we started to take all things more seriously and right now we pay much more attention to sound fresh and powerful then we used to in the past. In fact, our sound is still evolving and new songs seem to be next step ahead when technique and arrangement skills are concerned. We didn’t say the last word for sure.

Musicscan: what's worth to speak about bands history? what have been your highlights so far?

Faust Again: We played lots of good shows with the bands we love like Liar, Unearth or Sunrise. That were all great moments of my life for sure. I also think that it was kind of a big achievement that we got on Circulation Records after recording only one demo. It is still very hard for the band from Poland to get exposure outside the counrty, so we were suprised that we got such a positive feedback from the people who listened to our debut CD. And yes, we are very proud of that record. I consider it a very good piece of sincere and passionate music despite the fact that it was our first time in studio. I strongly believe that still for us the best is yet to come!

Musicscan: your record is released on circulation records. how did you get in contact with this german-based label?

Faust Again: I got to known Johannes, who is running the label, during some summer festival and he seemed to be very nice and honest person. When my friend, who was supposed to release our debut album, told me about his label problems, we decided to contact Johannes and ask him if he would like to release our stuff. We also got in touch with couple of other labels but Circulation seemed to be the perfect one. I sent promo CD to Johannes and he immediately offered us his service. So far everything is working well.

Musicscan: what's your self-understanding of faust again? what does your band stands for? what are the goals you want to reach with your music & lyrics?

Faust Again: We are just trying to be better every time we do something as a band, let it be recording a song, performing live or writing lyrics for instance. We consider our music as a medium that gives us a chance to express our feelings and to share them with listeners. We love to see people understanding our work and enjoying it as much as we do. As far as lyrics are concerned the only thing which I want to achieve with them is to make people start thinking about certain issues and make them start feeling something instead of not doing, thinking or feeling anything. I try to fight passivity and this is my personal goal.

Musicscan: are the lyrics equally important to the music and does the whole band identify with them?

Faust Again: I must say that in our case music is propobly more important thing than lyrics because I’m the only person in the band who writes lyrics unlike the music which is more or less everyone’s job. We often talk about the lyrics and I’m trying to explain them to everyone who wants to know what I meant by writing this or that. Everyone plays his role in the band and mine is to write thought-provoking lyrics which fit emotionally to the music. I’m doing my best to achive it.

Musicscan: why did you choose to name your band faust again? what was your idea behind it?

Faust Again: The name came up very spontaneously. We were trying to find some words that could fit perfectly to our music and that could also convey some message. Apparently some of us were so much fascinated by the book of Goethe in that time that we decided to use “Faust” as a name for a band. Short after that we added the “Again” clause to make it more oryginal since we knew that there was already one band in Poland called “Faust”. As for the meaning we think that the name Faust Again could stand for a symbol of perpetual temptations, which, we as humans, want to restrain. It is a reference to Goethe's masterpiece drama as we think that some of soul's dilemmas grasped in figures' characters are universal and eternal.

Musicscan: is faust again a metal-band with hardcore-background or a metal-band on a hardcore-label?

Faust Again: It’s more like the former. We grow up listening to the metal bands but at some point of our lives we started to dig more and more into hard-core. In my case it was partly because of the message that hard-core bands were trying to get across. I got into straight edge and vegetarianism / veganism and it was pretty obvious to me that I started listening to a bands with such an attitude. Metal scene had some really bad times then. All records sounded the same and I was really tired of that situation so I needed something new and fortunately I found hard-core which was just like a fresh breath to me. I’m very, very glad about that after couple of years things back to normal and now we have great metal bands and brilliant metal records once again. Just listen to new outputs of Immolation, The Crown, Arch Enemy, The Haunted or Soilwork – they have almost everythng what was lacking in metal records going back couple of years earlier.

Musicscan: do you have anything in common with things like straight edge or vegan?

Faust Again: Adrian and me are vegan straight edge. We consider this as a very personal decision and as a band we are nothig like preachers or something like that. We learn to be tolerant and to respect choices of other people. So far it’s working well and as far as everyone in a band is taking things seriously there’s no need to worry that couple of us like to to spend their time after the shows relaxing while drinking couple of beers. I trust them, they are not only musicians, they are my friends.

Musicscan: how did you get involved in that kind of music you are playing? why did you want to become active musicians? what has been your motivation when you once started?

Faust Again: Olek and Wojtek, who are the main writers, got into metal when they were tots. They formed their first band ages ago when they were at primary school and were playing in stinky practice places almost without any equipment. I have been heavy music freak since I heard “Necroticism” of Carcass probably at the age of eleven. When we met one day we took to each other from the very first moment because we shared the love to the same music and the music was mostly the only thing which was on our minds at that time. I never had tried screaming before the day when Olek came to me and offered me a place in his band. He did it just because he thought that I’m a guy who is just like him – a maniac. Once I tried to scream and found it one of the most exciting things I could do in my life I decided to join the band. All that happened because of the love of the music. I think we are still like that kids sometimes especially when we play together and talk about our favorite bands.

Musicscan: do you have people who support you in poland? can you tell me something more about the hc-/metal-scene in poland, please. i know that there are bigger problems with facist (black-) metal- bands. what are your experiences?

Faust Again: One thing which I can tell you about Polish hard-core scene is that it is getting bigger and more proffesional year by year. There are great bands like Sunrise, Afraid of That Day or Coalition whose records sound fucking amazing. Some new interesting groups starting to appear like Angelreich or No Heaven Awaits Us. We’ve made lots of friends during our existence and I have to emphasize the fact that they are still helping us in many, many ways. Patrick from Sunrise, Adam from Afraid of That Day and Pawel from Utopia Within did outstanding vocals on the song called “In the land of dreams”. As far as metal scene goes it’s not like that many people would like to support facist bands. Of course there are couple of morons who think that they are kind of warriors or something but mostly they are fifteen years old scrags with to much personal problems to make any harm to anybody. Most of people are laughing their asses off because of that wannabe “knights of the dark”. No one is taking those people seriously but we should stay conscious to no let it grow to much.

Musicscan: i never heard of faust again in the past. have there been other releases?

Faust Again: As I mentioned before we recorded only four songs demo CD in 2001. It had rather poor sound so we didn’t distribute that stuff for a long period of time (about 250 copies was sold only). This record allowed us to get our name across so we could play some nice gigs and experience many great events.

Musicscan: what bores you about todays hardcore-scene/-bands and how do you try to not being boring?

Faust Again: The lack of originality is of course the most boring thing within the scene. All that bands which sound, look and behave the same way are really lousy. I don’t like all that scene trends also. People are not sincere and that’s what I despise. To me, hard-core was always about being inspiring to each other, not to follow the well-know patterns. As far as Faust Again goes we are probably not trying to do anything to avoid being boring exept simply being ourselves. We are making efforts to do everything our own way and this is one of our goals to be as much creative as we can starting from the sound of the record and ending up with it’s graphical and lyrical concept.

Musicscan: what sets faust again apart from the rest? what is different about your band? there are a lot of metal bands playing a similar style outside...

Faust Again: Really? I think by recording “Seizing our souls” we really did something which sets us apart from the rest of the metal or hard-core bands. We are of course inspired by lots of old and also quite new groups but we never would let Faust Again become only clone band or something like that. We have very different characters and personalities. We listen to different stuff and read different books so when it comes to writing music everyone offers something special and unique. And as I mentioned before we are trying to be as much creative as we can.

Musicscan: if you would summarise the message and atmosphere of faust again's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Faust Again: I guess “emotional terror” would fit perfectly

Musicscan: what does it take to write a particular faust again song? how do you go about writing your songs?

Faust Again: Predominantly it’s like Olek is coming with some killing riffs and pre-arrangements and then we are all working on it untill everyone is satisfied. Sometimes it’s taking us only couple of hours but sometimes much more.

Musicscan: the songs are very straight-forward and also direct. why did you choose to go this direction?

Faust Again: I always thought that if you feel you need to play fast or heavy than do it for real. I really don’t like undecided bands which doesn’t know what to do with their talents. Our music has to be intense and sincere, no beating about the bush. But we don’t want it to be primitive, it’s definitely not our goal. We put more and more emphasis on technique and arrangements but we will never give up our intensity.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Faust Again: Well, it’s already happening. We got on a fine label and manage to record good album for which we are getting really great response. My biggest dream is that I could make living out of playing which means I could devote all my time and energy to the band issues. A tour with some friendly band would be also very nice and I suppose it’s going to happen during the fall this year. But maybe it’s too early to talk about this...

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