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At The Hollow

Interview von: arne mit Kalle Koo, am: 13.02.2015 ]

Ihr Spiel umreißen AT THE HOLLOW als „Between purity and death“, als maßgeblicher Einfluss auf das eigene Schaffen ist „Plain Truth Of Life“ zu lesen. Hier spielt demnach keine gewöhnliche Band auf. Die Songs von „What I Hold Most Dear“ werden auf jeden Hörer anders wirken, denn die Wahrnehmung dürfte stark davon abhängen, welche musikalische Sozialisation man mitbringt und welche Stile man hört. Eine offensichtliche Differenzierung im Wettbewerb ist bereits die Instrumentierung. Gitarre, Kontrabass und Percussion reichen AT THE HOLLOW völlig.


Musicscan: Because at this point At The Hollow is not that popular / known here in Germany, I´m interested in your status as a band in Finland. How are you received in your home country, who is listening to what you have to offer?

At The Hollow: Well, now when we signed with Spinefarm Records and releasing our debut album we are kind of ”pretty new” band in Finnish music scene. We’ve been playing gigs a few years in Finland and the receiving has been very good. Usually the first comments are like ”what the fuck is this” or ”what did you do to me” then they go to into very poetic, imaginative and emotional stuff. People are touched by us and it has encouraged to continue our path.

Musicscan: Some People who were introduced to your band are speaking about the somehow 'artistic' approach to music you seem to have. What do you think about statements like these?

At The Hollow: I don’t know if you can argue with the fact that instruments like contrabass or timpanis are in big part in classical music. In a way classical music is more considered as an art form than for example rock or metal music. For me personally it was interesting and ihad this urge to combine these worlds and sounds together if that is artistic approach… i’m fine with it.

Musicscan: On facebook you state that At The Hollow is “Between purity and death” - What exactly do you mean by saying this? Can you tell us something more about your ideas, please.

At The Hollow: The deeper you get into At The Hollow more imminent it is to collide in these two allegories.

Musicscan: At The Hollow does exist for some time now. How does the music differ from the early days to now? How did your interests or abilities change over time, and how was the music affected by this?

At The Hollow: I think we had good progress or evolving from day one to present day. And we’ve learned more how to express ourselves when we play. Yes, more rehearsing and writing more songs, that’s the way it goes.

Musicscan: When you were starting At The Hollow – did you know you would create something completely different than you did with former bands/projects and most of other groups do? Or was it kind of a conscious decision to just let creativity flow?

At The Hollow: Hmmm… I never thought about it that way. I have always made music that makes me feel good and for me that’s the only way to do it.

Musicscan: What I Hold Most Dear sounds intimate, melancholic, epic, catchy and is digging deep at the same time. It is definitely a unique piece of music. But how did you go about writing the songs to achieve something like this?

At The Hollow: Answer for this is kinda same as above. When i am writing songs or playing guitar i immediately feel that this has right ”ingredients” or works in a right way, i just feel it in my guts. There is no formula for it.

Musicscan: Some songs are pretty melancholic, in the next minute you seem to have optimism, too. How did you manage to set “Plain Truth Of Life” to music, as you have put it?

At The Hollow:?!

Musicscan: How important is the improvisation factor to the music of At The Hollow, and is it different when you enter a stage?

At The Hollow: We don’t do improvisation, we are not jamming type of band.

Musicscan: Where do you guys see the line drawn between progressing on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? In other words: what will be the future of the sound of At The Hollow?

At The Hollow: I think the only limitations is that we stay as a trio band.

Musicscan: Lastly: What makes the band special to you, and how would you describe the essence of At The Hollow?

At The Hollow: The connection what we have when we play together. There is always more than meets the eye.