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Interview von: Felix Heiduk mit Sentence, am: 10.05.2003 ]

Sentence sind neben Reprisal wohl im Moment die nagesagteste italienische Metalcore-Band. Die aktuelle Veröffentlichung der Band auf Goodlife rec. ist allerorts mit guten Kritiken versehen worden und verdiente daher (sowie aufgrund der etwas vage gehaltenen Texten ? dazu mehr im Verlauf des Interviews) einige Nachfrage.


Musicscan: Some introduction-stuff first. How long is Sentence been around, how did the band got together and so on??

Sentence: Sentence have been around for almost 6 years right now! We are all friends and we come from the same city, Cesena on the east coast of Italy.It is very easy this way to practice and to do all the band related stuff as you can easily understand. The line up changed in the past, this why someone of the former members didn?t feel to take this commitment ?. We wanted something more than playing the school party or the bar gig! But now we have a steady line up and this is working very good.

Musicscan: How did you guys got on Goodlife rec. and how is working with Edward til now?

Sentence: We got on GL sending our previous work Dominion on evil asking 4 distribution of this product. They were very happy to do this and we too ? they asked us to play the GL new years eve fest on 31/12/2000 in Waregem (be) etc. . We are happy about the way they are working and promoting the album WAR, this is the good of having a huge distribution like GL?s one! I know the album is available everywhere Europe, USA, Japan etc . . this is good!

Musicscan: The sound of your CD is very Metal, so is your music in general. Did you recorded in a Studio which is mostly used by Metalbands. And if so, how was it working there?

Sentence: All the recordings we ever made were recorded at FEAR STUDIOS; this is a professional studio 30 Km far from our hometown. We are very lucky to have this cool studio near home and we are even more lucky to have the cooperation of Fear?s guys. They are all very well names of the metal landscapes ? in this studio have recorded the biggest names of the italian metal scene, also our bros Browbeat and nu metal bands like Addiction, Folder, H-stryc9 etc. . Consider it is always a not so easy thing to record an album, much more hard recording it in a pro studio like Fear?s! But we always did a great job I think ? then you?ll have to say your?s ? but the sound quality is superb and the execution is well done.

Musicscan: What are your main influences musically and lyrically? And how much do you try to adapt new influences, both lyrically and musically, to the band´s work?

Sentence: We are influenced by everything good around ? I mean, we have no band to copy or ripp off! That?s not the way we like to make our music ? but we have many preferences, like Earth Crisis, Madball, Hatebreed, Slayer, In Flames etc. . We are finding out new realities too, like the hip hop music and we are trying to put some element of this culture in our music! Why not? This is so good!As 4 the lyrix stuff, we like to express something usefull, wise, not just empty words, we don?t like the bands which have nothing to say, music is just a bunch of notes, of sounds if has no meaning!

Musicscan: In the inlay of your CD there´s some sort of essay/ statement which sounds very vague and unclear to me. I basically couldn´t figure out what it´s precisely about. So please explain it a littlebit further. For example: what do you mean by writing ?This is my statement. To educate. To fight. To survive in the wood.??

Sentence: ?Humanity is drawning into a state of pain and regression. Do not confuse terror with justice.? These sentences are about my statement of life: an anti-war one! War is not the answer, and never will be! The militant looking layout and the title WAR was created to provoke you all...and it reached its target!

Musicscan: What´s the idea behind the very militant looking layout?

Sentence: To shock people by using the ?contraddiction? of anti-war concept and war inspired design ? what?s more shocking than this?

Musicscan: Explain the song ?Bloody September?.

Sentence: ?Bloody September? is the last song we composed (from the album ?war?). The World was shocked by the 11th of September 2k1, and so was I. I wanted to explain my feelings about terrorism and war, about life and death. ?Forget your World as you knew it till today, because humanity had its entry into the path of disgrace.?

Musicscan: It seems to me that the italian HC-scene is getting more and more active, i.e. more and more italian bands are going out to tour countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium and so on... How do you see the situation?

Sentence: Good, but not as the past. Anyway we have many bands rocking hard nowadays, like Sins of angels, Reprisal, Browbeat, Mork, From the dying sky, Face the fact etc. . All these bands are working hard to spred their music everywhere, not just around Italy!

Musicscan: Any plans for the future?

Sentence: We have some very important gig to play in June, we?ll play with Hatebreed, Madball and with bands like Most precious Blood, Throwdown, Born from pain ? we?ll headline 2 italian festivals and we are gonna fly to Japan to play 5 cool shows. Check out the split cd with Extinguish the fire out in time 4 the Japanese tour available throught GL web store, it will contain a cover song and a unreleased totally new song!Thanks a lot for your time and energy. Thanx a lot 4 the support and visit www.sentencewar.com 4 more infos on the band and gig guide.