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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Mike Dawson, am: 10.05.2003 ]

Die sympathischen Jungs von Filmmaker sind für mich die kanadische Antwort auf Bands wie Gameface, Samiam oder Texas Is The Reason. Ihr Album "An Invitation To An Accident" wurde hierzulande erst kürzlich von TFR Music veröffentlicht und dürfte schnell auch bei uns neue Freund gewinnen. Filmmaker sind zwar noch ein Stück davon entfernt, die Musikwelt mit künstlerischen Neuerungen zu überraschen, doch beherrschen sie ihr Handwerk, einfache, ehrliche und energiegeladene Rocksongs zu schreiben, geradezu perfekt. Grund genug mich mit Mike über Kanada, popkulturelle Oberflächlichkeiten und das Wie und Warum zu unterhalten.


Musicscan: How long has "An Invitation To An Accident" been out in Canada already? How did you get in touch with TFR Music?

Filmmaker: The album was released in Canada and the US this past fall on a great label from Canada called Farway Records. Once the record was out here I actually contacted TFR Music via email. Our friends in By A Thread suggested that we get in touch with them, so we sent a copy of the CD to them and luckily they were interested in working with us.

Musicscan: If somebody asked me to describe what Filmmaker sounded like, I would probably put you somewhere in between Gameface, Texas Is The Reason and Samiam. Could you live with that comparison? Where do you see your main musical influences?

Filmmaker: I would say those are pretty fair comparisons. The term influences is always so subjective. We all listen to a very wide spectrum of music and I think we each brings bits and pieces of that to the table when we are writing. In the same respect though, it was bands like Texas Is The Reason, Samiam, Jawbreaker, Christie Front Drive, and Knapsack that brought us together and inspired us to start this band.

Musicscan: Having spent quite some time in Canada myself, I was wondering how you perceive the Canadian music scene and how you think it differs to the American?

Filmmaker: Well, I would say the biggest difference is the lack of exposure the Canadian scene gets. There is so many great bands in Canada but they don't seem to get the same buzz around them that American bands do, and it has always been a lot harder for Canadian bands to break into the States than vice versa. Hopefully that is starting to change though. In the past few months some Canadians bands have finally started to get noticed. Our friends Silverstein have a new record coming out on Victory Records, and similarly Moneen has an album due out on Vagrant.

Musicscan: What do you guys do when you are not involved with Filmmaker?

Filmmaker: Myself and Andrew both attend university, so that pretty much takes up any spare time we have when we aren't on tour. I also do some graphic design work. Tristan has just been working for the past year, he's been lucky enough to find a couple jobs that allowed him to take time off to tour. Carl has been living in the city of Estevan, where me and Andrew are both originally from, so he ends up having to commute quite often to practice and play shows.

Musicscan: How is your songwriting process structured? Is there one main songwriter or do all band members have an equal say as far as songwriting and lyrics are concerned?

Filmmaker: I would like to think that all members have an equal say as far as songwriting is concerned. For our last album Carl brought a lot of the song ideas to us and then he was open minded enough to let us break a bunch of them down and rework them or add to them. Some of the songs were barely recognizable by the end, and others were virtually untouched. I think writing can be frustrating in any situation, but we usually all see eye to eye when it comes to the finish products. I can't really think of any song off hand that doesn't have a touch of all of us in it. Lyrically was a little different I suppose. I wrote the majority of the lyrics on the album, and Carl pitched in the rest. The words to quite a few of the songs were written in the recording studio, so the other guys didn't really get to hear them until they were already committed to tape.

Musicscan: Your lyrics seem to almost exclusively on the personal side of things. Do you also incorporate other topics in your lyrics? Is their a connection between the lyrical content and the music or do you do you consider them two separate entities that could be exchanged?

Filmmaker: Well, personally I don't think you could ever write a song that means something to you if it isn't personal. I mean in a lot of our songs there are other underlying subjects and stuff, but I think it all comes down to writing what you know...as cheesy as that may sound. For the most part our lyrics are written after we already have the music, so I have that in mind for the songs that I write words too.

Musicscan: What goals do you have with the band? How far do you want to take things?

Filmmaker: Honestly, that is something we have never really discussed. So much has happened already in the past couple years that has far exceeded any of our expectations, I could not imagine any of us having any regrets about this.

Musicscan: How did you first get into music when you were a kid and what fascinated you about it?

Filmmaker: I guess I first got into music through my father. I just remember going on family vacations and such with The Beatles or John Fogerty blasting on the car stereo. I guess after that it was just some kids in my neighbourhood who were a bit older than me and turned me on to heavy metal when I was in about grade 5. There was no turning back.

Musicscan: Ok, here are a few things that I would like you to comment on:
Canada vs. USA

Filmmaker: Canada. We've never attacked another country solely to steal their oil.

Musicscan: First show ever:

Filmmaker: The first show we ever played? It was in a city called Yorkon, in Canada a couple of hours from our hometown. We played with Moneen. The first show I ever attended? It was either The Beach Boys or SNFU, I forget which came first.

Musicscan: Beatles or Stones:

Filmmaker: Beatles. No question.

Musicscan: The Godfather or Goodfellas

Filmmaker: The Godfather.

Musicscan: Skiing or Snowboarding

Filmmaker: Skateboarding.

Musicscan: What do you hope people to take away from a Filmmaker show?

Filmmaker: I like to think that when people come see us play it is apparent that we are up there because we love what we do.

Musicscan: Are there any plans for a European tour in the near future?

Filmmaker: We are actually trying to sort out some dates as we speak, and hopefully we will be over to Europe sometime near the end of summer.

Musicscan: 3 favorite records, books and movies?

Filmmaker: My three favorite records changes from day to day...Cursive - The Ugly Organ; The Postal Service - Give Up; Moneen - Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now Books...Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut; Big Sur - Jack Kerouac; and right now I am reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers Movies...Shawshank Redemption; Amelie; The Rules of Attraction; ohhh....and anything with Bill Murray.

Musicscan: Any last words or comments?

Filmmaker: Thanks for the interview!

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