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Hang The Bastard

Interview von: arne mit Thomas, am: 25.09.2014 ]

Die Briten beziehen sich auf Heavyweights wie Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Integrity, Weedeater, Down und Black Sabbath, was die Spielwiese des Zweitwerks der Band gut umreißt. HANG THE BASTARD stellen jedoch nicht allein auf eine abgefuckte, schroffe Düsternis ab, sondern geben allen Tracks darüber hinaus eine nachvollziehbare, beständige Entwicklung sowie wiedererkennbare, tendenziell schöne Momente mit auf den Weg. In den Grenzen ihres Ansatzes agieren die Londoner variabel und songdienlich, was im skizzierten Genre keine Selbstverständlichkeit ist.


Musicscan: The word "apocalyptic" is used a lot when people describe Hang The Bastard. Is that what you're going for? What does the term mean to you?

Hang The Bastard: I think the new album has more of what could be described as "apocalyptic" sounding sections. there are a lot of very riff driven parts that are highlighted with additional harmonious vocals, which to me add an almost biblical/envelopingly tragic feel to the songs.

Musicscan: There are a lot of bands now that are heavy without really using metal aesthetics. Do you feel like a part of that? What current bands do you think of as your peers or bands that you feel a commonality with?

Hang The Bastard: In regards to HTB we haven't ever really given it a thought in terms of what we look like as people, We all like a huge variety of music. Artwork wise we tend to find artists we really like what they do give them a very rough concept and let them do there thing. There's plenty of good bands in the UK doing the rounds but two bands jump at me, Orange Goblin and Bast

Musicscan: As for your band - how important are compromises in music? Should this play a major role at all? To me it seems that you are not willing to take compromises into consideration at all...

Hang The Bastard: We get asked this a fair amount in regards to our writing process. I understand to why some bands or artists compromises or tactics are important to there longevity or progression. But for us we are and have always been a very organic band when writing. I believe we are "heavier" than we have ever been on this new record. We are lucky enough to have the support to explore new avenues which for us is very exciting.

Musicscan: When a band writes the songs for a record over a longer period, I'd say that these songs can easily stand for a certain period in a band's career, right? But would you say that after all the time Sex in the seventh circle is representative for what Hang The Bastard wants to stand for in 2014, 2015,…?

Hang The Bastard: Good Question. I strongly feel this is the album we have wanted to write for a long time both theme and musically. We are very happy with how this represents us moving forward.

Musicscan: Does most of your influence for your songs come from personal experiences and moods, or from listening to similar bands?

Hang The Bastard: Speaking as the main lyric writer, I personally draw a lot of influence from personal experience/views and history/various writings. Musically we as mentioned before are very organic and just jam until something sits well.

Musicscan: Do you still remember when you wrote your first song for/with Hang The Bastard and what it felt like and how it feels like now when you finish a song? How has your relationship to the music and the band changed over time?

Hang The Bastard: For me as a vocalist "Sweet Mother" and "Dyad" were the first songs I did vocals on (I was the bassist previously). It was a first time doing vocals for me and was a very new/exciting and for filling experience, Which I still view as a very new way I approach the band.

Musicscan: From my point of view your taste in music has become wider over the years with the different line ups. True? Were there any musical elements you meant to incorporate in the music for the new album by choice?

Hang The Bastard: I think that's true. We have developed over time grown/explored and matured. With my more specific vocal type we have been able to explore the more heavier (sludge,black metal,doom) avenues of our sound.

Musicscan: Listening to Sex in the seventh circle makes one wonder about the intensity of the songs. It´s definitely more than just music. It´s also the atmosphere you create. Is the mentioned intensity something you are striving for?

Hang The Bastard: I'm glad you feel that way about the new album. As mentioned before it's something both musically/lyrically and theme wise been able to delve deeper into more so than ever before. Which is something we have really enjoyed, both visually with our music videos and in our songs.

Musicscan: You created a record that consists of different layers and extremes. On the one hand side it consists of rude arrangements, on the other hand there are longer interludes and parts that create an incomparable atmosphere. Do you think that this diversity makes Sex in the seventh circle a stronger record? It takes some time to get the point and people have to invest time in discovering the songs and to get your ideas…

Hang The Bastard: This will be our second album, and unlike the first album which has a fairly looser theme. This album we have written very much as a complete album. it wasn't the case were we wrote a tone of songs that we thought were good and then padded it out with fillers. It's very much an expressive record and the songs are ordered and written with the intention for an overall feel of the album.

Musicscan: What is it that Sex in the seventh circle offers you personally? Are there any songs that stand out in your mind, or songs that have the most value or inner meaning to you?

Hang The Bastard: All of the songs from my perspective (lyrically) have the same amount of meaning and equally the same amount of thought. However speaking purely for myself "Mists of Albion" is a track that stands out to me. it's a new adventure for us writing wise and one I would like to indulge further in the future.

Musicscan: Last words?

Hang The Bastard: Firstly Thank you for listening to the record. We have put a lot of ourselves into this record and are very much looking forward to getting on the road and riffing and howling at you all. See you soon

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