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Interview von: arne mit Yessica und Sonja, am: 20.08.2014 ]

Vor zwei Jahren ist die niederländische Band mit ORIGIN und PSYCROPTIC durch Europa getourt und hat einen positiven Eindruck hinterlassen. Mit der Veröffentlichung ihres Debüts haben sich DICTATED anschließend dann mehr Zeit gelassen, als vermutet. Dabei zeigt sich die Stoßrichtung der Band auf „The Deceived“ unverändert. 35 Minuten lang ist brutaler Death Metal zu hören, der technisch ausgerichtet ist, ohne es in dieser Hinsicht zu übertreiben, und der gleichfalls ein gewisses Old School-Moment mitbringt. Das Initiatoren- und Gitarristinnen-Duo Yessica und Sonja beruft sich auf Szene-Ikonen wie SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX und SKINLESS und deren Einflüsse sind spürbar.


Musicscan: From what i understood there are only three constant members to Dictated. What is the story behind this? This isn't a proper line-up ,-)

Dictated: Hahaha that’s true! You are right about the three constant members. Yessica, Sonja and York are permanent members. Henri and Michiel are session musicians. That means that they will play with us if they are available. As you can imagine, both Henri and Michiel are very busy men. Just to be sure, we have other musician’s stand- by when Michiel or Henri is unavailable.

Musicscan: Is it annoying or fine with you that most people - and even Metal Blade - are focusing on the "furious female guitar tandem Yessica Otten and Sonja Schuringa" when to describe Dictated. It seems to be somehow one-sided and shortened...

Dictated: We are two female guitar players and well aware of this marketing advantage. And Metal Blade sees this unique selling point as well. But, they wouldn’t sign a band if the music wasn’t good enough. It is one of the huge advantages for them. Besides, we are the founding members. When we started Dictated 7 years ago, we knew what we were getting into although, over the years we misjudges this. We had several situations where it was a disadvantage to be a woman.

Dictated: We have learned so much about the metal scene, the marketing behind it and how to deal with the fact that as a woman, you have to fight twice as hard. When people hear of us, and don’t know our music, it’s easy to create an opinion. The look on their faces when we crush the stage with proper death metal is priceless. That makes it all worth it!

Musicscan: On facebook you state to like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Dying Fetus, Origin. Which bands you feel connected with musically and why? Do you care about fitting into a certain scene or genre?

Dictated: Who doesn’t like bands like Suffocation and Dying Fetus? These are the bands we grew up with and automatically influenced by. We most definitely feel like we fit into this genre. Bands like Misery Index and Skinless are close to our style and taste and we dream – one day- to be next those bands.

Musicscan: How did you develop the style Dictated is playing, and what impressed and convinced you, when you discovered it?

Dictated: We grew into the style. Throughout the years we had different influences by different band members, which created the sound of Dictated. We had a lot of members so a lot of influences haha ;) but most important element, is the groove we always try to maintain. For this album, Henri lent a hand on structuring the songs which gave us a better insight in the true basics of Dictated. This is the fuel for continuing with these grooving, but brutal style.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with the heavy and extreme underground for many years now? What has it done for you, and what fuels your fire to continue with Dictated?

Dictated: Because of the “heavy and extreme” underground, we have met so many great people like Henri Sattler, the guys from Origin and other great friend who truly believe in the music. We also learned that it’s a brutal and hard industry. If you want to succeed, you have to be dedic(t)ated ;)

Musicscan: Regarding The Deceived I would speak of an aggressive and rough death album. I like to think your style of play is based on intuition, gut instinct, and impulsiveness, and on the tradition of mighty death metal. Do you like this summary, and is it close to what you are doing?

Dictated: Yes and yes! We feel like every kind of music is mainly instinct and gut instinct. You can’t force musical inspiration, like every artist knows. We wouldn’t say we play/create the songs on impulsiveness. With The Deceived, we managed to structure the song more then we did before. We gave a great deal and a deep thought about creating the songs.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the writing and recording of The Deceived? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of the album? You've been around for a couple of years already, but this is your debut album...

Dictated: When Dictated started to work with Henri, we created new energy for a new album. We’ve managed to produce multiple discs, which the album “ summary of retribution” is one off, but were unlicensed. The rehearsals, pre-recordings and studio time gave us new energy/chemistry for the entire band and what it represents.

Musicscan: Of all the songs you’ve chosen to be on The Deceived what song do you feel is the most representative of all the facets of the band and of what you want Dictated to be known for?

Dictated: We feel many of our colleague musicians can agree upon that ‘ one song’ that’s written under pressure is the greatest song. Just 2 days before we hit the studio, we wrote ‘The Basher’ which turned out to be one of our favorite songs of the album.

Dictated: We want Dictated to be known for brutal death metal, kick ass and energetic live performances. Although we play death metal; watch our studio reports! We want to play our music, enjoy the energy of the fans and give them an outlet of daily live shit!

Musicscan: Do you feel that Dictated has found its “own” sound already, or is it still evolving? Which is the direction you are heading for by choice? What comes to table naturally?

Dictated: It’s impossible to determine the ‘final’ sound of Dictated. With The Deceived, we have managed to find the right direction of Dictated. We already started working on writing material, but there is always room for new influences/inspiration.

Dictated: Our goal is not to reach the highest level of technical death metal. We want to maintain our groove, our brutal blast beast and heavy riffs. We want our audience to be entertained, dragged from their everyday shit and fill them up with new energy. Just like us!

Musicscan: As far as lyrical themes go, for anyone who's unfamiliar with them, could you give us a little insight into it, please.

Dictated: We have very different kind of situations described in our lyrics but every one of them has in common that they can’t be read from one perspective. There are various meanings behind the lyrics. It’s never seen from the eyes of one person. The subjects differ but the main theme for “The Deceived” refers to the group of people who are about to cross the edge of sanity and are surrounded by their own demons.

Musicscan: What are the feelings you get out of what you are doing with Dictated, and is there something you want the people / listeners to leave with?

Dictated: Do it! If you dream about it, do it! The chances are there and if you fight hard enough for it, you can do it! This sounds a bit heavy, but Dictated had several moments where we wanted to quit. But somehow, the gratitude we get out of Dictated makes is all worth it! I know this sounds a bit corny, and probably every band says this, but without you fans, your constant questions about the album, new gigs and merchandise, we wouldn’t have made it this far!

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