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Suicide Silence

Interview von: arne mit Eddie Hermida, am: 16.08.2014 ]

Die Veröffentlichung von „You Can’t Stop Me“ bedeutet eine Zäsur in der Karriere der kalifornischen Band. Mit „The Cleansing“, „No Time To Bleed“ und „The Black Crown“ haben SUICIDE SILENCE bereits drei viel beachtete Alben auf den Markt gebracht und über den Extrem-Underground hinaus für Aufsehen gesorgt. Doch dann verunglückte ihr Shouter im Herbst 2012 tödlich. Ihren Neuanfang gehen die Kalifornier nun mit „You Can’t Stop Me“ an. Der Album-Titel entstammt einer Text-Sammlung von Mitch. Insgesamt wirkt der vierte Longplayer von SUICIDE SILENCE schonungslos, impulsiv und bitterböse – aber auch vorwärts gerichtet.


Musicscan: Suicide Silence takes a fresh start with a new album, a new singer and a new label – how do you experience these days? What are the dominant feelings - confidence, tension, curiosity, nervousness, doubt,… ?

Suicide Silence: At the moment I am nothing but excited to release this record and play shows! I have a really good time on stage with the boys and every show thus far has been insane! Of course certain points of this adventure have given me a grey hair or 50 but all pain is worth the suffering when you can go to bed knowing you are doing the right thing!

Musicscan: I can imagine, it was a tough decision to decide to continue under the name of Suicide Silence and not to start completely new – or not? What were the pros and cons you thought of/discussed?

Suicide Silence: I had hardly any say in this because they decided to move forward before they asked me to join. I think it would have been stupid to throw the name out. Mitch put his heart and soul into the band. I feel like it would have been a disservice to him and the fans to change the name.

Musicscan: There would have been the option to release a self titled album, but you chose the title You Can't Stop Me. What’s the idea behind this?

Suicide Silence: Mitch left behind some lyrics that we used. The title of the lyrics are "You Can't Stop Me," which was chilling to say the least. As soon as we saw the chorus we decided that was to be the title of the record and put it up on our sketch board. Everyday we would come in, see that first thing, take a deep breath and got to work. It helped motivate us.

Musicscan: Why did you part ways with Century Media, and what made you settle with Nuclear Blast? What are your expectations for this cooperation? How can the new label contribute to further growth of Suicide Silence?

Suicide Silence: NB and I have worked together for almost ten years so I am happy to continue on this new adventure with the same family. Now that Monte C. is working so closely with NB I think that we will be unstoppable. They have already given us more press than I have ever done in my life! The label seems to be growing and I am very stoked for the future!

Musicscan: The new album seems to be a little more groovy and structured - is it just me or is there any truth to this? What did you guys do differently on You Can't Stop Me musically that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Suicide Silence: I feel, personally, that the band was already moving in this direction with The Black Crown. We just kept moving forward with how we felt not really paying attention to the final result. We just want to play heavy man!

Musicscan: In general: are there any principles you would never give up to with the band when it comes to songwriting? Which? And what is the vision you have for the sound of Suicide Silence? How do you want people to remember the sound of your band?

Suicide Silence: I love the way we wrote 'You Can't Stop Me'. Very fluid and true to our hearts. I really hope we can continue this trend. I also hope we can continue evolving our sound like the band has already done. Practice hard and make the best music we can! I want people to say we were the sickest metal band of our time. The Pantera or Slayer of today!

Musicscan: What sort of evolution has the band gone through into the fourth album from your part of view? I wouldn't say it is an unexpected album musically, because it continues to build upon the trademarks Suicide Silence became known for. However I feel a more coherent and in "one-style" sounding – would you agree?

Suicide Silence: Structure. Much like any musician you start to really appreciate cohesiveness and structure in music. I think the music we are writing today has those elements. We take a sick riff and turn it into a song. We write the hook and bring it back harder. That has been a huge evolution in the band. The Black Crown was a great indication of that.

Musicscan: How did the guest appearances of Corpsegrinder and Greg Puciato came to be, and why did you decide to have them? There have been so many guests for the The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show, and it’s Eddie Hermida first Suicide Silence album. I wouldn’t say there was a need for addition guests, so what’s behind it?

Suicide Silence: They were both part of the extended Suicide Silence family as we are part of their respective bands' family. We wanted guests on the record because it is cool and fun! I love to run the tracks and point out the guests to my friends. Who needs extra chocolate on a chocolate cake? This guy right here!!!

Musicscan: Is there something like a guiding line listeners have to know about to get a better understanding of what you are trying to tell them with You Can't Stop Me?

Suicide Silence: Well...you can't stop us, suicide silence, metal, music, life, love, tragedy, all of those things. Keep your head up to the sky and move past the pain!

Musicscan: What in your opinion are the exciting aspects about your fourth album beside the fact that Suicide Silence is still around and not broken at the tragedy of Mitch Lucker?

Suicide Silence: I think the record is a roller-coaster ride! It speeds you through all the twists and turns. When it is all over you can't help but hop in line for another spin! I love the record and know everyone else will too!!!

Musicscan: Further Thoughts?

Suicide Silence: Thank you all for the continued support. Stepping into this venture has not been an easy task but all the fans and haters make me get up everyday with an evil grin ready to fuck this world up!