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Bury Tomorrow

Interview von: arne mit Davyd, am: 25.05.2014 ]

BURY TOMORROW legen im Songwriting ein gewachsenes Verständnis an den Tag, das zu hörenswerten, zeitlosen Hymnen führt. Obwohl das Quintett aus Portsmouth, Southampton sein Schaffen als MetalCore tituliert, ist von einem ganzheitlichen Heavy-Sound zu sprechen, der die besten Momente des traditionellen Melo-Metal mit brachialen Core-Akzenten kreuzt. „Runes“ als MetalCore zu fassen, ist nur eine der möglichen Lesarten. Eigentlich erübrigt sich die Stilfrage, denn die leidenschaftlichen 13 Tracks stehen für sich allein.


Musicscan: You guys have been around for some time now, so are you surprised to see Bury Tomorrow still around? What fuels the fire and keeps you guys interested in the band and in heavy music in general?

Bury Tomorrow: Im not surprised no! If I was I don’t think honestly we would be doing it anymore. We constantly work harder and harder to get to each step. I believe that hard work is the key in the music industry and to never give up even when it looks darkest. The music and fans are what keeps us going, we’ve been on a mission to bring metalcore back since 2006 when everyone wrote off the genre , we knew it wasn’t done and spent the last 8 year gathering fans all over the world that agree with us. This is all we’ve ever wanted to do, so that keeps us driving forward.

Musicscan: What is to say about the overall feedback on your Nuclear Blast debut album The Union Of Crowns, what do you remember? You’ve been introduced to a lot of people with this album…

Bury Tomorrow: The Union of Crowns was our comeback album. We had no idea if anyone would care when we released it. The reaction has been amazing and honestly given us an even bigger push to create the new one exactly how we wanted it to be, as this time round there were no fears about whether we still had fans or not.

Musicscan: From my point of view the music of Bury Tomorrow can be easily filed under melodic metal with a so-called core-edge. What is your view on it?

Bury Tomorrow: I think that we are REAL Metalcore. We draw our love of the genre from the bands that created the sound As I Lay Dying, Still Remains, Unearth, In Flames. Metalcore belongs to Metal heads and somewhere along the way this got lost. We write metal music that draws both melody and grit but also include the influences of hardcore. This is Metalcore, we aren’t going to be one of those bands that shies away from using that word, because we are damn proud of it!

Musicscan: What is to say about your attitude towards metal in general and towards the style you have with Bury Tomorrow particular? What are you heading for? What is your musical background?

Bury Tomorrow: We are influenced by all genres, if you only listen to one type of music you will stagnate and die. From pop to Metal we listen to every aspect to broaden our musical minds and draw as much inspiration sonically from everything around us. Metal is a genre that really can’t disappear, there are to many great bands and too many devoted fans. However I think with each album a progression needs to be made, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel , but you do need to aim to be thwe best at what you do.

Musicscan: I would say that with Runes your taste in music has become wider while the songwriting became more focused. True? How did your view on the songwriting and the style Bury Tomorrow are playing has developed for your third album?

Bury Tomorrow: I’d actually disagree we believe Runes is the album we always wanted to write from day one, but didn’t have the experience nor the fanbase to create. We’ve always been open to music and finally we can sit back with runes and go ‘ This is where we start, this is the first step in creating the band we’ve always wanted to be’ . It’s still Bury tomorrow but its BT how you’ve always wanted them, and that’s exciting to finally be able to say that.

Musicscan: What sort of evolution has the band gone through into Runes? What I feel about the new album is a coherent and in "one-style" sounding on the one and a damn good dramaturgy and diverse aggression on the other hand …

Bury Tomorrow: I think with the addition of Kristan Dawson to the band we finally feel very comfortable in our direction. We know where we want to be and how we are going to get there! Musically the album suits the band better than anything previously. The diversity in the album comes more from the vocal hooks than anything else. This is an album that we’ve worked on out of real love for the genre and tried to include homage to the kings of the genre wherever we could.

Musicscan: What influenced you while writing Runes? Do you tend to write your songs in segments, which you then piece together or do you project an entire composition from a single melody or riff?

Bury Tomorrow: When we write it is always the music first. We are a bands that puts the Metal first. All the songs for an album are written, then rewritten first off before a single vocal is added or worked on. This is to get the very best out of the songs and not rely on vocals to do that for us. This means that when the hooks go on, for us it feels like the lcing on the cake and finishes the song perfectly.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the recording of your new album? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of Runes?

Bury Tomorrow: This time round it was very relaxed there was no drama, or stress, it was just 5 dudes writing and recording an album together. This is the first time this has every happened to us and it felt perfect to create in this environment. The band finally feels happy in our own skin and I think this record you can really hear that in the songs.

Musicscan: Are there any songs on your new album that stand out in your mind, or songs that have the most value or inner meaning to you? What type of mood/feeling are you trying to convey both sonically and visually with your creative work on Runes?

Bury Tomorrow: The record is almost a retrospect look at the themes and ideas we crossed in the previous two. We can delve deeper into the stories and ideas and draw out more of the things we loved in previous songs. Personally I am a massive fan of the track Watcher it has everything that the album has to offer in a single song, I think that is why we released it first to show what was coming next.

Musicscan: What, in your opinion are the most exciting aspects about Runes when you sum it up? And do you feel that Bury Tomorrow has found its “own” sound already, or is it still evolving?

Bury Tomorrow: The most exciting part of runes is that it is the beginning of something that we wanted to create for a very long time. So if you enjoy it as much as we do, you’ll be with us for the rest of the bands life. We will keep pushing and pushing until we are seen as one of the greats in this genre, we have a very long way to go to achieve that but I can’t wait to try!