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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Octocock, am: 07.04.2003 ]

Rocken können sie wie kaum andere. Schlecht aussehen auch. Doch wen stört das bei solch hochkarätigen Alben. Da steht auch die letzte EP "Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare" in nichts nach. Mit Tortuga Recordings hat man auch ein passendes Zuhause gefunden und so dürfte den Jungs eigentlich nichts mehr im Wege stehen. Und wenn, dann wird das sowieso ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste niedergewalzt. Ich sprach mit Octocock über Boston, MTV und Sex. Vielversprechende Mischung, oder?


Musicscan: Why did you guys move to Boston? How was it like growing up in New Hampshire? Do you think you would be different people if you had grown up in a bigger city?

Scissorfight: Well, only half of us moved to Boston the rest live in New Hampshire. I would probably be more of an asshole if I grew up in a city.

Musicscan: Ok, what's up with the beards? Do you care about fashion or is it just a way to say "I don't give a shit"?

Scissorfight: Beards can be a way of saying "fuck you" to the normal, but it's also a fashion unto itself. I don't think anyone in the band gives a rats ass about fashion though.

Musicscan: How did you get in touch with HC and Punk in Portsmouth? Would you say you are still musically influenced by that music?

Scissorfight: I've been into hardcore and punk since the beginning. I was in a few punk bands 1979-84 and there wasn't a lot of that in New Hampshire so of course I knew all the bands. Black Flag, DK's, Clash and all that shit still influences the band totally.

Musicscan: How did you hook up with Tortuga Recordings and are you happy with what they are doing for you?

Scissorfight: Mark Thompson of Tortuga was working with us before Tortuga and when he started that label we were the obvious choice for quality rock. They allow us to write the rock we want to write and give us total artistic control.

Musicscan: Has there been any major label attention so far, since you guys won quite a few awards lately and were also featured on MTV and the likes? Would that be an option for you at this point?

Scissorfight: Major labels are always watching what were doing but they only care if you write pretty boy pop songs about feelings and were not really doing that! That option seems unlikely at this point.

Musicscan: Does Scissorfight pay the bills or do you have to take on "regular" jobs? If yes, what are you doing?

Scissorfight: We all work regular jobs unfortunately. Just the usual shit work like painting, landscaping, screenprinting, cadaver recovery, bullshit.

Musicscan: Do you think that marijuana should be legalized in the States as is the case already in a few European countries, e.g. the Netherlands? Where do you see the potentials and dangers in the use of marijuana?

Scissorfight: The pot should be legal everywhere and everyone should be baked!

Musicscan: In what way do you think you have progressed on "Potential New Agent" compared to your previous releases?

Scissorfight: Maybe we are just fine tuning our sound a little more.

Musicscan: You just came back from a UK tour with Clutch. How was the tour and your impressions of Europe? In what way is Europe different than the US and where do you see similarities as far as culture and especially music is concerned?

Scissorfight: We weren't on tour in Europe with Clutch, we toured with them in the States and it was great. The tour in England and little of Europe was great too. The crowds were very psyched to see the real rock from America and that was cool. The similarities are not that drastic, I thought it was more alike than what it might have been.

Musicscan: When can we see you guys in Germany?

Scissorfight: Hopefully real soon, we heard it's awesome to play there!

Musicscan: Ok, please shortly comment the following: Bush.

Scissorfight: Shit

Musicscan: Favorite place to have sex.

Scissorfight: Everywhere

Musicscan: Best and worst band of 2002.

Scissorfight: Best: Scissorfight! - Worst: Anything on the radio

Musicscan: New England Patriots.

Scissorfight: Lucky

Musicscan: Michael Moore.

Scissorfight: He makes some good movies.

Musicscan: Boston.

Scissorfight: Sucks, New Hampshire rules!

Musicscan: Worst tour experience.

Scissorfight: The smell of the van after a few days.

Musicscan: Favorite Scissorfight song.

Scissorfight: Gruesome Death of Edward Teach

Musicscan: What can we expect from Scissorfight in 2003?

Scissorfight: More heavy fuckin' rock, no bullshit, two or three releases.

Musicscan: Any lost words or comments?

Scissorfight: Keep yer face in it motherfuckers! Later.

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