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Interview von: arne mit Converge, am: 03.04.2003 ]

Mit "Unloved And Weeded Out" erscheint auch hier im Euro-Land in Kürze die Sammlung rarer bzw. unveröffentlichter CONVERGE-Tracks. Kurt Ballou selbst hat das Ganze überarbeitet und nun ist es nicht mehr unbedingt nötig für die Originale tief in die Tasche zu greifen, wenn man sie noch nicht hat. Zur Band aus Boston muss man wohl nicht viel sagen, ihr Status ist legendär und das auch zurecht. Im Chaos-Metal-Segment gbt es nichts Besseres; der CONVERGE- Sound aus rasend schnellen Blast-Parts, krassen Breaks, schwerem Mosh und durchgeknallten Schrei-Vocals einfach nur der Hammer schlechthin.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about converge, please. what are you guys doing right at the moment?

Converge: Releases: Converge recently reissued our "Unloved And Weeded Out" sessions on Deathwish. Converge also have our first ever live DVD coming out at the end of the month entitled "The Long Road Home" on Deathwish. We are very excited about both of these projects.

Musicscan: Writing: We are finishing up our new album, tentatively titled "You Fail Me". No release date has been set for this material as of yet. It will be released on Equal Vision Records.

Converge: Touring: Converge are heading out in the states, playing select dates with Give Up The Ghost (formely American Nightmare), A Life Once Lost (on Deathwish), and Everytime I Die. We are currently deciding on our summer touring plans.

Musicscan: speaking about your main values for life. what are they?

Converge: Be who you are. Don't let life beat you into submission.

Musicscan: this whole hardcore-/punk-thing seems to be turning more and more mainstream, getting more and more professional. what do you think about it? is underground loosing its D.I.Y. identity?

Converge: Bands, much like people in life, lose direction. It's always existed. Bands that are that accessible don't really concern us. We do our own thing and travel our own roads and we will continue to do that. These bands don't need our criticism. They burn their own bridges.

Musicscan: what do you think of the fact that the only really extreme thing to come out of the underground scene nowadays is the music? you are also not a political band at first step, but it seems like there is no room anymore for critical ideas or important statements...

Converge: I disagree entirely with your statement. There is still a strong foundation of political, social, and ethical awareness out there in the community. You just have to look in the right places.

Musicscan: you have been around for a while now. how was your experience of this whole hardcore-thing changed through the years?

Converge: Punk rock is a lifestyle choice which we made many years ago. It's part of our defining personality.

Musicscan: what bores you about todays heavy music-scene/-bands and how do you try to not being boring?

Converge: Emulation. There are too many bands afraid of musical and ethical progression.

Musicscan: there are lots of heavier, metal influenced hardcore-bands around these days. what sets Converge apart from the rest? i really think you play in an own genre. what is different about Converge?

Converge: That's for listeners to decide.

Musicscan: can you understand people paying $50 and more to get your demo-tapes on ebay? it's a crazy thing. has this been one of the the reasons to release "unloved and weeded out"? ...or have your fans asked for it?

Converge: Both over inflated prices and demands for a reissue were some of the reasons it was assembled and released. We also feel the material is still relevant today and deserved to be heard again.

Musicscan: when you started Converge 11 years ago. what was your music sound like first? did you always had people who supported you?

Converge: Audiences and support is earned by any band. And throughout the years we earned it. When we first started we emulated the bands that were around us at the time: Sheer Terror, Slapshot, Wrecking Crew, etc. In time we developed into our own creature. This was about 1991.

Musicscan: your sound definately has evolved over the years and surely will keep evolving, but what will be next? is there a direction you can tell us about?

Converge: Our progression has always been natural. With that in mind it's tough to predict them. It will be another chapter in the band for sure. Another step forward in the vein of our previous "Jane Doe" work.

Musicscan: if you would summarise the message and atmosphere of converge's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Converge: Together we fall apart.

Musicscan: what does it take to write a particular converge song? how do you go about writing your songs?

Converge: Chemistry. Time. Life's turbulence. With some songs, it comes together very quickly and with others it takes years to refine.

Musicscan: what kind of mix you have seen while playing live here in europe? has it be different to the crowds in the states?

Converge: Our audiences have always represented a diverse cross section of the community. Both in Europe and in the States. It's very similar in both places.

Musicscan: i heard rumors about converge being support of hatebreed's European tour this summer!?

Converge: Untrue. Hatebreed will be over in Europe however Converge will be touring in the States at that time.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Converge: Survive it all.

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