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Interview von: arne mit Scott Vogel, am: 26.03.2003 ]

Schon vor dem Release der ersten MCD waren TERROR in aller Munde. Klar, wenn sich Scott Vogel, ja, der von Buried Alive und Despair, mit Todd Jones (ex- Carry On) zusammenschmeißt, ist breitere Aufmerksamkeit garantiert. Entscheidend ist, dass TERROR eine Hardcore-Band mit gehöriger aber keinesfalls dominanter Metal-Edge sind. Das wird mit einer gewissen Punk-Attitüde ähnlich der von American Nightmare gepaart und fertig ist der TERROR- Sound.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about terror, please. what are you guys doing right at the moment?

Terror: we are resting from a bunch of tours we just completed....writting new songs.....and this weekend we have 4 shows with one of my all time favorite bands - madball. we started in april of 2002 and have been going non stop till now.

Musicscan: speaking about your main values for life. what are they?

Terror: staying young....being myself...making my own choices of whats right and wrong -true and false....staying positive in such an ugly world...open mindedness.....and living like there may be no tomarrow

Musicscan: are there any principles you would never give up to?

Terror: i look to my heart for answers -for my truths....not anyone else or what society tells me ...that will never change.

Musicscan: this whole hardcore-/punk-thing seems to be turning more and more mainstream, getting more and more professional. what do you think about it? is underground loosing its D.I.Y. identity?

Terror: not at all....more proffesional doesnt have to be mainsteam....its puttting in more effort and wanting to get your point across as clean and as perfect as possible.....there was always bands using the undergroung as a stepping stone to bigger things.....and there are always bands that stay true to what they believe and the masses caught on.....underground will always be here .

Musicscan: is underground music compatible with commerce and (commercial) advertising? what do you think about this developtment?

Terror: i dont really see that to much....the music terror plays is to load and aggressive for most.....we are not to marketable or radio friendly.....some can cross over if they want...terror wants to play to anyone that listens....we are not caught up in pleasing anyone but ourselfs and just doing what we love....if people outside want to check us out.....they are welcome to.....but we wont change to draw them in.

Musicscan: what do you think of the fact that the only really extreme thing to come out of the underground scene nowadays is the music? you are also not a political band at first step, but it seems like there is no room anymore for critical ideas or important statements...

Terror: there is room for terror or any other band to do or say whatever they want....no one could stop it.....there are stillbands that cause conflict....there are still bands with alot to say....there are political bands......they are here.

Musicscan: what bores you about todays hardcore-scene/-bands and how do you try to not being boring?

Terror: when things like fashion and egos and competition invade hardcore....those are things i want to get away from....high school bullshit....and when it starts to come into the scene it needs to be removed....i write about this and talk about it on stage to combat these illnesses infecting the scene

Musicscan: there are lots of heavier, metal influenced hardcore-bands around these days. what sets terror apart from the rest? what is different about terror?

Terror: i dont really want to be set apart ....more like a part of the true ,the real, the bands with heart and conviction....that who we surround ourselves with cause thats who we support and get support from.

Musicscan: what's the most important thing beginning bands should aim for when they start playing?

Terror: start a band for the right reasons ...to enjoy life...tobe with your friend...to travel and meet people and tohave a positive effect on the hardcore scene......not for money or girls or status or to be fucking noticed or cool

Musicscan: what have been your first rehearsels like and how did you get the members for terror together?

Terror: it was weird for me cause i was living in arizona and talked to todd on the phone .....i drove out and meet him and nick.....but we all clicked right away and never looked back...i soon moved to LA....we wrote our demo and played our first show. we had been in bands before so we had an upper hand on getting off the ground...experience help.

Musicscan: everyone's speeking of scott vogel's new band in case of terror. do you feel like being limited to this in a way?

Terror: not at all....i think ive always done bands with heart and integrity......not everyone likes all my bands but i hope they can resect my longevity and true love and dedication to hardcore....everyone know terror as ex carry on members to....it just gets peoples interest to check us out....but at the end of the day your music and lyrics have to be able tostand on there own....ya know???? we have no limits cause we really dont get caught up in peoples little problems with terror....we do this out of love for the scene and music.....and cause we would be lost without the band.

Musicscan: did you always had people who supported you? right from the biginning?

Terror: yes...its been overwhelming....band took us on the road...kids bought the demo.....kids gave us shows and floors to sleep on...labels wanted to release our music....and we are so thankful for it all....and we give back in return...thats how the scene works...thats to beuity

Musicscan: why did you choose bridge nine to release your first mcd?

Terror: because chris b9 is a hardcore kid that puts out true hc bands....goes to shows....does his label for the right reasons.....cares about the scene...and works very hard....he also was the one label that really said he loved our music and believed in it.

Musicscan: if you would summarise the message and atmosphere of terror's music in one sentence. what would it be?

Terror: this is all ive fucking got.

Musicscan: what does it take to write a particular terror song? how do you go about writing your songs?

Terror: todd writes all the music...sometimes it takes 20 minutes ...other times two weeks....nick and i help him put it together and finalize things....i write the lyrics and look to those to on word placement of phrasing......the three of us do it all.

Musicscan: you are going to play this european tour with biohazard and caliban. what are you expactations about this tour?

Terror: to have a blast...explore europe....give our all everynight....meet new kids....hear new bands......make fun of eachother and around oh ya i almost forgot.....we will finally get rich and famous.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on europe in general?

Terror: it was something we really wanted to do and it all fell into place....i cant wait...it willbe a great tour......thanks to everyone involved

Musicscan: oh, by the way: what was your intention by choosing Terror as band-name. sorry for this question. i can imagine that everyone's asking for it but i think it's interesting...

Terror: yes i get this everytime.......we wanted a short ,to the point name that grabs your attention to go with the music - terror ----not terrorism...two different things.....terrorism is just one form of terror...terror is extreme fear...like a plain crach, our disease, or a scarry movie ...they all produce terror...... the name means humanity is on fire and we are destroying ourselfs - its time to wake up.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Terror: to put out an lp that will be remembered in the history of hc music.