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The Shaking Sensations

Interview von: arne mit TSS, am: 08.06.2013 ]

Wer mit Post-, Prog- und Instrumental-Rock etwas anfangen kann, wird Verbindung zum Spiel von THE SHAKING SENSATIONS finden. Auf seinem Zweitwerk gibt sich das Quintett reflektiert, fein schattiert und ganzheitlich. Nicht jede Band traut sich, ein solch weit ausholendes, partiell ergebnisoffenes Werk komplett live einzuspielen. Doch genau so ist „Start Stop Worrying“ entstanden. Der Weg ist das Ziel und nach zahllosen Shows und Touren sowie als Folge eines gewachsenen Verständnisses für die eigenen Ansprüche und Möglichkeiten haben sich die Dänen zu diesem wagemutigen Schritt entschlossen.


Musicscan: Please state your name and what you do in the band at first, please.

The Shaking Sensations: We are The Shaking Sensations from Copenhagen, Denmark and today Jeppe (Guitars), Jens (Guitars), Mads (Drums) and Christian (Drums) will be answering you questions. Our bass player, Jakob who has been with us for the last 7 years has just decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. This, even though it’s a huge loss, doesn’t change our visions and ambitions for the future.

Musicscan: You recently played a tour supporting Start Stop Worrying. What were the reactions that you still have in your mind? Did people like and understand your songs?

The Shaking Sensations: It’s always funny with instrumental music. On the paper it’s less accessible; 8-10 minuttes tracks, no one singing and so on, however I most cases people who’ve never heard this kind of music before, usually like it and they are really surprised that they actually do. This tour has been quite mixed in regarding to reactions. It really depends on the night and the crowd. If the crowd is into the genre and know our music, they’re often more quiet, listening and not that open. If we play at a festival or a party/club where not that many people know us, the applause and reaction from the crowd is usually much more intense and overwhelming. That’s maybe a mix of ud being really surprised and the crowd getting something that they didn’t expect. Especially the two shows in Nyon, Switzerland and Lille, France was this way. These two shows were really intimidating in a great way. The reactions on the new album has been great we think. On this album we have a more ‘straight forward’ sound, which we think appeal to a broader audience.. at least this is what we’ve been experiencing so far. Some of the more hardcore fans of post-rock, might find this approach too far-fetched, however this is what we felt was the only right thing to do, and the reactions in general have been really good.

Musicscan: Who came out to see you? I would expect listeners from different musical tastes to be into your band…

The Shaking Sensations: As mentioned above, we had both dedicated and hardcore crowds, but also random people just dropping by – having their time of their lives ;). But yes, it’s very different from country to country and city to city. The difference between the cities in Germany for instance is huge. Some places the crowd is definitely more ‘heavy‘ and talking to people after the show definitely gives us the impression that we’re a band that they listen to becuase they like Cult Of Luna, Tool, Pelican and Isis. In other cities there might only be a few of those people and instead the venue is invaded by hipsters – who like’s TSS because they’re into Sigur Rós and Efterklang. So yes, eventhough this is a small genre we might actually appeal to different segments – much more than other bands do. We also se a huuuge variation in age. We often see people whos +50/60 to our shows – but then again - sometimes we’re having taken pictures with teenagers to who we’re stars. We think this is perfect and we’re so happy that we’re not one ‘one crowds‘ secret treasure, but available to anyone.

Musicscan: From your point of view: What sort of evolution has the band gone through into Start Stop Worrying? What I feel about the album is a more coherent and in "one-style" sounding…

The Shaking Sensations: SSW definitely shows a band who has evolved or at least it’s a product of a band that has evolved. We don’t know if this is as apparent to the listener, as it is to ourselves. The whole process about the East of Youth (our first full length) was a bit chaotic. Mads (the second drummer) had just joined the band and he hadn’t really been involved in the whole songwriting process. Then he broke his arm just before we went to the studio for recording and then we had to do the sessions in a lot of stages where we sort of missed the feeling and the motivation about the whole project. When it was finished we were actually satisfied with the turnout but we didn’t feel that the album was representative of our actual capabilities or what band we actually were. SSW an album made from scratch with all members equally involved. Before we recorded the album we’d been touring a lot, so we were way more ‘played together’ and felt a consensus of what we wanted to do. We recorded the album live and managed to keep the ideas we had for the album throughout the whole process. SSW might not be that different from East of Youth to the listener, but for us it is our first ‘real’ album which we’ve all been equally involved with. We think it’s very apparent in the maturity of the compositions, the choise of soundscapes, but also when it comes to the artwork and artistic directions we’ve chosen.

Musicscan: Every band has a vision of how their songs should sound like after the recording: Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that you have been able to surprise yourself? If this is the case – in how far?

The Shaking Sensations: We recorded SSW live in the studio, so we were really confident on what sound we wanted and how we wanted it to turn out. Also recording live, means that we might not have as many possibilities in the post-production to correct stuff and so on. However Matt Bayles intputs in the mixing-phase, especially the syntheseizers he added on tracks such as Anchors and We Ourselves Alone did add something different that we didn’t think of before. We’re really surprised of how his work have had a positive influence on the outcome – without making it sound too much away from what we expected and wished for at the beginning.

Musicscan: Shaking Sensations seems like a band fueled by raw emotion which is at the same time tempered by a “reflected” vibe. What are the motives behind writing in this style, what reactions are you seeking to evoke in your audience?

The Shaking Sensations: The Shaking Sensations is a band that couldn’t exist if we were not all able to put our feelings and emotions into the music. Things just happen and we’re all able to express ourselves through the music. You can see it as kind of therapy – a way to escape from reality, everyday chores and everything else that is connected to ‘real life’. We’re not trying to create a special vibe or evoke our audience – we’re just doing what we do which is really authentic and the only way we can do it. We’re all into the music 100% and it cannot work if we’re not – on record as well as live on stage. I think the audience feel that it is something real that we express and they see and hear, that the energy comes from within our souls.

Musicscan: It seems that your sound is continually changing, while other bands are stagnant. Would you agree? How do you go about writing your songs in general?

The Shaking Sensations: We never really decide if we want to make a song that sounds in a particular way. It’s always a product of the state of mind we’re in as a band. What feelings and which thought are running though our heads. Sometimes we meet up in our rehearsal space and we can instantly feel that we have the right energy to produce something. People change and we’re getting older, we always experience new stuff which will have some sort of impact on us as persons – all this stuff is canalized into the band and inspires us while making music. That might be the reason why our sound is changing – because we’re changing as persons.

Musicscan: Was it different writing and recording the new album, now that you are more skilled with your instruments after all the gigs you played?

The Shaking Sensations: It was easier writing and recording the new album yes. Both due to more skilled musicians, but also because we felt more ‘like a band’ when we started the process.

Musicscan: Were there any musical elements you meant to incorporate in the music for Start Stop Worrying by choice?

The Shaking Sensations: Everything besides Matts syntheseizers was meant to be incorporated before we started the process. Again, recording live means that we need to be sure on what we want and how we want to do it.

Musicscan: Are there specific aspects on your new record that stand out in your mind, or aspects that have an inner meaning to you you would like to share with us?

The Shaking Sensations: When East of Youth was about looking back on childhood an being sentimental about growing up – being a bit afraid of it. Start Stop Worrying is definitely about being OKAY with the place you are in the life. We all feel alone and we’re sad every once in a while. We all have to let go of something and we all need to find a place to be and feel comfortable. SSW is about being okay with these things, without wanting to be somewhere else.

Musicscan: How important is the improvisation factor to your music, and is it different when you enter a stage?

The Shaking Sensations: We always improvise a bit while writing songs but as soon as we’ve finished a song, it will stay that way. We do never improvise on stage when it comes to the musical aspects. However you can never know how the mood will be of your band mates and the audience so our performances are never the same. This is deep felt music and we would say that one song can sound very aggressive and heavy one night, but sentimental and sad another night. That’s the great thing about dynamic music from the heart ;)